Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – July Results

July was a frustrating month at times but also a productive one as I found a new edge in the sports betting markets.

We are now into August and looking at my results I am way under last years profits.

Last year after 6 months I had made a profit of £19,549.

In 2020 after 6 months my profit for the year stands at £7152.

I haven’t really done anything different from last year so the disparity in profits is probably a lot to do with variance.

Obviously the Corona virus has also been a factor. I do think however that I have not really grown as a sports bettor/trader with my trading in particular not being great this year.

Anyway enough rambling let’s take a look at the results and see if a decent profit was made in July?

Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Arbitrage, Value Betting

As I wrote earlier although at times this month was frustrating, I also found a decent edge in the markets.

This was in relation to arbitrage and value betting.

In July I spent lot of time betting with the Asian bookmakers and working out if I could find an edge in these markets which I did.

Also having access to Asian bookmakers opened up a lot more arbitrage bets which I took advantage of. I plan to write an article about how to bet with the Asian bookmakers and also will go into some of the value betting strategies that I found.

Value Betting Results

I made a total of 529 bets in July.

A total profit of £1473 was made.

Services Used

Oddsmonkey (Click Here For The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

The casino gods decided to flip the switch this month and for the most part it felt like I was just donating money.

On the last day of the month I managed to get a decent win to limit the damage.

However for the majority of the month it really did feel like I wasn’t allowed to win.

But if you are looking to make money from casino offers or sports betting for that matter. You have to accept that these losing runs are going to happen.

It’s beyond your control so there is no point in getting annoyed by it because its an inevitability that its going to happen.

Casino Offers July

In July I completed 142 offers.

A total loss -£1003 was made. 

Service Used

Bonus Accumulator (Click Here For The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Sports Betting Results

Sports Betting Results

Only 15 of my own personal bets were made in July.

At the end of the month a profit of £640 was made.

Sports Betting results 2


In this section I will include profit/loss from other methods that I don’t record in as much detail as the above. It gets added to my daily P/L but I don’t record them separately.

This included some trading that I do on the exchanges. Along with bets that I have made for tipster reviews. (I covered two of these tipsters here)

Once my children are back at school in September I do plan on spending much time sports trading. But at the moment my approach is a bit scattered. 

This month I made £135 in profit.

Thoughts Going Forward

Another month where profit was made but way below last year’s average.

On one hand I’m a little disappointed by how things have gone this year. But on the other I have spent a tonne of time with my family and taken way more days off.

A big part of being happy in life is about balance.

Having two young kids at home 24/7 since April does mean I have spent way less time in front of the computer then I normally would. 

However that’s time that I can easily get back when they are older and less likely to want to spent time playing “Tig” with the dad.

So ultimately even though at the end of the year I imagine profits are going to be much lower then last years total. It’s easy to become short sighted and think that this profit figure is more important then it actually is.

At the end of the day its only a number and nothing in my life will drastically change because of it.


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers




Sports Betting


Total Made In June


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Tipster Spotlight – July

At Smart Sports Trader the aim has always been to find methods/strategies/ways to make money from the sports betting and casino markets.

Covering matched betting, arbitrage betting, value betting, sports trading and exploiting casino offers

We have shown that there are various ways of taking on these markets and profiting from them.

As a new feature of the website we are going to be looking at some of the most promising betting tipsters from around the internet.

Let’s take a look at the tipsters featured in July’s tipster spotlight.



Stahobettor is a tipster that focuses on the Polish football markets.

Providing tips for a variety of different Polish leagues and a variety of different markets.

Currently they offer free selections through Telegram, you can find Stahobet on twitter at

Stahobettor Results

From the start of June Stahobettor has produced a small profit with a 4.2% after 52 bets.

Which doesn’t look that impressive on first glance but it is a very small sample size.


Stahobettor Results

Stahobettor is definitely a quality over quantity tipster.

The most impressive part of his selections are the reasoning behind the bets and his knowledge of Polish football.

Stahobettor is often able to crush the closing line by large amounts due to his knowledge and the information he receives.

Here is an example below.

This bet was tipped at 2.2 which Betvictor however I took it a little later with Asian Odds.


Here is the market on Betfair shortly before the game began.

Stahobettor Betfair

This selection wasn’t a one off as Stahobettor has been consistently able to tip selections that would close at a much shorter price.

The ability to do this over and over again is a big indicator that a tipster is going to be profitable.

In my opinion Stahobettor is easily one of the best free tipsters I have come across on the internet.

Are Soft Bookmaker Accounts Needed?

For some of Stahobettor’s selctions you will need soft bookmaker accounts. 

Some selections for example were only available at Bet365, like with most tipsters having access to soft bookmakers allows you to get the best price possible.

However not all selections require soft bookmakers especially in the Polish Ekstraklasa (Top Division) where I found I could bet with Asian Odds or the exchanges.


Stahobettor is an excellent tipster.

If you follow his bets then it is likely your soft bookmaker accounts will be limited eventually.

However that is not a negative it is just the reality of betting with these bookmakers, if you are profitable then they don’t want you as a customer.

Also as stated above you can still follow some of his selection using the betting exchanges and Asian bookmakers.

Stahobettor gets a recommendation from me as I have little doubt that long term you will make money following his selections.

Stahobettor Twitter

The Basketball Geek

The second tipster that we looked at in June was the Basketball Geek from the Betting Gods platform.

As you expect from its name this tipster focuses specifically in the Basketball markets.

Basketball Geek Results

Since the beginning of June there have been 207 bets with a profit of £218 to £10 stakes.

Something Betting Gods have been guilty of in the past is having very wide variable staking with some of their previous tipsters. 

Which resulted in some tipsters staking 10 points on selections at odds of 9.00 then following that with a 1 point stake on a selection at odds 2.0. 

