Premier Betting Investments – Month 2 Results

Did Premier Betting Investment turn around a tough start to the trial?

Yes it did

After a disappointing month 1 Premier Betting Investments has rallied back this month.

It is always interesting to see how a tipster deals with a downswing. Some tipsters start to radically adapt their approach and throw in large odds bets to overcome the losses. So it is good to see that the tips provider behind Premier Betting Investments stuck to his method and results have been good.

Key stats



Total Staked






Starting Bank

£1000 starting bank

After Month 2

£964.75 (-35.25)

The overall picture of our trial of Premier Betting Investments is starting to look much better. The service is still showing a a small loss for the first 2 months of the trial but the last month was encouraging.

The overall profit and loss graph for the first two months.

I will return next month with the next set of results from Premier Betting Investments. Will it continue to perform like this month or struggle like month 1?

Premier Betting Investments are running a free trial at the moment if you would like to test the service out yourself.

You can access it here

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