The Best Football Betting Tipsters In 2021 – Who Is The Best?

Who are the best football tipsters in 2021?

It’s been a long term dream of mine to make a living from sports betting.

I love sports and particularly football but is it possible to make an income from betting on football?

First off there will be plenty of football tipsters that claim to make money.

There are silly betting challenges that claim they can go from £100 to £100,000 in the space of 3 months.

Affiliate tipsters are really popular. These are tipsters that are basically working alongside bookmakers to send them new customers and take a percentage of their overall losses.

Whenever you see a tipster that follows that model you should be extremely wary.

If you aren’t aware of how affiliate tipsters work, check out this video.

The Best Football Betting Tipsters In 2020

So we have highlighted who are likely to be the worst football betting tipsters to follow but the question remains are there any good football betting tipsters?

In my ongoing attempt to make £1,000,000 in profit from the sports betting markets.

I have trialed and tested hundreds of sports betting tipsters and a large number of football betting tipsters. Spoken to professional sports bettors and tracked results over a number of years.

Who are some of the best football betting tipsters in 2020?

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 1

Motaliz (Pyckio)

First off lets take a look at the football tipster “Motaliz” from the betting tipster platform Pyckio.

Now Pyckio is a interesting platform as it only allows its tipsters to take odds from Pinnacle. This is very positive as the bookmaker Pinnacle does not limit or ban winning punters. Which means that Pyckio tipsters are never exploiting very soft odds at bookmakers that do not tolerate winning punters and will ban you after a week of betting.

Best Football Betting Tipster 2020 Motaliz

Motaliz has made 1800 picks so far, focusing mainly on the Portuguese leagues.

He stakes a flat amount, betting one unit for every pick.

So far he has made a total profit of 151 points.

This means someone betting £100 per bet would be up £15,100

His return on investment is 8.4%

For those with a big bankroll that can afford the tips and stake at least £50 per point or above, Motaliz is an excellent football betting tipster.

You can read more about Motaliz here

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 2

Scottish Football Income Booster

Best Football Betting Tipster 2019 Scottish Football

Scottish Football Income Booster is a service that is provided by the Smart Betting Club.

The service which unsurprisingly focuses on the Scottish football leagues has a great track record going back to 2015.

You can see here from the focus on overall bank growth, that a 100 point betting bank would have increased 171% over a 4 year period.

For example a £10,000 bank would now be £27,100 with a healthy profit of £17,100 being made.

The service costs close to £45 a month.

So again you would need to be betting at stakes £50 upwards to make a good profit after fees are taken into account.

You can read more about Scottish Football Booster here

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 3

Webet Football (Tipstrr)

Lets look at a football tipster with good results that is suited to those betting with a smaller bankroll.

Best Football Tipster 2020

Webet football is a football tipster from the tipping platform Tipstrr.

This tipster has impressive results betting in several different leagues.

With a overall return of investment of 10.2% and a profit of over £3000 (staking £25 a unit) since the service started, this high volume tipster is well suited to sports bettors with a smaller bankroll.

It averages 14 bets a week and impressively is beating the Asian bookmaker Pinnacle after 460 bets with an return on investment of 8.5%.

Which shows that Webet Football is an excellent tipster.

Webet football results

Since 2019 you can see that the football tipster Webet Football has performed extremely well.

At £29 a month Webet football is excellent value and well worth a look at if you are interested in profiting from the football betting markets.

You Can Trial Webet Football If You Click Here

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 4

Banker Bets Value Picks

Banker Bets Value Picks is a service run by long running football tipster John Baker.

Best Football Betting Tipster 2019 Banker Bets

In 2019 after 243 bets the service is running at a 3.84% return on investment.

Which may not seem great, however Banker Bets Value Picks records odds very fairly at the average odds available when sent. This means that you almost always be able to beat the odds quoted, for example if you had followed this service from the start of 2019 you would most likely be looking at a return of investment of 5-6%.

Again Value Picks is suitable for those working with a smaller bankroll.

You can get your first month for £6.75 and then further months will cost £27 a month.

This service is easy to follow with bets usually being sent early on in the morning. The odds quoted are easy to achieve and the man behind the service John Baker has a great track record as a profitable football betting tipster.

You can read more about Banker Bets Value Picks here

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 5

Master Football Tipster

Master Football Trader

Master Football Tipster is a new service that started in 2020 coming out of the Betting Gods platform. It is a service that offers pre math football tips at average odds of 1.99.

The service so far has reportedly made a profit of £579 to £10 stakes at a 15% return on investment. Tips are sent out between 18.00-20.00 UK via email.

This service focuses heavily on the both teams to score market along with the under/over markets.

Master Football Tipster Results

Master Football Tipster certainly looks like a very promising service. It focuses on smaller markets and tips in lesser know leagues such as Russia, Japan, Norway. However these smaller leagues are often the ones that offer values.

As bookmakers place less focus on these leagues compared to the likes Premier League and La Liga, where it is much more difficult to find value in the betting markets.

You can trial the Master Football Tipster Here For 15 days

So there are 5 of the best football betting tipsters that are performing well in 2020, if you are looking to make money following football tipsters then these are five that should be considered.





The Best Football Betting Tipsters In 2020 - Who Are The Best?
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