Making A Million From Sports Betting November 2023 Results

November marked month 80 in the “Making A Million Challenge”, with this year so far being one of the more uninspiring ones.

Year So Far

In November I decided to try and right the ship by focusing on my own betting. Seeing where I could make improvements and analyzing where mistakes were being made.

Let’s take a look at the results!

Making A Million

Value Betting And Trading

It was a much better month for value betting in November with a profit of £1656 being made after 329 bets. 

November Betting

Nice to get a solid month from value betting where I have been putting in a decent amount of work to find new edges and this month it started to pay off.

Most of the bets were on football with a few bets in other sports mixed in. Overall the goal is always the same, try to beat the closing odds.

This can be betting on exchanges, on limited accounts, with the few soft outs I have left and on the occasion in shops.

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FTS Systems

FTS was the only service outside my own betting that I followed this month.

Due the fact that I have a separate bankroll allocated for it. Where as with other services such as Bets and Beers and Football Trading Club I use the same bankroll with my own betting systems.

In November I used 9 systems with a total of 72 bets

An overall profit of £1038 was made.

Horse Racing System

For a few months I had been testing out a horse racing system, backing horses and seeing over the long term if it beat the Betfair starting price.


Horse Racing Results

Just looking at results for the first few hundred bets it didn’t look very promising. After 400 bets the system was up just under 8 points. 

However tracking the odds placed vs the BSP.

Average Odds Placed = 5.7

Average Betfair SP = 5.2

It showed a clear edge and I started to back it with real money from the 20th of November. Which fortunately for me came at the time of a nice upswing.

Overall a profit of £678 was made.

Everything Else

In November there were two other strategies that I followed. These were very low volume so I will group them all together.

-£518 was made from this section.

November 2023 Total

Value Betting/Trading – £1656

FTS – £1038

Horse Racing System – £678

Other – -£518

November Daily Results

Total Made In October


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Thoughts Going Forward

Feels really good to get a winning month in the books after two losing months and one breakeven month before that. One factor that I am happy about is that during this period I never made any stupid bets, didn’t increase stakes, no broken keyboards or smashed laptops.

I am human it pisses me off when I have losing days and long losing periods but this is ultimately the sports betting game. In the back of my head I knew I was doing the right things and eventually it hard to turn around.

If you still have your bankroll you can still play the game, if you bust your roll in a hissy fit then its game over. 

Will continue to run things as they are then look at bringing in other services again in January. Feel confident that my new found edge in the horse racing will win long term and bring in a good amount of volume week to week. 

Hope your betting went well, will return in December, fingers crossed with another strong month!


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  1. Thank you for your monthly updates and for sharing them with us. Above all, congratulations for not making it another negative month. Regards, Denis


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