This didn’t make a lot of sense and lead to questionable long term roi figures that were heavily influenced by one or two big odds selections winning. 

So it’s nice to see a tipster with level staking.

The majority of tips are on handicap lines and the over/under market however there is occasionally a 1×2 selection at higher odds.

Are Soft Bookmaker Accounts Needed?

Much like Stahobettor these selections are not in markets with a lot of liquidity so soft bookmaker accounts are a big benefit.

Bet365 probably being one of the most important as they are generally slower to lower there odds.

If you are quick to bet selections. I have often been able to match the quoted odds using Asian bookmakers.

Having looked at Betting exchanges there is often very little money in the markets so that doesn’t look like a viable way of betting these selections.

The Basketball Geek sends out selections at 08.00 everyday with the odds available at a number of bookmakers.

Odds do tend to generally shorten throughout the day so to be able to bet them early is beneficial.

Occasionally I have also found that a better price is available with one bookmaker.


I have been impressed so far with the Basketball Geek.

He seems to have a clear edge betting in the basketball markets.

Again as mentioned previously with Stahobettor’s selections. Long term betting these selections with soft bookmakers is going to see your account limited eventually.

But that shouldn’t put you off, as its an inevitability that if your a profitable sports bettor this is going to happen.

The Basketball Geek looks to a be a very promising tipster and is one that we going to continue to monitor.

Click Here If You Want To Trial The Basketball Geek For 15 Days


(If you are running a profitable tipster service and would like to be featured in the tipster spotlight. Send an email to [email protected]

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – June Results

June was a good month.

It seems like things are getting back to normal and the return of regular sport was a welcome one.

I did miss it, its nice to have busy Saturday’s back where I’m firing off value bets everywhere and tallying everything at the end of the day. Might be the degenerate gambler side of me that still remains but I do like having lots of action on.

Horses, football, UFC I love it when the weekends are packed.

Anyway lets take a look at the results from June.

Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Arbitrage, Value Betting

June saw the return of the Bet365 bet £50 get £50 in-play offer.

Which is one if not the best recurring matched betting offer that still gets thrown out from time to time. 

The Ascot horse racing festival was also in June and helped a poor start to the month turn around.

I made a total of 495 bets in June.

A total profit of £1247 was made.

Value Betting June

Services Used

Oddsmonkey (Click Here For The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Bookie Bashing

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

I did nearly 100 less offers in June compared to May.

Which I was quite surprised about when I went over the results for the month.

Didn’t do many sign ups this month and the increase in sports probably was a factor.

As a result the month end P/L was solid without being spectacular.


Casino Offer Results

In June I completed 145 offers.

A total profit £341 was made. 

Service Used

Bonus Accumulator (Click Here For The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Sports Betting Results

During June I made 11 bets and made a total profit of £235.

Not much to say really other then I need to stake more on MMA betting (Which I stated in last months update but didn’t apply.)

I know that is where my biggest edge is and has been for a years. After using some of my bankroll for building work for my house. I have been overly cautious with my staking and that is something I need to address.


Looking at my day to day results and the one recorded here.

I am -£123 less, not sure why to be honest. At a guess it is probably from following a few unrecorded tipster bets.

Thoughts Going Forward

As things return to a more normal state.

I will look to resume with the services I was previously using, which were Trade On Sports and FTS Racing. Have also been tracking a few tipsters that look very promising in the past few months which should also be solid additions.

Have to admit have the kids at home 24/7 has lead to a less structured approach with my betting and trading. Personally I thrive on structure so things do seem a little scattered at the moment and is one of the reasons I haven’t done any trading.

However overall I am happy with this month’s results.


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers




Sports Betting


Total Made In June


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – May Results

Sports are gradually returning and things are looking up from a sports betting/trading perspective.

Again my main focus this month was on casino offers but the return of German football has been a welcome one!

Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

Looking ahead June promises the return of the Premier League along with other football. 

This brings more value betting opportunities and also matched betting opportunities which in turn should mean there is more profit to be made.

But for now let’s take a look at results from May in the ongoing making a million from the sports betting markets challenge.

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

Let’s start with where most of the profit came from in May.

In May I did 235 offers.

A total profit £1372 was made. 

Another solid month of profit from casino offers and I got the chance to check out a new service Bonus Accumulator, which I was impressed with. They highlighted pretty much all the offers that I been previously manually working out and seem on top of finding as much value as possible from casino offers.

So going forward that will be the service that I use to exploit casino offers.

Casino Offers May

If you are still not taking advantage of casino offers and interested in leaning more.

I have linked a video and article below which should be helpful.

Article – Make Money From Casino Bonuses

Video – How I Profit From Casino Offers

Service Used

Bonus Accumulator (Click Here For The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Arbitrage, Value Betting

There were a few matched betting offers around and I managed to pick up some value bets.

Although it didn’t seem like the market was able to adjust to there being no crowd. So relying on the market price to indicate value might not have been the best idea.

You could see this as starting prices in football didn’t seem to mean much and there were massive adjustments made in-play after 10 mins in the match odds market.

During May I made 59 bets.

A loss of -£127 was made.

Services Used

Oddsmonkey (Click Here For The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Bookie Bashing

Sports Betting Results

In May I made a total of 24 bets.

A loss of £45 was made.

During May I had a look through my long term betting results as for the last year I have been a losing sports bettor.

I also delved deeper into my long term stats dating back to 2017.

Betting Results

From the graph I can see that I am performing well betting MMA and also in-play MMA/Football over the long term (This is shown as No Sport on

Although the sample of bets isn’t huge it looks like my pre match football bets (red line on the graph) are not really making any money. 

It makes sense going forward to increase my bet size on Mixed Martial Arts and leave betting pre-match on football alone. I am very confident in my edge betting MMA markets but obviously football markets are a lot sharper.

