Smart Sports Trading And Betting Service Results – Month 3

The Smart Sports Free Trading And Betting Service has been running for 3 months now.

Lets take a look at the results.

DateSportSelectionStakeOddsResultOverall P/L
22/06/19MMARafael Lovato JR0.5522
23/06/19FootballMorocco IP21.631.263.26
29/06/19MMADemain Maia21.621.242.5
29/06/19MMAVinc Pichel13.42.44.9
30/06/19FootballShanghai SIPG IP12.121.126.02
05/07/19FootballGuangzhou Evergrande IP12.081.087.1
06/07/19MMAJack Marshman0.55-0.56.6
06/07/19MMAGilbert Melandez0.54-0.56.1
06/07/19MMAJorge Masvidal1328.1
08/07/19FootballDjurgarden IP11.9-17.1
10/07/19FootballSenegal IP21.731.468.56
10/07/19FootballSlovan Bratislava IP11.9-17.56
12/07/19FootballLay Henan Jianaye IP0.231.23-0.237.33
13/07/19MMABrianna Van Buren1218.33
20/07/19FootballC Osaka IP11.89-17.33
21/07/19MMARaquel Pennington12.371.378.7
21/07/19MMAJames Vick12.37-17.7
27/07/19FootballViktoria Plzen IP11.650.658.35
27/07/19FootballPalmeiras IP11.88-17.35
28/07/19MMAErik Koch12.11.18.45
28/07/19MMAEdgar By Decision0.57.5-0.59.17
28/07/19FootballShanghai SIPG IP12.36-18.17
02/08/19MMARobbie Lawler13-17.17
02/08/19FootballBeijing Guoan IP11.90.98.07
03/08/19FootballShanghai SIPG IP21.62-26.84
10/08/19FootballBournemouth game over 1.5 goals11.810.817.65
11/08/19MMAHumberto Bandenay12.1-16.65
17/08/19MMAGabriel Benitez0.53.75-0.56.15
17/08/19MMAAnthony Pettis11.91-15.15
17/08/19MMARaphael Assuncao0.52.9-0.54.65
17/08/19MMAStipe Miocic22.252.57.15
23/08/19MMAMatt Mitrione10.91-16.15
30/08/19MMAJessica Andrade21.65-24.15
01/09/19FootballAtletico Madrid12.11.15.25
08/09/19MMATeemu Packalen0.52.9-0.54.75
08/09/19MMALerone Murphy0.5504.75
14/09/19FootballPSG IP21.551.14.85
14/09/19FootballLay Augsburg0.121.12-0.124.73
15/09/19MMAMisha Cirkunov12.11.15.83
15/09/19MMADonald Cerrone12.7-14.83
16/09/19FootballLay Lecce IP12.74-13.83
21/09/19MMAAngela Hill11.730.734.56
21/09/19MMAJeremy Stephens11.9104.56
21/09/19FootballEverton IP11.87-13.56
21/09/19FootballJuventus IP21.81.65.16
24/09/19FootballJuventus IP12.31.36.46
25/09/19FootballAtletico Madrid IP1.
25/09/19FootballNapoli IP21.65-25.51
27/09/19FootballFulahm IP11.740.746.25
28/09/19MMAMarc Diakiese11.70.76.95
28/09/19MMAKhalil Rountree11.9-15.95
28/09/19MMAJared Cannonier13.12.18.05

After a pretty strong start we hit a small downswing and now the profit levels are close to what they were after month 1.

Not a tonne to comment on really its the natural variance of betting. I tend to go for bets that I am very confident in rather then large volume.

If you followed the service from the start.

Someone betting betting £100 a point would have made £805

At £50 a point a profit of £402.50

£10 a point would have made a profit of £80.50.

This service is still free to join at the moment.

If you would like to join and want more information please click here.