Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review – Worth The Money?

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review – Worth The Money?

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will probably be familiar with Caan Berry.

Previously I have reviewed his horse racing trading education products and he also featured in the article 5 betfair trading strategies from 5 successful Betfair traders.

For those new to the blog, Caan Berry is a well known Betfair Trader with a good reputation throughout the industry.

In this review we will be taking a look at the newly published cricket trading guide.

Being a complete beginner to cricket trading I also asked a friend of mine (Luke) who regularly trades cricket for his input.

Throughout this review I will include Luke’s thoughts about various aspects of the guide.

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review

First off lets take a look at the contents of the cricket trading guide alongside the additional extras.

  • 10 Crucial factors

  • Rules that impact betting

  • Your cricket trading set up

  • Social Media edges

  • How cricket changed in 2008

  • How much liquidity is coming

  • Whats an event worth? Entry points?

  • What is par?

  • Run line shortcut vs match odds market

  • Staking your cricket trades

  • The mental side of cricket trading

  • High pressure points for players

  • Compression points in the market

  • Trading test cricket

  • Weather in test cricket

  • One day cricket trading

  • Key one day cricket strategies

  • Risk management

  • Market manipulation and fixing

  • White label exchanges and liquidity

  • Guide to reading cricket stats

As you can see its quite an extensive cricket trading guide which covers a wide array of areas.

Who Wrote The Cricket Trading Guide?

This trading guide is not written by Caan Berry himself, it is written by a professional cricket trader that has known Caan for a number of years.

Throughout the guide he is referred to as Mr X.

The writer of the guide states that he wanted to keep his personal details secret as at times he still takes advantage of live time delays. Which is similar to the advantage live “courtsiders” have in tennis.

He would still like to maintain this edge in the market and believed that giving out his details could harm this.

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Results
Some results shared by Mr X

Luke’s Thoughts

I was kindly asked by Ryan, to read and review the cricket guide by Mr X. After agreeing I looked forward to it as cricket guides in the trading world are a premium.

Being a bit of a skeptic I thought surely there wouldn’t be too much given away.

After reading the guide I was pleasantly surprised.

I am a cricket trader and have been for over 8 years now, it isn’t my sole sport but one I have a natural interest in.

Is The Cricket Trading Guide Suitable For Beginners?

Being a complete beginner of trading cricket on Betfair I read through the guide without knowing a whole lot prior.

The guide is well written and easy to follow.

The guide starts with “10 Crucial Factors” you need to assess when your planning to trade a cricket game. This was a great introduction to cricket trading and really hammered in some of the fundamental factors that you need to consider before trading a game.

After that the guide goes on to more specific strategies.

One surprising element to me was how much information the author of this guide gave away about his own strategy.

Cricket Pitch

For example stating the apps he uses to check weather conditions.

He also reveals throughout the book his strategies on  how to exploit mug punter money, in the case of cricket this money comes mostly from India.

Another factor that really impressed me was the amount of data that the author gave away throughout this guide.

This really helps to hammer home why certain strategies would work.

Luke’s Thoughts

Mr X actually states that to use this guide to it’s fullest potential. You do need to understand the game of cricket.

That means knowing the rules within the game.

Is it an easy thing to do for someone with no knowledge of cricket?

No, it does take time and you will have to watch several matches in order to develop your understanding.

The author states that this isn’t like horse racing. It is a more complex market to understand however there is great opportunity within the cricket markets.

Cricket Trading Guide Tips

If you don’t have much experience with the sport of cricket it doesn’t make the guide completely pointless, in fact it does the opposite. When you begin to understand the game, this guide gives you some routes to really focus on.

Cricket is here to stay, the money is growing and edges are changing.

This guide is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to trade the cricket markets.

Any negatives to report?

Honestly this guide is extremely thorough. I felt that it covered every aspect of cricket trading that I could imagine and more.

The only real negative that I have is that it is electronic and you can’t print it out.

I understand that this is done to protect the product and the information contained within it.

However some people may prefer the option of printing it out so that they can read it away from a computer or phone screen.

Luke’s Thoughts

Are there aspects that don’t appeal?

Similar to you I think maybe the concept of it being electronic.

If you are wanting to implement this very useful tool then it’s most likely you want to run through segments whilst in the market.

This is where hard copy options really are a worth that little bit more. Being able to annotate if you are like me, or just reading through can be an advantage, but I am splitting hairs.

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review – Positives

The guide consists of 79 pages.

I stated earlier that it is well written and from the perspective of a cricket trading beginner it was jam packed with value. 

There were clear strategies outlined in the guide. Perhaps more importantly there is also a lot of data shared within the guide to back the strategies up.

When you purchase the guide you don’t just get access to a trading manual but also you get the same data the author of this guide has used to successfully make thousands from the cricket markets.

You get Indian Premier League Data which is categorised into:

  • Ground Statistical Data
  • IPL 2017 ,2018, 2019 Data
  • Overall Analysis
Ireland Profits
Make informed trading decisions with good data.

Along with Big Bash League Data which is categorised into:

  • Ground Statistical Data
  • BBL 2017, 2018, 2019 Data
  • Overall Analysis

The guide explains how to use this data effectively to make profitable cricket trades.

Luke’s Thoughts

What’s impressive about it?

I think first, he provides data sheets for previous tournaments namely IPL and BBL.

These are very liquid competitions that will hold relevance going forward. Secondly if you are a novice, you really do want to follow his advice on money management, and psychology.

Perhaps the biggest thing to take note of was his professionalism.

This is what really sets the profitable from the unprofitable. The amount of work he does up front through using social media, to highlighting key players and devising plans.

If you are looking to be a profitable cricket trader then imitation of Mr X would be a pretty solid start.

Betfair Cricket Trading Graphs

Perhaps you are an experienced trader with a particular niche strategy?

Mr X might give you some ideas on how to scale what you are doing or open your eyes to a new strategy.

If you have no idea where to start. Mr X shows you some quick ways to get to work, giving you enough scope to develop your own set of skills.

Overall it was encouraging to see Mr X write with such openness about the edges within cricket.

I believe when a trader or novice trader buys a guide, they want to be enlightened. To expect at the very least a few new aspects to take away with them.

I really believe that this cricket guide delivers over and beyond what most will expect.


After reading the guide I was very impressed with the overall depth of and quality which is provided throughout.

The added confirmation of this guides quality from an experienced cricket trader (Luke) gives me no hesitation in giving the cricket trading guide a recommendation.Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Price

The guide is very affordable at a price of £45.

There is additional support after purchasing the guide along with access to a community of like minded traders.

All in all Mr X (whoever that is) has produced an excellent trading education product which is in line with the other excellent products Caan Berry has produced.

The Cricket Trading Guide gets top marks from me.

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