Hopefully this change should see a decent profit made over the coming year.


Previously I had been using Trade On Sport and FTS Racing. I won’t be using these services until sport resumes in normal form. Both are good services and I am confident long term they will be profitable but during this period I want to be cautious. 

My main focus is going to be on area’s that I am confident I have a large edge in ( Casino offers, mma betting, pre-match trading.)


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trading Results


Sports Betting


Total Made In May


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Thoughts Going Forward

Got to admit I have been pretty disappointed with results this year after doing really well last year, I hoped that momentum would continue.

However at the end of the day it is only betting and with everything that’s happened I should really be grateful for everything that I have already. For a lot of people that live on this world there is no opportunity to make money from the sports betting world. 

In fact there is very little opportunity for them at all.

Puts things into perspective, anyway moving on to June.

The return of the Premier League is sure to bring more matched betting offers to the table and should be some good pre-match trading opportunities.

Thanks for reading, hope you have a profitable June.


Bonus Accumulator Review – £20,478 Profit Crushing Casinos

Bonus Accumulator Review

Bonus Accumulator Review

What Is Bonus Accumulator?

Before we get started on this Bonus Accumulator review.

You might be wondering what actually is Bonus Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator is a subscription service that enables you to profit from Casino offers.

The service gives you in-depth instruction and software that allows you to make a profit from low risk to high risk casino offers.

It is from the same company behind the very popular matched betting service Profit Accumulator.

(For limited time Bonus Accumulator are offering 50% off the first month using this link)

How Do You Make Money From Casino Offers

If you are a regular reader of this blog then will know that exploiting casino offers has been a staple of the making a million betting challenge.

Over the past few years I have made good money exploiting casino offers using another service. Along with manually finding offers and calculating them myself as the service I used did not feature them.

Below is my profit graph after exploiting over 4000 casino offers.

A profit of over £20,000 was made over 3 years.

So the question is can Bonus Accumulator allow you to do the same?

Lets take a look!

Bonus Accumulator Review


So first off the mathematics behind exploiting casino offers profitably can seem difficult at first.

It differs to matched betting as you will not always make a profit from every offer. However every offer you do will have a positive expectancy.

This means that in the long run if you keep doing offer after offer you will make money.

Huge Casino Win
Sometimes you will win big!

The example that I always use for simplicity is that of a coin flip.

Lets pretend that you have a friend that believes heads is luckier then tails.

Because they believe this they are willing to pay you £1.10 every time it lands on tails. But you have to only pay them £1 every time it lands on heads.

This situation would give you a clear mathematical advantage.

Long term this is called plus EV or positive expected value.

When Tails lands in this situation the payout odds are 2.1  (real probability is 50% so the odds should be 2.0)

Heads lands and the payout odds are 2.0 (This is the true value of a coin landing on tails.)

If you flipped the coin long enough you would make money.

Casino offers work on exactly the same premise.

Bonus accumulator provides plenty of instruction for those new to exploiting casino offers.

In the form of videos and written guidelines. So which ever way you learn the best, they have it covered.

The videos and guidelines cover.

  • Why Should You Do Casino Offers
  • Types Of Casino Offer
  • How To Play Roulette
  • What Is Wagering?
  • How To Play Blackjack
  • How To Play Slots
  • ID/KYC Verification
  • Risk Free Offers
  • Low Risk Offers
  • Medium Risk Offers
  • High Risk Offers
  • How To Use The Simulator

Bonus Accumulator Offers

This was probably most interesting part for myself.

As I mentioned earlier I have been exploiting casino offers for many years now using another service. Because they had been slacking recently I had also been finding new offers manually.

So how does Bonus Accumulator stack up in this department?

Bonus Accumulator Offers
Names of the casino are hidden to protect copyright

Extremely Well!

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of offers that the bonus accumulator service covers.

There are hundreds of offers covering risk free, low risk, medium risk and high risk.

Sign up offers are often the most profitable but there is also a large quantity of reload offers to do.

In comparison to the service that I was previously using there are a lot more and the ones that I had manually found are all covered here.

Bonus Accumulator Instruction 

When you choose the offer that want to exploit. Bonus accumulator gives you step by step instruction on the optimal approach, to extract the highest value possible.

Another aspect of the Bonus Accumulator service that I really like is the in-depth breakdown of each offer.

The detail is very impressive and puts them ahead of their competition.

Breaking down the EV for example into an hourly rate is something that I really like.

A lot of people seem to think that matched betting and casino offers aren’t worth the time.

However this really highlights that if you put in the time exploiting casino offers it is still extremely profitable!

What Tools Do You Get With Bonus Accumulator 


There are several tools that come with a Bonus Accumulator subscription.

We will start with my favorite which is a simulator for casino games.

Bonus Accumulator Simulator

As you can see from the picture this is a really handy piece of software.

You can run a number of simulations regarding the type of bonus or cashback offer that you are doing.

Such as 

  • Bet And Get
  • Sticky Bonus (Where bonus is removed and only profit from bonus counts.)
  • Free Spins
  • Second Chance Bonus
  • Post Wager
  • Cashback

It then spits out a number of metrics for you.

This is an excellent tool that is especially handy for reload offers that get sent out by casinos to specific customers. It is a very quick way of seeing if the offer is profitable or not.

The above picture is a breakdown of a cashback offer that I was sent on the slot Rick and Morty Megaways.

Below is a video of me doing this offer. I managed to hit the bonus round on my last spin. (The video length is cut due to file size)

Just to prove that the video is legitimately me completing the cashback offer.

Here is a screenshot from my gaming history (the extra £6.40 came on the initial spin before the bonus loaded.)

