Make £100+ A Day From Sports Betting In 2023

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How do you make a £100 a day from sports betting?

Is this even possible!

On this site for the past 5+ years I’ve been documenting my progress in the sports betting markets. In an attempt to make a total of £1,000,000 profit.

Over a period of 65 months a profit of £161,119 has been made. Which is pretty far off a million but still shows that money can be made with the right approach.

During 2022 a profit of £34,406 has been made after 265 days.

Make £100 a year Sports Betting

If we break that down. This works out at £129.80 a day (£34,406/265).

In today’s article we are going to take a look at the strategies used to make over £100 a day. Starting with the easiest strategies that you can use, then moving on to more advanced ones.

You won’t need to use all of these strategies, some of the simplest strategies can be very profitable and scaled up to make over £100 a day. However it is best to cover them all, as its always good to have multiple ways to profit from the bookmakers in your back pocket.

Matched Betting And Arbitrage

Like taking candy from a baby!

These strategies are without doubt the easiest way to make money from the world of sports betting. In fact in all my years of trying to make money online. Matched betting is the easiest method I have found to make tax free income online.

Bet365 Sign Up Offer


Alright so after that build up what exactly is matched betting?

Matched betting uses bookmaker offers and promotions to consistently secure very low risk profits. From matched betting you can expect to make anything from a few hundred pounds to potentially thousands

Matched Betting Offers
Snippet of a few sign up offers on offer.

Matched betting example

Let’s use the Bet365 sign up offer as example.

This is one of the best offers that is available at the moment!

You have to bet £10 to receive £50 in bet credits. Let’s take a look at a very low risk way of taking advantage of this offer.

Which will guarantee a profit of around £44 to put in your back pocket.

The first thing we want to do is find a bet on Bet365 that is similar odds to that of a betting exchange. (Betting exchanges allow us to place a lay bet which means that we act like a bookmaker. Laying essentially let’s us bet on two outcomes.)

Bet365 Offer

In the example above I have used a matched betting calculator to give you a clear indication of how this works. By betting our initial £10 on Mansfield at 2.05 and then laying it on Smarkets  at 2.04.

No matter the outcome we will stand to lose £0.06. When this bet settles Bet365 will hand us a £50 free bet, which if we just bet with on its own would make this offer worthwhile.

What we can do however is use a similar backing and laying approach to guarantee we end up with a profit.

Elanga Premier League Bet

Now again we look for odds that are similar on Bet365 and on the betting exchanges.

In the above image you can see I found Elanga to score the first goal at 11.00 to back with Bet365 and 11.00 to lay with Smarkets. By covering both outcomes a profit of £44.60 can be locked in from the free £50 bet.

This is why matched betting is an incredibly powerful strategy to use!

It is low risk and the easiest way to start making money from sports betting.

Arbitrage Betting Example

Let’s move on to arbitrage betting which is similar to matched betting in that is very low risk. Arbitrage betting however doesn’t use offers and promotions.

Profit is made when there is a difference in the odds between a bookmaker and exchange which allows us to back all outcomes to generate a small profit.

Arbitrage Example

Here is an example of a good arbitrage bet.

Sportnation are offering Burton at back odds of 2.3 and Burton are also available to lay at odds of 2.18.

Whenever you can back a selection at bigger odds then you can lay, a profit can be made! (Much like buying a stock and selling it at a lower price.)

Make £100 a day sports betting

Plugging this in to an arbitrage calculator. You can see a profit of £5.50 could be locked due the difference in back odds and lay odds.

Matched betting and arbitrage are great strategies to get started with!

We recommended taking up a free trial with Oddsmonkey by clicking here if you want to get started now

If you want to learn more we have two in-depth guides on both matched betting arbitrage below.

Matched Betting Guide

Arbitrage Betting Guide

Exploiting Casino Offers

Next up we are going to look at exploiting casino offers to make long term profits. Not exactly sports betting however many bookmakers also offer a casino and it is worth knowing how to exploit profitable bonus offers.

It should be noted that this is a level of risk that is higher then matched betting and arbitrage. Exploiting casino offers however be very lucrative!

Bonus Accumulator Results

How exploiting casino offers works.

We can make money from casino offers and bonuses. When the offers flip the advantage from the casino to the player. This happens because casino’s are willing to lose money initially on these offers in order to recoup it from long term gamblers.

If we only choose to play when the advantage is flipped over to us. Then we will win long term!

Below is a video where I walk you through an offer and explain why it is profitable.

If you want to learn more about how to exploit casino offers read out guide below.

Casino Offer Guide

Value Betting

If you are fairly new to sports betting, initially you would be better off sticking with the first 3 strategies. Using these first 3 strategies you should be able to make your first £1000 or more from sports betting.

Those that choose to multi account can push these strategies to the £100 a day profit mark. (Below is a video explaining multi accounting for those that are not familiar with it.)

Moving on to more of an advanced method.

Value betting uses information from betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers to highlight when slower moving soft bookmakers are offering value.

We can find value bet using a number of different ways however the easiest way to find value bets is by comparing bookmaker’s odds to the odds of a betting exchange.

Bookmaker’s frequently boost prices, now sometimes these “odds boosts”are basically fictional and the “boosted” prices offer no value at all. On other occasions however these boosts can be very profitable.

These are great value bets as indicated by the betting exchanges.

Oddsmonkey Boosts

On Oddsmonkey they have a community forum where value boosts are highlighted.

In the above image you can see Joe Joyce to win by KO (boxing) was boosted to odds of 5.0 whilst it was a lay price of 4.4 on Betfair. Unibet had also boosted Ronaldo first goal scorer to odds of 5.0 whilst he was 4.5 on the Smarkets exchange.

There is a lot of data that shows consistently backing at odds greater then the betting exchange prices is profitable long term. Value betting is one of the key strategies I use in today’s markets and it is very profitable.

Value Betting Results

Interested in learning more about value betting. We have a guide which can walk you through multiple different ways to find value bets.

Value Betting Guide

Betfair Trading

Lastly we are going to take a look at Betfair trading.

Out of all of the strategies this is probably the hardest one to master. There are so many options with exchange trading that people often get lost in the shuffle.

Moving from sport to sport, strategy to strategy. Then ultimately becoming so frustrated by it that they abandon it completely. Citing that it is impossible to make money from trading on the betting exchanges.

Pre Match Trading

It is far from impossible but it isn’t easy either. You have to be prepared to spend some time learning the markets and gaining experience.

Let’s take a look at my favorite Betfair trading strategy that is suitable for beginners!

Pre Event Trading

One huge advantage of the betting exchanges is that you can trade betting odds. By backing and laying prices (or laying then backing) you can lock in a profit before the game has even begun.

In the video below I explain pre event trading and show 3 different approaches that you can use to tackle the markets.

  • Team News
  • Managerial Changes
  • Midweek Performances
  • Injuries
  • Market Patterns
  • Weather Conditions

There are many different factors that affect the price of a sporting event. By gaining an understanding and experience in the markets, you can use this information to profit from pre event trading.

Make £100 A Day From Sports Betting – Conclusion

In this article we have covered five different profitable betting strategies. Using these 5 strategies I have been able to make over £100 a day from sports betting.

It is fair to say however that don’t need to master all of these strategies to achieve that level of profit. In fact there will be many people that have far exceeded the profit I have made from sports betting using fewer strategies.

The information in this article gives you multiple options and approaches that should enable you to make money from sports betting.

For the majority of people I would suggest using a tool such as Oddsmonkey. Start making money from matched betting, arbitrage, casino offers and value betting. Building up that bankroll and then look towards Betfair trading

What are you waiting for go make that first £100 in a day!