Best Greyhound Tipster 2024 – £31,910 Profit!

Looking for the best Greyhound Tipster to follow in 2024?

In this article we will reveal the best greyhound tipster that we have come across after reviewing hundreds of betting tipsters/services over the years.

Alongside that we will also take a look at some other promising greyhound tipsters.

Going into where you can find free greyhound tips and highlighting where you can get great information on improving your own greyhound betting.

If you are wanting to make money from the great sport of greyhound racing then you have to come to the right article!

TipsterNumber Of BetsProfitTrial Available
Premier Greyhound Tips3600£31,910 (£25 stakes)Yes (Click Here)
The Winning Trap2322£13,181 (£25 stakes)No
Greyhound Punter717£4600 (£10 stakes)No
Greyhound Tipster932£282 (£10 stakes)No 
Greyhound Maestro1542£5440 (£10 stakes)No

Best Greyhound Tipster 2024

Premier Greyhound Tips

Let’s get straight into it!

The best greyhound tipster in our opinion is Premier Greyhound Tips.

Established back in October of 2014, Premier Greyhound tips has consistently made a profit over the last 7 years. Staking £25 per point, the total profit made currently stands at an impressive  £31,910.

Premier Greyhound Tips

During our review of Premier Greyhound Tips.

A profit of £1712 was made from 79 selections, staking £25 per point.

This service is also the cheapest on this list of the best greyhound tipsters. Costing £30 for the first 3 months (£10 a month). Then renewing at £50 for every 3 months after that (£16.66 a month.)

Also a £1.99 trial is available for a 15 day period.

Greyhound Results

Another positive for Premier Greyhound Tips is that you can often use the betting exchanges to get bets down in the last 10-15 minutes before a race starts. There is also the option to set your bets to be matched at SP also.

Overall Premier Greyhound Tips is our choice as the best greyhound tipster for a number of reasons.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔

Discounted Trial ✔

Click Here For A 15 Day Trial Of Premier Greyhound Tips

Premier Greyhound tips is the clear number one, if you are looking for the best greyhound tipster around. However let’s take a look at some other greyhound tips services that are available and have performed well.

The Winning Trap

Next up on the list is the Winning Trap.

This tipster sends out bets in the morning from Monday to Sunday. It is a high volume tipster with an average of 133 tips a month being sent out. Although it doesn’t have the long term record of Premier Greyhound Tips it is certainly a tipster we will be keeping our eyes on.

Winning Trap Greyhound Tips

The winning Trap has so far produced a quoted profit of £13,181.50 since the service started. Staking £25 per point.

The Greyhound Punter

Best Greyhound Tipster

Next up on the list is “The Greyhound Punter,” which is a tipster that has been established for a few years and comes with a good reputation.

This tipster operates on twitter and sends out selections via Telegram.

The Greyhound Punters official results show a profit of 460 points after 717 bets. Subscription to the service costs £35 a month or £87.50 for 3 months (£29.16 a month). We have yet to trial this tipster so cannot provide a long term review but it is perhaps one to follow on twitter.

You can view the Greyhound Punter on Twitter Here

The Greyhound Tipster

The aptly named “The Greyhound Tipster” is one of the newer tipsters on the scene.

Priced at £80 a month it is definitely on the higher scale of paid greyhound tipsters that I have seen. Official results October 2021 to January 2022. When they released their platinum membership suggest a profit of £284 to £10 stakes.

Which is pretty impressive however also suggests that members would need to be staking higher amounts to cover subscription fees. Whilst results have been impressive, in comparison to a the cheaper Premier Greyhound tipster it is hard to recommend as an alternative.

Greyhound Maestro

Greyhound Maestro is a tipster service that comes out of the Bethub stable. It has a long term winning record going back to 2017.

After 1542 bets a profit of £5440 is stated on the official site if staking £10 per point.

Greyhound Maestro Best Tipster

Monthly subscriptions cost £33 making it a more suitable service for those that are staking lower amounts. A big benefit of the Greyhound Maestro is that there is also a free 14 day trial available for those that want to try it out.

Click Here To Trial Greyhound Maestro

What Is The Best Greyhound Tipster For Betfair

There will be those of you reading this article who have been limited from most bookmakers. Due to be a successful sports bettor and might be wondering if you can follow greyhound tipsters on Betfair.

Yes you can follow greyhound tipsters using Betfair but you need to be aware of a few things.

Betting liquidity in the markets doesn’t really form until quite close to the race. This means that you won’t be able to bet selections early on in the day. If you do bet early into the market then generally you will need to offer odds slightly lower then they are with the best bookmaker odds.

For example if Premier Greyhound tipster sent out a selection in the morning at 7.0, putting up 6.4 on the exchanges is likely to attract the attention of an arbitrage bettor.

The other option is to follow selections at Betfair SP or bet in the 10 minute period leading up to the race.

Best Greyhound Tipster Premier Greyhound Tips

Given the 13% long term return on investment of this tipster you can still bet below best odds and win long term.

Where To Find The Best Free Greyhound Tipsters

Want to take a look at where you can get free greyhound tips?

Generally these tips won’t be as high quality as the likes of Premier Greyhound Tips. However here are a few reputable sources you can use.

Timeform Greyhound Tips

Timeform produce daily lists of their best bets of the day in the Greyhound betting markets.

If you select best bets for example. Then you are presented with two or three of the best (as advised by Timeform) selections.

Giving you a short breakdown and reasoning of why a selection is fancied.

Unfortunately there are no long term results to see whether or not these selections are profitable. Meaning that you may want to paper trade results for a month or two before putting your own money down on a dog.

Perhaps these free greyhound tips best used alongside your own analysis or perhaps if you are going to the dog tracks yourself and fancy a few bets for fun.

Sporting Life Greyhound Tips

Sporting Life are another source of free greyhound tips. Similar to Timeform, Sporting Life produce a daily list of greyhound selections that they fancy to pick up a win.

One aspect that Sporting Life do really well is in their write ups. They are much more well written in comparison to Timeform’s. Giving an indication that they may be better researched and offer more value.

Betting Gods Free Greyhound Tips

The tipster stable betting gods which is behind the Premier Greyhound Tipster, send out daily free selections. These selections are sent out from their premium tipsters, covering sports such as greyhound racing, horse racing and football.

This means that if you sign up to their free tips, then you will receive free tips from the premier Greyhound Tipster from time to time.

You Can Sign Up For Free Tips Here

Where To Find The Best Greyhound Tips Data?

Looking to to find more data on Greyhound betting?

One of the best sites for Greyhound racing data is Greyhound stats UK.

Greyhound stats allows you to get a breakdown of trainer results, track statistics and statistics on individual greyhounds. This data can be used to look at valuable angles when it comes to betting on greyhounds.

Greyhound Stats


Best Greyhound Tipster 2024 – Conclusion

Greyhound racing is often looked as the less attractive sibling of horse racing. It doesn’t attract the fanfare, TV rights or prestige that horse racing has. The local dog track isn’t likely to be a spectacle of fashion and fanciness.

However as a means to make money from betting.

Greyhound racing is not a sport that should be over looked. There are some excellent greyhound tipsters that have shown a consistent winning record.

In our opinion the Premier Greyhound tipster is one to follow if you are looking to make an income from sports betting.

Click Here To Trial Our Number 1 Greyhound Tipster

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