Bonus Accumulator Review

So although this offer only had an expected value of £3.95. The hourly rate on completing an offer such as this is £236.75.

If you look at exploiting casino offers as an hourly return then it really does hammer home how much value there is to be had.

My profit from this one offer was £566.40.

This does highlight the variance in results and it can swing both ways. You can run way above the expected profit but also below it.

It is important to focus on the long term results as you will have losing periods at times.

However I can tell you that after doing 4000 plus offers the variance does even itself out.

Slots Database

Next up in the list of tools that you get with Bonus Accumulator is the slots database.

This isn’t anything fancy it is pretty much as the name suggests. Its a database of slots that allows you to search based on 

  • Name
  • Return To Player
  • Variance
  • Provider

Bonus Accumulator Slots Database

You might want to use this tool if you get an offer that is slot specific or are just looking for high RTP (return to player) slots to complete an offer with.

Perhaps you want to look up the RTP amount of a slot in order to input it in the simulation tool.

Again its a handy tool to have and saves you manually looking for everything on google (which is something I have done in the past.)

Blackjack Calculator

Last on the list is a blackjack calculator.

Blackjack is a game that I have played for probably hundreds of hours, given its high return to player if played optimally.

Making it one of the best games to rollover a casino bonus with if allowed in the bonus terms.

Previously I have used an online template for optimal blackjack strategy but Bonus Accumulator has its own.

Bonus Accumulator Blackjack

The blackjack calculator is extremely simple.

You input the dealer hand, then state what your own cards are.

The calculator then spits out the optimal move to make allowing you to play the best blackjack strategy possible with highest rtp (return to player.)

Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker

When it comes to having a quick and efficient way of tracking your profits, Bonus Accumulator has this covered also.

It uses a very simple process.

Where when you have finished completing an offer you input your actual profit the software logs this then also tracks the expected profit from the offer.

Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker

The software then saves this information and allows you to track all the offers you have done.

Producing a nice graph which shows your real profit alongside your expected profit.

Profit Tracking 2

Having done this for a few years already I have always used Excel.

The profit tracking with Bonus Accumulator is again very simple to use and very efficient. 

They have done a great job of creating functional profit tracking tools that will save you inputting everything into Microsoft Excel. It might seem like a little thing but its a great little time saver that compounds in the long run.

Bonus Accumulator Forum

There is also an active community within Bonus Accumulator.

This is in the form of a forum, where you can reach out for help or advice if you are struggling. Make suggestions for further tools to be added or adjustments which might benefit the community.

If you are wondering whether or not a recurring reload offer is profitable you can ask a more experienced member of the community for confirmation if it is value or not.

Bonus Accumulator Review

It is always good to talk with individuals that share the same interests as yourself.

So the addition of a active forum is a big positive for Bonus Accumulator.

It is a good place to learn and also take motivation from the results of other people that are looking to make money exploiting casino bonuses.

Bonus Accumulator Price

Bonus Accumulator offers two price points.

£17.99 monthly subscription.

£150 a year subscription ( £12.50 a month.)

Bonus Accumulator Price

Both subscription prices are value in my opinion.

You should easily be able to clear £18 a month in expected profit and make well over £150 a year profit from an annual subscription.

Bonus Accumulator Review Conclusion

In this Bonus Accumulator review we have covered all aspects of the service and from the tone of the review you can probably tell that I have been impressed.

Like I have mentioned through out this review I have been exploiting casino bonus for a few years already.

So when I heard about Bonus Accumulator I thought initially it would just be more of the same.

However Bonus Accumulator have taken everything that was already available and improved it in every aspect.

They have delivered a really sleek and most importantly very functional service that provides a tonne of value for anyone that is looking to make money from casino offers.

Are there any negatives?

Exploiting casino offers isn’t something that is brand new but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot of money to be made from doing it.

In conclusion it is easy for me to recommend Bonus Accumulator.

For anyone that is new to casino bonus hunting then this is the perfect place to start.

If your an old hand looking for ways to really maximise your profits from casino offers then you should really take a look at this service.

Going forward this will definitely be the service that I will be using to make money from casino bonuses. 

(For limited time Bonus Accumulator are offering 50% off the first month using this link)

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage – Make Thousands From Arbitrage Betting

The Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

Is sports arbitrage betting the easiest way to make money from sports betting?

In terms of making extremely low risk and consistent profits sports arbitrage is a great way to make money.

Over my lifetime I have made thousands of pounds in profit from sports arbitrage and still use this strategy effectively to this day.

In this article I will detail my methods for staying under the bookmakers radar for as long as possible.

Also I will explain and show examples of how to secure huge profits winning both sides of a bet with minimal risk.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

What are the key questions that surround sports betting arbitrage?

How do you make money from sports betting arbitrage?

Can you make a living from from sports betting arbitrage?

How can I stop getting limited from bookmakers when arbing? 

What is the best sports betting arbitrage software to use?


Lets answer these questions and take a deeper look at the world of sports betting arbitrage.

Sports Betting Arbitrage?

So first off what is sports betting arbitrage?

An arbitrage bet happens when we can back all of the selections in a sporting event and guarantee that we will make a profit no matter the outcome.

Sometimes this will happen with two bookmakers or sometimes with a bookmaker and a betting exchange.

Lets take a look at this with a simple example using the bookmaker Bet365 and the betting exchange Smarkets.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

Bet365 are currently offering Dover at a price of 3.00

Whilst on the betting exchange Smarkets they are available to lay 2.96 

( A lay bet is the opposite of a back bet, it means if we wanted to win £100 we would risk £196)

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

In the above example you can see that should Lincoln win a profit of £200 pounds would be made on Bet365.

Should Lincoln win on Smarkets you can see a potential loss of £196 would be made.

