Betmarkets Review 2021 – Should You Invest?

Betmarkets is a platform that allows you to invest in tipsters and have all of the bets placed automatically for you.

In this Betmarkets review we will look at how the platform functions. The betting tipsters they offer and my personal results using the platform.

As someone that has been looking at automated sports betting strategies for a while. I was very excited to test out what Betmarkets had to offer.


What is Betmarkets?

Betmarkets launched in 2020, the platform is very easy to use. It allows you to allocate funds to a number of vetted betting tipsters.

The platform places bets in the Asian betting markets and also with betting exchanges. The business model of these bookmakers and exchanges are different to that of the big European bookmakers.

Rather then limiting winning customers like their European counter parts, The Asian bookmakers rely more on profiting on turnover.

So Betmarkets focuses on tipsters that have shown historically to be able to profit from the Asian or exchange markets.

How Do Betmarkets Make Money?

So whenever a new betting platform or product is released. One of the first things I want to understand is how does their business model work.

To understand how Betmarkets business model works I will just quickly go through how you invest in a tipster.

Allocating Funds To A Betmarkets Tipster

Allocating funds to a tipster is very simple. You choose the amount you wish to invest along with your chosen staking plan (Also choosing if you want to reinvest profits and compound your investment or not).

Then the Betmarkets platform takes care of the rest, as bets are placed automatically on your behalf.

Betmarkets Review Arvis

There are no subscription fees for Betmarkets or joining fee. The way that the Betmarkets business model works is that they take a share of the profit made by tipsters. If a tipster makes a profit over a 3 month period then 20% of the profit is shared between the tipster and the platform.

It is a simple premise and one that I really like.

If you wish to watch a video explaining how Betmarkets works and my own experience with the platform so far. You can click on the video below.

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Betmarkets Review – Profit Share

Let’s look at an example of how the profit share works by looking at my top performing tipsters.

So above you can see the top two performing tipsters in my portfolio.

Arvis is a tipster that specializes in hockey and Sander is a basketball tipster.

Currently Arvis is showing a profit of £97, you can see at the end of the image the fees that are due. If this profit is maintained then a fee of £19.31 will be paid at the end of March.

Fee’s are applicable on a quarterly basis (March, June, October, December)

You can see that Sander is showing a profit of £52.48 and fees of £9.57 are due. This is a little lower then 20% as 20% would be £10.49. The reason behind this is that he was in small profit during the previous 3 months and a small fee had already been paid out.

As you can see below £1.16 was paid previously on the 12/2020.

You may also notice that this has been taken off his overall profit. This means that Betmarkets shows you the profit made after fees have been taken.

I think this very positive as it shows that the platform is transparent about the profit and not hiding any hidden costs.

Losing Tipsters

Alright so we have looked at what happens with winning tipsters.

Let’s take a look at how the profit fees are handled with losing tipsters.

Betmarkets Thiago

This is Thiago one of the tennis tipsters at Betmarkets.

So far Thaigo has not managed to make a profit. You can see from the picture above that Thiago is currently -£38.51 overall from his betting. This meant that in December no fees were paid out to Thaigo and also his losses carried over to the next period.

Losses are always carried over, they are never reset.

This means that a tipster has to make a profit for you before you have to pay any fees. So for example Thiago will have to make up the £38.51 in losses and show a profit, before the end of March in order for a fee to be taken.

If he does not make over £38.51 or incurs more losses then this will be carried over into the next 3 month cycle.

Again, until he makes a long term profit the losses will be continually carried over.

Betmarkets Review – Who Are Their Tipsters?

Betmarkets have done an excellent job of getting some of the best and most reputable tipsters from around the world.

They have also done an excellent job of providing its users with a varied amount of data to assess each tipster.

On the Betmarkets team are the likes of Nishikori from Pyckio, Neil Macdonald from Bookie Insiders and Greg Gordan from the Smart Betting Club.

In total at the time of writing there are 44 tipsters on the Betmarkets platform.

Nishikori Betmarkets

This is the first set of data that you will see when you select a tipster to look at. 

  • Amount of bets
  • Number of people copying this tipster already
  • Return on total investment
  • Edge on Pinnacle closing odds
  • Yield per bet
  • Maximum drawdown using historical data

There is also a bio for each tipster. Outlining some general information such as how many bets they make on average a week, what markets they specialize in etc.

When breaking down their overall results you can look at their statistics year by year.


Betmarkets Review Nishikori

Or if you prefer, you can look at their overall results from when they started tipping.

