Betfair Trading Community Review – Value For Your Money?

Betfair Trading Community Review

Updated (21/01/17)

In this article I am going to review the Betfair Trading community. If you are not familiar with the Betfair Trading Community click here.

Betfair Trading Community Review
Would you benefit from the Betfair Trading Community?

What is the Betfair Trading Community?

The Betfair Trading Community is basically as the name suggests. It is a Facebook group that looks to bring all levels of Betfair traders together, a mixture of experienced traders and new ones.

This community is run by Betfair traders Ryan Carruthers and Martin Futter who both offer advice and trades on a daily basis. It is structured very much like a forum. There are threads for specific sports and strategies with discussion and selections posted.

Betfair Trading Community Review
An example of how the Betfair Trading Community works.

All manner of sports are covered within the community.

Football, Horse racing, Cricket and Tennis are the main sports discussed. There are also separate threads for individual strategies that are being tested or have proven to be profitable in the past.

Betfair Trading Community Review

If you are new to trading or even an experienced trader it is nice to be in a group with other individuals who have the same goals and interests as you do.

You gain new angles and ways of trading due to the large amount of people in the group. You may learn about different approaches to trading and how to trade different sports.

Its a friendly community and a good place for beginner traders to learn the ropes and gain experience from people that have been trading for longer periods of time.

Previously  I had wrote that more record keeping and transparency would improve the Betfair Trading Community. This is something that has really improved at the time of writing (21/01/17).

Betfair Trading Community Review
An example of a current strategy being used in the Betfair Trading Community

More in depth testing and recording is now much more common place inside the community which has really added some extra value to the Betfair Trading Community.

The results of this have been the discovery of some profitable betting strategies that are now available to members.

A potential drawback to the community is that there is no real incentive to share profitable strategies. This however hasn’t stopped some valuable information being shared among the community.


In this Betfair Trading Community review I have noted some of the good and bad points.

Overall I think that if you are a new trader then it is a good place to join. New traders will learn how some of the more professional traders structure their trading and can follow their advice.

Betfair traders that already have a grasp on things may benefit most from the social aspect of the community. I think this differs from person to person as some people need that social aspect of trading whilst others may get distracted by it.

The first month costs £14.99 which enables you to see whether or not you would get any value from the group. After that it is £29.99 a month which is reasonable.

Updated  (21/01/17)

In conclusion with the improvements that have been made within the Betfair Trading Community its rating has been upgraded from neutral to recommended. The emphasis on more transparent record keeping, implementation of stats software and a more professional approach warrants an improved rating.

It gets a recommendation from me.

Click here for the official site of the Betfair Trading Community

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Betfair Trading Community Review

Betfair Trading Community Review




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