In this example a Lincoln win would net us a profit of £4 whilst any other outcome would lead to £0 being won or lost.

Lets break down the outcomes.

Lincoln win –

  • £100 on Lincoln at 3.0 wins £200 on Bet365
  • £100 lay bet on Smarkets loses £196 

Lincoln lose –

  • £100 on Lincoln at Bet365 is lost
  • £100 lay bet on Smarkets is won

Profit On All Outcomes

One of the great things about sports betting arbitrage is that you can hedge your profit across all betting outcomes if you wish to.

Sometimes you may wish to win more on one outcome and put yourself in a no lose situation on the others.

It is really a matter of preference.

Lets take a look at if you wanted to hedge your profit across all outcomes on the arbitrage example given above.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

In the above picture you can see that you could guarantee yourself a profit of £1.35 across all outcomes for a £100 stake.

This may not seem like a huge amount of money but a 1.35% return over the course of a day is pretty amazing.

Not only that but this is only 1 arbitrage bet it is possible to make thousands of arbitrage bets also at higher stakes. Also you can regular arbitrage bets of 5% or more which quickly adds up.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

Arbing With Two Bookmakers

In the first example the sports arbitrage bet was made between a bookmaker and a betting exchange. 

You will often find arbitrage bets between two bookmakers and on rare occassions even arbitrage bets comparing two betting exchanges.

The process will remain exactly the same when betting with bookmakers.

Lets take a look at a few arbitrage bets when comparing odds between two bookmakers.

Free Arbitrage Software

So using Betburger’s free arbitrage finder that flags up arbitrage bets up to 1% you can see 4 arbitrage bets on football matches.

The Spain vs Malta arbitrage offers extra value being a middle bet however that is something I will discuss later.

This leads us on nicely to the next topic where to get started with sports betting arbitrage.

Getting Started With Sports Arbitrage Betting – Free Sports Betting Arbitrage Software

If your new to sports betting arbitrage you are probably going to want to test things first.

Make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes and get a feel for arbitrage.

Free sports betting arbitrage software does exist on the internet as shown above.

It normally however comes with limitations such as a cap of the arbitrage percentage (no more then 1%).

Usually there will also be a time delay on the bets shown. Which means that these bets may no longer exist as the odds have changed.

Rebelbetting and Betburger both offer great free arbitrage software which as explained has its limitation but is great for newcomers.


If you are quite new to sports betting then I would first suggest building up your bankroll through matched betting.

(My recommendation for matched betting is Oddsmonkey where you make good money exploiting bonus offers. Oddsmonkey also has a great oddsmatcher that is great for sports arbitrage bettors that are just starting their journey.)

Can Bookmakers Ban You From Doing Sports Arbitrage?

Unfortunately bookmakers can and will ban anybody that they don’t expect to make money from long term. 

The only exception to this are some of the Asian bookmakers that model their business on turnover rather then making money from recreational bettors.

However we will focus on betting with European bookmkers at the moment as no Asian bookmaker is able to offer their services to UK customers at the moment.

Limited Bookmkaer Accounts

So yeah it might seem a little unfair but bookmakers can limit your account or ban you entirely if they wish to do so.

However this should not put you off sports arbitrage as unless you are willing to lose money over the long run. It is inevitable that this will happen at some point.

Ok so can I disguise my arbitrage betting?

From my experience yes you can disguise your arbitrage betting for a period of time, lets take a look.

How To Stop Bookmakers Limiting My Betting Accounts 

In this section I will detail some of the strategies that I have used to keep my bookmaker accounts open for as long as possible.

New Accounts –

When you open a new account it is looked at closely by traders to determine whether it is recreational or not.

If you start arbitrage betting straight away on a new account it is not likely to last long. It is a good strategy to act like a recreational punter when opening a new account for at least a month. 

Make a few accumulator bets or bet on secondary markets like the first goalscorer or correct score market. Often this will allow you a greater lifespan on your account for arbitrage betting in the future.

Avoid Obscure Leagues –

If you start betting arbitrage bets on Moldovan second division football or women’s rugby. It is very likely that you will find yourself getting limited.

Sticking to the big football leagues, major boxing matches and big American sports is normally much better for your accounts life span.

Arbing Obscure Markets

Mix up your markets –

Bookmakers employ traders to look for accounts that will make money. 

When a trader see’s an account that for example is constantly betting on horse arbitrage bets they will likely limit that account.

I try not to make it easy for trader’s and leave an obvious pattern of arbitrage bets.

One bet may be on rugby, another on boxing. I will throw an arbitrage bet into an accumulator with selections that are 0% or slightly negative to try and disguise it.

The next bet I might make could be an arbitrage bet as low as 0.2% on secondary market that is unlikely to stand out as straight arbitrage bet.

Can I Lose Money From Sports Arbitrage Betting?

There are a few ways in which you might lose money when sports arbitrage betting.

Mistakes –

We are all human and we all make mistakes. You may see an arbitrage bet and take the wrong side or even bet on a different event by accident.

Sometimes teams play multiple matches in a week so this could happen. You may accidently stake the incorrect amount on a selection.

Palpable Errors –

Palpable errors are a get of jail card for bookmakers. It means if they make a big mistake and for example offer odds of 5.0 for a selection that is around 3.0 everywhere else.

They can claim it was an error and void a bet.

This means that you should always be very wary if you see for example an arbitrage bet of 10% or more as this could be a palpable error. Which in turn could lead you lose money if the bet was voided.

Lets move on to talking about middle bets which are pretty awesome.

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets 

So what is a middle bet?

A middle bet is when a two bookmakers or betting exchanges (any combination) offer a opportunity where both bets could win should a certain scenario occur.

On other occassions a middle bet will allow us to get money back on one bet and profit on the other.

What do I mean by this?