Betmarkets Nishikori Results

If you want to dig really deep you can look at a tipsters results on a individual bet by bet basis.

There is also the ability to break it down by competition.

Nishikori Results

Overall there is a really impressive amount of data available for you to break a down a tipsters record. Then build a portfolio of tipsters that suit your style of betting.

My Betmarkets Results So Far

I have been with the Betmarkets platform for around 2 months now. Initially I only followed a few tipsters in order to get comfortable with the platform.

After a little thought I decided I would go for a high turnover approach and now have a portfolio of 27 tipsters.

My initial investment into Betmarkets is £1000, which was converted into just under 1100 euros.

Betmarkets Review Results

After 3057 bets.

A loss of -£60.39 has been made.

The return on initial investment is -4.65%, however the average closing edge has been positive at 3.08% (The closing odds do not include the margin and not all closing odds are recorded. Some bets are made live, others such as esports don’t record closing edges.)

So I imagine a few people reading this will be put off after seeing a negative figure from over 3000 bets.

However having done thousands of value bets myself and also having exploited thousands of casino offers. I know that sometimes you can hit long stretches where you are break even or slightly losing.

Especially if if your edge is relatively small.

There is a an excellent video highlighting how variance effects betting results that I added below.

Another reason that i don’t want to throw in the towel early with my investment. Is that I also know two other individuals who joined the platform before me, who both are in profit.

On this blog I have wrote about how sports betting is a long term game.

Betmarkets is no different.

I am willing to wait a few more months and see a few more thousands bets before I make any judgement on results or look at changing my betting portfolio.

Betmarkets Review – Positives

Here are some of the most positive aspects I have found so far on the Betmarkets platform.

Being Able To Follow Live Bets

This is a big positive for me. The ability to have bets placed in live markets automatically.

The live betting markets offer a lot of opportunity and also liquidity. Another positive is they don’t tend to be as sharp as pre-match markets. Due to the fact that the variables are always changing in-play.

If you are ever manually following a tipster that bets in live markets it can be a nightmare to follow. 

They place bets when you are sleeping, when your eating your tea, out walking with your family. It can be very frustrating when your constantly missing winners and only get on the losers.

Betmarkets Live Bets

So the ability to have this all automated for you is a major plus for me.

Time Efficient

Its a time efficient way of approaching sports betting.

I have been betting for a long period of time and for close to 4 years I have been documenting my results on monthly basis.

In total I have put thousands of hours into sports betting and exploiting casino offers. Recently I have been looking for ways to increase turnover without having to put to a lot of extra hours into it.

Bets Placed

Betmarkets is perfect for those of us that don’t have a tonne of extra time to put into our betting. Once you have built your portfolio it is pretty much set and forget. You can then check it on a monthly or bi monthly basis to make alterations.

Betmarkets Review – Negatives

Probably the number one negative that has been pointed out with Betmarket’s is the lack of deposit options.

A lot of sports bettors are used to being able to deposit with debit or credit card and instantly being able to use their funds.

Betmarket Deposit Options

However currently Betmarkets only offer bank transfer, revolut, monzo and deposits via cryptocurrencies to UK customers (deposit options are different depending on country.)

Betmarkets FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most frequent questions that have been asked about Betmarkets.

The response is from the Betmarkets team.

Do tipsters have a cap on the amount of money they manage?

“Absolutely. Yes, each bettor has a personalized cap depending on the liquidity on the markets they manage. In case that a bet is not 100% placed, the amount is distributed on a pro-rata basis per each copier, weighted on the amount they have allocated to that bettor.”

“On smaller leagues where liquidity is an issue, we will never be placing EV- bets – once the odds are below what the bettor has defined as the min. odds (what (s)he believes to be the threshold at which the bet goes from EV+ to EV-) we will stop placing until the odds bounce back.”

“If the odds do not bounce back on pre-match, the bettor is allowed to stake the remaining during live betting, should (s)he wish to do so.”

What level of protection is there regarding player funds?

“Player funds are held on a segregated account so there is no liability regarding a potential Betmarkets insolvency. We operate under UK/European standards.”

Betmarkets Review – Conclusion

This review is ongoing at the moment.

I don’t feel like I can come to any firm conclusion about the Betmarkets platform so far.

My plan is to update results every few months here and on youtube.

Then really delve into the results after a full year on the platform.

Obviously so far results haven’t been positive and time will tell if this will end up being a profitable investment for myself.

However I feel there are a lot of positives with the platform and I have been impressed with the level of tipsters that they have managed to bring on board.

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