50K Betting And Trading Challenge – November Results

As we creep closer to the end of 2017 are profits starting to scale up?

Is £50,000 within a 12 month period looking at all possible?

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Accumulators, Arbitrage

50K Betting And Trading Challenge - November Results

November wasn’t the greatest month in terms of profit for Matched Betting and Arbitrage. In total there were 213 offers and arbitrage bets.

Around an average of £3 per offer/arb was made.

A total profit of £643 was made.

Nothing really new to report here. I did a few plus ev accumulators and took advantage of some decent odds boosts. Whilst getting involved in as many matched betting offers as possible.

Also used accounts that are promotion banned for arbitrage bets. Alongside a few other bookmakers that don’t offer any or few promotions. 

Service Used

Oddsmonkey (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

50K Betting And Trading Challenge - November Results

This November I really tried hit every low – medium risk offer possible. Then reuse those profits to attack some of the higher risk offers. Unfortunately I just can’t seem to hit a decent sized win with these higher risk offers the last few months.

It’s been the same story. Grind out the profits on the smaller offers. Then give it back on the higher risk, higher stake offers.

Obviously if I increased my volume of high risk offers then the variance should smooth out. However any big downswings would then reduce my bankroll for arbing and matched betting. Which would lower the zero risk profits from that side of my portfolio.

So my low risk pussy approach to casino offers will continue for the near future.

50K Betting And Trading Challenge - November Results

I took part in 139 offers in November.

A total profit of £616 was made.

Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Trading Results

I barely traded at all in November. Just been really struggling to find the time to trade. 

Been actively trying to spend more time with my wife and kids. As it does seem like I spent the majority of the time sitting in front of the computer with a cup of tea. As such trading is an area where I just haven’t done much at all in November.

In total I made 3 trades and a loss of –£18 was made.

Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service

Anyone that has been reading this challenge will know that Quentin Franks has really struggled this year. There have been a few comments suggesting that I drop this service as it seems to have lost its edge.

In November I decided to stop following Quentin Franks.

It is a service that I have made money from overall. However given how tough it is to follow the advised bets and it does speed up bookmaker limitations I won’t be following it any more.

For example selections are usually sent around 09.00.

For me this meant rushing home after dropping the kids of at school. Or often taking my laptop in the car with me and frantically placing bets when the email arrived.

When Quentin Franks Racing was crushing it month after month. This didn’t seem like a huge amount of effort. This year though it has been something of a drag.

Quentin Franks did have a profitable month in November according to official results. It is a service that I will continue to keep an eye on. But I am pretty happy with my decision to let it go (cue the frozen music) for now.

Sports Betting Results

In November I made 14 bets.

A total profit of £323 was made.

My overall betting stats for this year are looking pretty solid. 

164 bets

9.1% return on investment

£1113 Profit

50K Betting And Trading Challenge - November Results

It should be noted that the Juventus game should have IP (In-play) next to it. As they were backed when surprisingly 0-1 down at home to Benevento.

Pretty happy with my sports betting.

I know I have an decent edge in mixed martial arts betting. But I can’t really increase the volume of bets in these markets. As my approach to this market isn’t heavily based on statistics but based on my own knowledge of the sport. So personally I only take spots that I see obvious value in.


I turned 30 this month and have had a big think about life going forward. There is still great opportunity with matched betting and advantage play. It is relatively easy money to make and can be scaled up.

Sure it is not as profitable as it was 5 years ago.

However the same can be said about Betfair trading, arbitrage betting, poker, selling on Amazon.

And that is often enough to put people off even trying to start to make money from any of these things.

But when these opportunities do exist its important to make the most of them and grab them by the balls. I don’t want to be looking back in 5 years and saying “fuck why didn’t I make the most of that.”

My plan going forward is really to hammer every bit of profit I can out of advantage play, arbitrage and matched betting. Then reinvest those profits and compound my bankroll.

Sports betting and trading are still area’s that I want to more time and money into. However I have been looking at more passive investments recently.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of traction at the moment which is something I studying. It is something that I will certainly be investing in the near future. ( If anyone can recommend some good reading material or videos, please drop me a comment below.)

The Football Index also looks like interesting platform that could be a really good investment. I have dipped my toes into it this month.

November felt like a month where although I put in a decent amount of work. The profits just didn’t really seem to hitting the levels I am expecting. Which has been a recurring theme the last few months.

50K Betting And Trading Challenge - November Results


This pretty much sums up this 50k betting and trading challenge. I need to make some significant changes in order to hit bigger monthly profits. And perhaps make a good push towards £50,000 profit before April 2018 comes around.

One positive thing that I will note is that December has started off really profitable.

Felt like a bit of a ramble in this write up but here are the overall results for the month of November.

Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trading Results


Sports Betting


Total Made 


50k Challenge Remaining Target


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