The majority of bookmakers and exchanges offer handicap bets on a number of sports.

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets

For example here we can see that Bet365 offer odds of 1.95 on France -4 goals.

Lets break down how a handicap bet such as this works.

France win by more then 4 goals – bet is won

France win by 4 goals exactly – bet is void

France win by less the 3 goals – bet is lost

Now lets say for example that we could back Moldova +5 goals on the William Hill at 2.06.

We stake £100 on France at 1.95 on Bet655, along with a £95 bet on Moldova +5 goals at William Hill.

The game plays out and France win by 5 goals.

£100 at odds of 1.95 on France -4 pays out at £95 profit

£95 at odds of 2.06 on Moldova +5 is returned

A total profit of £95 is made from zero percent risk.

In a sport such as basketball or rugby you can often find middle bets seperated by several points.

For example you may have one side at -15 and the other side at +18 which allows for both bets to win.

Middle bets are an extremely powerful sports betting strategy that allow you the chance for large profits with minimal risk.

Middle Bet Live Example

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets

At Leovegas I could back Lyon in the regular time market. (Note this market says it will pay out at half the odds in the case of a draw.

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets

At Betfair I was able to lay Lyon (back that they do not win) at lower then 3.15.

This gave me a normal arbitrage bet but also gave me a bet that would win on both Leovegas and Betfair should the match finish as a draw.

Live Sports Arbitrage Betting

Middle bets are pretty cool right?

Lets look at another advanced strategy to make money from the world of sports betting arbitrage.

Live sports arbitrage betting.

So the concept is exactly the same as pre-match arbitrage.

We are looking for markets where we can cover every outcome of an event and guarantee ourselves a nice profit in the the process.

However there are pros and cons of live arbitrage betting that I will go through.

Pros And Cons Of Live Arbitrage

The Cons Of Live Sports Betting Arbitrage

Odds move quickly in live betting and that is the biggest factor you need to be aware of with live betting.

If you are not careful you could find yourself in situation where you could lose money if don’t react quickly enough.

Be aware of goals, points being scored , there are situations that can cause a large change in the odds which could have a negative effect on your bet. (It should be noted that sometimes these factors will also have a positive outcome.)

There are delays in accepting live bets with the majority of bookmakers and exchanges.

Again delays mean that odds can change before a bet is accepted and put you in a negative situation rather then a positive.

The Pros Of Live Sports Betting Arbitrage

Live arbitrage is not easy!

Why is this a positive?

Most people aren’t doing it and you can fly under the radar of a bookmaker a lot longer then if you were pre-match arbing.

There is more opportunity in live arbing when compared to pre-match arbing.

In-play betting markets are dynamic and constantly changing, minute by minute the odds have to adjust.

In order for there to be no opportunity, the betting markets all across the world would have to be perfectly synchronized.

Which they aren’t.

This offers so much opportunity for live arbitrage betting. 

So with live arbing there is more opportunity and you will often find that on average you can get on bigger arbitrage bets which makes the added risks worthwhile.

Tips For Live Sports Betting Arbitrage

5 Tips For Live Sports Betting Arbitrage

  • Start Small – Given the added risks of live sports arbitrage you should bet a smaller amount of your bankroll in case something goes against you. For example you might only want to bet 5% of your bankroll whilst in pre match arbitrage you can better higher.
  • Learn The Markets – See how long in-play betting delays are with each bookmaker, which bookmakers are offering the most opportunity. Which sports flag up the most arbitrage bets?
  • Focus On Break Periods- If you want to limit the risks associated with live arbitrage betting. Focus on betting at half time, the end of a set in tennis, in between rounds in boxing.
  • Manage The Risk – Accept that sometimes things will go against you but also know that sometimes you will benefit form events. If taking an arbitrage bet on the over/under 2.5 goals market in football. A good idea is to take the over bet first. As if a goal is scored when you are entering your bet on the under position your are going to be in a profitable position.
  • Put In Volume – For live arbitrage you will need software such as betburger. Live arbitrage software is not cheap so you need to offset this by putting in a decent amount of volume. As stated there is a tonne of arbitrage opportunities especially at weekends. Putting in the time and volume will allow you make a decent profit and cover your subscription.

Can I Make A Living From Sports Arbitrage

Is it possible to make a living from sports arbitrage?

Yes it is certainly possible.

From spending years on sports arbitrage forums I know some individuals that have made huge sums from sports arbitrage. 

There would be two ways that you could achieve this.

Do you have access to almost an unlimited number of betting accounts?

Can you make arbitrage bets in a way that the bookmaker cannot detect?

If the answer to either of these question is yes, then you can probably make a great living from sports betting arbitrage.

Make A Living From Sports Arbitrage

Shop arbitrage (sharbing) is also something that you could consider if you live in a country with betting shops. 

I have heard stories of people making a living entirely from sharbing in the past.

From my experience I have been able to make a full time income from the sports betting markets.

You can read about the strategies I use here.

However I do not rely solely on arbitrage betting.

So there a few roadblocks in the way of making a living from arbitrage betting. This however should not stop you from making a large amount of money from sports betting arbitrage should you wish.

The Best Sports Arbitrage Software

In order to really make the most of the opportunities that sports arbitrage betting produces you will need some software.

There are a few key factors that you need to consider when looking at sports arbitrage software.

  1. Bookmakers – First of all you need to make sure that the software you choose to use supports the bookmkers you have available to you.
  2. Speed – Arbitrage bets appear and disappear due the changing odds across bookmakers and betting exchanges. The best sports arbitrage software will notify you of these changes as quickly as possible alerting you to a possible arbitrage situation.
  3. Markets – There are hundreds of different betting markets. The best sports arbitrage software is able to find cross market arbs across different bookmakers.
  4. Cost – When considering which sports arbitrage software you want to use. You need to consider how much money you have yourself to invest. How much time you are going to have for arbitrage and how much can you expect to make per month after the subscription cost is included?

