4 Basic Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

At first glance, sports betting seems like it might be an easy and quick way to earn some money.

After all, you just have to choose the winning side and the profit is yours right?

Unfortunately, the reality of sports betting is not that simple. In fact, beginners regularly make common mistakes that greatly contribute to losing bets. To help you make you you don’t suffer the same mistakes, below you’ll find some of the best beginner-friendly tips that can help your sports betting efforts!

Never Bet Under the Influence!

In movies, characters who go to casinos often do so while drinking. You might here a friend tell the story of how they turned £100 into £1000 whilst playing blackjack drunk.

Drinking alcohol and betting on sports is a bad combination.

Why? Whilst under the influence of alcohol, you’ll lose the ability to see the long-term effects of your actions.

Basic Sports Betting Tips

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and enhances your emotion. Whilst usually you might only bet £10 a game for a bit of fun. When the alcohol kicks in that might increase to £30 a game, a losing streak might infuriate you to the point of betting much more then you can afford.

If you really want to make smart bets and make your sports betting profitable. Staying away from alcohol when sports betting is one of the most sensible things you can do.

That’s why it is so crucial to be sober when placing bets on various sports. If you want to drink something during your daily sessions with a bookmaker like UFABET Sports Betting , get some tasty tea or a cup of steaming-hot coffee to sharpen your senses.

Have a staking plan

Before you even place a bet, you should have a good idea of what your bankroll is and what you staking plan is. One of the big differences between professional sports bettors and losing sports bettors in a discipline.

Before you start, you should consider how much money you could lose and not feel emotionally crushed by the losses. Losses in sports betting are inevitable. Most long-time players advise not to place individual bets above 2% or 3% of the total sum that you could spend on sports betting.

Check out our article on staking plans and find the best sports betting staking plan for beginners.

Learn To Control Your Emotions

Although it seems silly, many beginner sports bettors feel almost personally attacked when they lose a bet. The referee is against them, the players are having their worst game ever, the weather has made the pitch unplayable. Some sports bettors believe they are cursed and become quick to blame their losing bet on anyone other than themselves.

Sports Betting Tips

They react emotionally, and place riskier bets, ignoring the fact that only they can be blamed for their poor decisions. There are no Gods of Sports Betting against whom you could seek vengeance. It is understandable that you might feel sad or annoyed if you lose money, however this the reality of sports betting.

It is vital to understand that losses are part of sports betting and that is ok!

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Learn to accept that things won’t always go according to plan. If you are feeling frustrated or angry with your betting take some time away from the screen.

Go for a walk, get out of the house and wait until

Bet With A Strategy

In the short term it is possible to win money with sports betting by placing bets on a whim, however to do it long term usually requires a solid betting strategy. Strategies such as matched betting, arbitrage betting and value betting are all proven to work.

Value Betting Results

If you are betting for fun, sure trust your intuition and place a small bet. Long term winners in sports betting however are usually using mathematical models or following the market to find value bets.

Other factors that you may want to consider are weather conditions, injuries to players, market overreactions to previous results. There are many factors that contribute to making the odds of a sporting event. Some factors however may be over looked?


Sports betting can be a great way to have some fun and potentially earn some money. However, as with any other type of gambling, there is always a risk involved. To minimize your losses, and increase your chances of winning, make sure to keep the tips from this article in mind!