Betting Tipster Reviews – Who Can You Trust?

Betting Tipster Reviews – Who Can You Trust?

When I was at university. I found myself one summer with a spare few thousand pounds. From a student grant that I was lucky enough to have.

My interest in sports betting was just beginning and I came across a betting review site.

This site recommend a service called the “sports betting professor.” It was a service that focused on American sports. Being fairly naive at the time I jumped in and followed the progressive staking system it advised. Lost a decent amount of money and wondered why it hadn’t worked.

I then tried another recommended system from the same review site.

Again I had the same results it lost a bunch of money and I realised I was out of my depth. Or possibly the review site wasn’t being as honest as they claimed.

Betting Tipster Reviews

In hindsight these betting services were terrible and had no edge at all. They were being recommended purely on the basis of affiliate commissions.

After this I started to study sports betting, sports trading and poker. Figuring out how to actually make money from gambling. What was really required, learning about proper bankroll management, variance and the importance of finding value. 

It took me probably a year or two later before I joined another service. I put a bit more research into it this time. On the recommendation of a couple of review sites I joined profit maximiser. Which ended up recouping the losses I had made in the previous years from shoddy services and allowed my betting bankroll to grow at a crazy rate.

So I have both been burnt by betting review sites and also seen the benefit when they are done properly.

Betting Tipster Review Sites – How Do They Work?

Lets look at how a legitimate review works.

  1. They approach the vendor of a product/service related to their website. Or the vendor approaches them.
  2. The site trials the product/service for a certain length of time.
  3. They write an honest review of the service. Give it a recommendation if it offers value or state that it isn’t very good and there are better alternatives.
  4. Receive commission on the sale of the product if a purchaser comes through their site.

That is basically how most legitimate review sites function. They try to build trust with their readers. In the likely hood that if they purchase something that offers value they are much more likely to buy something recommended by the site in the future.

This is the model I use to create revenue for this site. I am actively betting and trading on sports on a daily basis. So I do use a lot of trading and betting services.

If I see something that looks legitimate and offers value. I will often approach the seller to ask if I can write a review and put it on the site.

Also I put up betting reviews of the services I continue to use on a regular basis.

However not all review sites work this way.

Scam Review Sites

Not all sites use this model.

From my experience I have seen some review sites that are not legitimate. Some are created by the same person that is selling a service/product.

Lets say for example someone is selling a horse lay betting service. They create a fake review site and give this product an excellent review. Then leave multiple fake comments below all saying how great the service is and how much money they are all making. Creating review websites to present a false impression of the product they are trying to sell.

This does happen.

Unfortunately some of these scam sites are quite intricate. A level above the usual email from a Nigerian Prince. Who needs £1000 so he get back the £500,000 he left in his secret cave back in some imaginary Island. Which he’ll gladly split with you 50/50 if you assist him.

Betting Tipster Reviews

I would like to name this site and the products they are selling. Which I have done previously but due to the threat of legal action I removed it. Even though I don’t think they really had a case. Like most people I would rather not have to spend time going through a legal case.When there are other things I would much rather be doing.

What I can do however is list the betting review sites that I have used and find to be fairly honest in their assessment of sports betting tipsters and services.

Betting Review Sites I UseBetting Tipster Reviews


Laybackandgetrich is a betting and trading review site that has been around since 2011. This is a site that I have found to give a pretty honest assessment of tipsters and betting services. It was on the advice of this site that I joined the first service I made good money with

What I like about this site is they don’t block out negative comments left on services they are reviewing or may have recommended. The site has an active community in the comments section. Which allows good discussions about services. 

If I am ever looking at a tipster or betting service I will normally check this site for their opinion.

Honest Betting Reviews


If you were looking to learn to build a site around a specific niche and get a good ranking. Honest betting reviews is a really good site to look at. This is a site that is designed really well and dominates the search ranking when it comes to betting reviews.

However the most important question is are they really honest?

From my experience with the services I have used and they have reviewed. It is a site that does a good job of assessing the profitability of a betting tipster or service. 

When they recommend a service they provide future updates on its performance. Which is a really good aspect as betting services can often go on good runs in a short period of time. So extended trial are always a good sign for of a decent review sites.

Secret Betting Club

Secret Betting Club

The Secret Betting Club is a bit different to most review sites. They don’t use an affiliate model from the tipsters or betting services they review. Instead they use a subscription service which means you have to pay to access their magazine and some aspects of their website.

Why would you pay?

You might wonder why you would pay for a review service when so many do it for free. Well the Secret Betting Club do the most thorough and useful betting reviews on the internet in my opinion. Where as some sites may leave out certain aspects of a service in order to get that affiliate commission. The Secret Betting Club will note every negative aspect of a service and give a much more unbiased overview of a service.

Perhaps the biggest positive of the Secret Betting Club. Is that they provide an excellent education in making money from sports betting. There is a lot of really good articles on their website regarding all the aspects of betting and the mentality needed to be a successful sports bettor.

Betting Tipster Review Sites Conclusion

Overall I don’t think you should ever rely completely on the word of a betting tipster review site. But they are certainly a good resource for highlighting betting services that might potentially be profitable.

It is best to educate yourself on the world of sports betting and sports trading. This way you can often see quite quickly whether a service is legitimate.

  • Are results recorded clearly and with more then one bookmaker?
  • Do they focus on long term results or just brag about short term winners?
  • Is there a refund policy or free trial?

Ultimately I think  legitimate betting tipster and service review sites are very useful.

They can save you a huge amount of time when looking for profitable betting services. However you should also make sure you do your research on both the review site and the service they are recommending.

Before parting with your hard earned money. 

Betting Tipster Reviews - Who Can You Trust?
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Betting Tipster Reviews - Who Can You Trust?
Which betting reviews sites can you trust? How do betting review sites work?
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