I have tested the majority of the available sports betting arbitrage software.

For me there are a few that stand out among the rest.

For The Beginner

Sports Arbitrage Beginner
At £18 a month or £150 for the year Oddsmonkey is great value for anyone that is just getting started with arbitrage betting. Alongside its tools for exploiting matched betting opportunities it is the ideal service for someone looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

For an detailed review of the Oddsmonkey software click here.

For The Serious Arbitrage Bettor

Serious Sports Arbitrage

Rebelbetting are an established name in the arbitrage community.

Offering odds coverage for around 90 bookmakers Rebelbetting offers a lot of arbitrage betting opportunities.

The software itself is fast and efficient, you can a click a link that takes you directly to the market where the opportunity exists.

Rebelbetting has several payment options.

39 Euros a week

129 Euros a month

97 Euros a month (6 month subscription)

For the serious sports arbitrage bettor Rebel betting is an excellent option.

If you want a more detailed look at Rebelbetting you can read the review here.

For The Professional Arbitrage Bettor

Betburger Arbitrage

Ok so you understand arbitrage betting pretty well.

You see the potential in sports arbitrage in live betting markets and understand middle bets.

Your looking at taking your arbitrage bettin to the next level!

Betburger is the stand out sports betting arbitrage software for you.

Featuring pre match and live arbitrage betting opportunies.

Betburger is fast, efficient and extremely easy to use supporting  80 different bookmakers.

There are multiple subscription options for Betburger.

One of the really cool features of Betburger is you can take up daily subscriptions, meaning even if you only wanted to arb at weekends you could.

Here are the subscription offers for both live and pre match arbitrage betting.

(Betburger also offer options for only live bets or only prematch arbitrage bets.)

14.24 Euros a daylive and pre match arbitrage bets

240 Euros a monthlive and pre match arbitrage bets

2020 Euros a year live and pre match arbitrage bets

You can visit Betburger here

Sports Betting Arbitrage Conclusion

Alright so we have gone through quite a lot here.

If you have managed to get through this article you should be pretty familiar with the opportunity that sports betting arbitrage offers.

Sports betting arbitrage is an excellent investment for the return you can get on your time and money.

If you are interested in making a really good income from the sports betting markets then it is something you should really look to explore.


Smart Betting Club Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Secret Betting Club Review

Smart betting club review – is it worth the money?

Will it make you a better punter?

What Is The Smart Betting Club / Formerly The Secret Betting Club?

The Smart Betting Club is a service that aims to help people make long term profits from sports betting. Established in 2006 the Smart Betting Club has been providing independent tipster reviews for over 11 years.

They also cover issues such account restrictions, betting brokers, betting exchanges and basically everything you need to be aware of when attempting to make money from sports betting.

Smart Betting Club Review

What do they offer?

There is a wealth of free information provided on the Smart Betting Club website. However the model they use to fund the service is through subscriptions. If you subscribe to the service you get access to a monthly magazine, tipster profit reports, free tipsters, tipster discounts and more.

The Smart Betting Club Review – Publications

A new magazine is produced every month. The magazine’s usually feature reviews of betting tipsters, interviews with expert sports bettors and articles regarding sports betting as an investment.

The standout aspect of these magazines are the tipster reviews. They are the most in depth and detailed reviews of a tipster service that I have ever seen on the internet.

These reviews do more then just measure the profit and loss of a tipster but also address other key issues. Bookmakers used, timing of bets, practicality of following the service, how quickly odds drop etc.

Alongside the regular magazine there are also tipster profit reports. These contain a breakdown of how a number of services have performed in the past 12 months. Much like the magazine reviews these breakdowns are very thorough with several different factors being looked at. 

With a paid subscription you get access to the complete back catalogue going back to 2006.

Bet Diary Pro

Secret Betting Club Review

The bet diary is a blog written by Rowan Day. He details his attempt to make an annual return from sports betting. This is a really great feature that I enjoy reading.

You get to see the reality of sports betting as an investment.

It isn’t easy and this blog really goes into detail about the challenges you will face if you are planning to make money from sports betting.

The bet diary is available for free on the Smart Betting Club website. The difference with a paid subscription is the identities of all the tipsters Rowan is using are revealed.

Tipster Discounts/ Free Tipsters

With membership to the smart betting club you get a discounted rate on several profitable tipsters. Some of these discounts would actually pay for a years subscription to the Smart Betting Club. 

The Smart Betting Club also have several free trials ongoing within their forum. You can also sign up to receive some of these selections through email.

The tips are provided by Smart Betting Club members and also commercial services providing free tips.

2019 has seen been a very successful year for SBC free tipsters.

Below is a synopsis of the August & Long-term form for each tipster…

PGA Profits Golf Tips
August Profits: 150 points profit @ 212.77% ROI

Long-term Profits: 334.52 points profit @ 19.3% ROI

The Turf Buddy Racing Tips
August Profits: 93.28 points profit @ 13.72% ROI

Long-term Profits: 207.3 points profit @ 18.76% ROI

Kieran Ward’s Value Racing Tips
August Profits: 7.32 points profit @ 9.38% ROI

Long-term Profits: 1096.69 points profit @ 10.21% ROI

The Poacher Football Tips – PreMatch & In-Play
August Profits: 2.89 points profit @ 18.65% ROI

Long-term Profits: 11.36 points profit @ 5.78% ROI

In-Play (started end of March 2019)
August Profits: 1.41 points profit @ 14.16% ROI

Long-term Profits: -0.17 points loss @ -0.20% ROI

The Inside Man’s Football Tips
August Profits: -1.26 points loss @ -8% ROI

Long-term Profits: 9.37 points profit @ 7.39% ROI

Smart Betting Club Memberships

Smart Betting Club Membership

There are several different membership options.

