Pre Match Trading Tool Review – Final Verdict

So I have had a few weeks to get used to the Pre Match Trading Tool and have been enjoying the benefits of this software.

If you are not familiar with the Pre Match Trading tool please read my introduction to the review here.

Pre Match Trading Tool Review

Pre Match Trading Tool Review
I started small as I got used to the software

The pre match trading tool software is automated so it is very easy to use. You can use it for any match that has a decent amount of liquidity and interest.

The best matches to use for this software are the ones with the most money involved as this what enables us to get matched at good prices.

My strategy for using this software is very simple. If the Pre Match Trading Tool indicates a price for under 4.5 goals is 1.08 then I would place a lay bet at 1.07 and let the money come to me.

I used a similar strategy for the correct score market also letting the money move to me.

Pre Match Trading Tool Review
Sometimes you can leave a position open to hit larger profits

By setting yourself outside of the true prices you put yourself in position where you will either get matched and make a profit or not get matched but lose nothing.

Keeping an eye on the match odds markets is key as these prices effect everything else.

I found that using this tool effectively was very much a game of patience.

Pre Match Trading Tool Review
Scaled up my stakes slightly as my confidence in the tool increased.

Pre Match Trading Tool Review

Final Verdict

If you have some patience and are prepared to spend a little time getting familiar with the pre match trading markets then this software will help you make money.

There are a lot of videos and instructions provided by owners of pre match trading. The software is automated and very easy to use.

There is also a helpful chat room on the site frequented by some very experienced traders. In the chat room these more experienced traders give out lots of good advice on how to best utilise the pre match trading software.

The software only really works on games that have a lot of interest and liquidity. This is no fault of the software it is just that there needs to be real money flowing through the markets to be matched

In this pre match trading tool review there are two key questions.

Is it profitable?

Does it work as advertised?

The answer is yes on both parts.

I don’t think everyone will have the patience to make money from this software.

If you are however prepared to put in some time, ask questions in the chat, make notes on how the pre match markets behave then this tool will help you make decent profits from the pre match markets.

This product is recommended and get 4 stars.


You can visit the official site of the Pre Match Trading Tool here







    • Easy to use
    • Ideal for scalping


    • Need large bank to cover subscription cost

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