Free Membership – 

  • 2 Free SBC Magazines
    Free Tipster Report
    Free  Bet Diary

Then there are quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscriptions to the service.

Paid Membership –

  • SBC Magazines
  • Bet Diary Pro
  • Free Tipsters
  • Back Catalogue
  • Tipster Savings
  • Forum Access
  • Moneyback Guarantee 
  • Exchange and bet broker guide


Smart Betting Club Review – Conclusion

In my opinion the Smart Betting Club is a service that offers a lot of value.

Membership’s are relatively cheap with the most expensive being yearly at around £80 for the year. Whilst the cheapest option is the quarterly service which would only cost £28 a quarter(which would good you a good taster of what the service can offer).

There are some aspects that I think could be improved.

The forum is quite a quiet place other then the tips that are being published. Having been established for such a long time I imagine there are some very experienced bettors among there members.

I think that a much more active community would add a lot of value to the service. Other then that though I don’t see much more that could be improved.

Overall I think that the secret betting club is a excellent resource for anyone looking to make money from the world of sports betting.

In my opinion the betting reviews they produce are the best around. The articles are always very informative, they are always up to date with the latest news in the world of sports betting.

The addition of a strong number of free tipsters also really tips the value scale for me. 

Meaning that you get a ready made portfolio of good tipsters on signing up with the smart betting club.

It gets a recommendation from me.

Personally I think If you are looking to make money from sports betting this is one of the best investments you could make.

You can read more about the Smart Betting Club below.

Affiliate Disclaimer

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your long term goals.)

Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – April Results

So the lock down continues, with very little sport going on.

There is still football in Belarus and Nicaragua, horse racing from Australia and America.

However opportunities have been few and far between this month with casino offers being really the only way to make some profit this.

Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

May does look like it might improve on a sporting front. 

The UFC are running 3 events this month, Bundesliga could return. Looks like the Korean football league will be going ahead.

So there should be some more opportunities for matched bettors, sports traders and value bettors.

Hopefully things will return to some sort of normality in the near future.

Speaking of normality on to the monthly results.

(If you prefer video, I did an update this month on Youtube)

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

In April I did 213 offers.

A total profit of £1022 was made.

Not a lot to comment on really.

Did quite a few reload offers and 10-20% cashback offers. Unibet and Betvictor have been pretty generous this month with low risk/low value offers.

Happy with the results and the volume.

April Casino bonus results

If you are still not taking advantage of casino offers and interested in leaning I have linked a video and article below which should be helpful.

Article – Make Money From Casino Bonuses

Video – How I Profit From Casino Offers

Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Total Made In April


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Thoughts Going Forward

Like I wrote earlier it does look like May will improve on a sporting front.

Not thought really too much about my own trading and betting.

Opportunities still might be quite limited in the near future however at the end of the day this challenge of mine is pretty irrelevant with everything going on right now.

There are and will be a lot of people struggling with a variety of issues going forward. 

So on that note keep safe and thanks for reading.


The Best 5 Sports Betting Books For Successful Betting

Sports betting is a huge industry but it can be hard to find good reading material related to sports betting.

Here are the 5 best sports betting books that I have read.

Best Sports Betting Books

Squares And Sharps, Suckers And Sharks

best sports betting books

Written by well renowned sports betting writer Joseph Buchdahl. Who writes for the bookmaker Pinnacle and is also the author of two other highly rated sports betting books. 

Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks is Buchdahl’s latest offering. This book takes a stark and realistic look at the sports betting markets. It isn’t a book that encourages sports betting or has tales of people winning millions. In fact in might do the polar opposite, it isn’t an easy read nor does it intend to be.

This book tackles the science and probability behind gambling. It looks at the psychology and often irrational behaviour of human beings in relation to gambling.

Whilst this book might not provide the answers to becoming a profitable sports bettor. It will certainly make you analyze and question your own process in finding profitable sports bets.

Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks is a really interesting read. If you are aiming to make money long term from the sports betting markets then this book is a must.

Buy It Now

Gambling For Life – Harry Findlay

best sports betting books

Gambling For Life by Harry Findlay is a very different read to the first selection. Where as Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks is a book that makes you question whether you should be sports betting at all. Gambling For Life is a much easier read as it documents the story of colorful professional sports bettor Harry Findlay.

Although its probably not a book that is going to aid your sports betting. I found Gambling For Life a very enjoyable read of an old school gambler that often through caution to the wind.

Putting your entire bankroll on one football match is not something you find Tony Bloom or Zeljko Ranogajec doing. But that is part of the charm of Harry Findlay. He isn’t a gambler that always stuck to staking sensibly and following the rules.

He was a risk taker and it makes great reading.

Buy It Now

Enemy Number One – Patrick Veitch

best sports betting books

Enemy Number One is the autobiography of professional sports bettor Patrick Veitch. Veitch is estimated to have made over £10 million profit from betting on horse racing.

This book details the beginnings of his betting career as a student studying maths at Cambridge. Through to his career as a full time sports bettor. Along the way Veitch became a target for extortion from a dangerous criminal who later would go on to be tried for murder.

Veitch never reveals his betting methods or goes on to write about how he was able to consistently find value in the horse betting markets. However the book does detail how he ran his betting operation and was able to get down large amounts of money at bookmakers all across the country.

If you are interested in sports betting and particularly the horse racing markets then Enemy Number One is a recommended read.

Buy It Now

Trading In The Zone

best sports betting books

Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas is not a book about sports betting. It is based on trading the stock market however a lot information provided is this book can be applied to sports betting and sports trading very well.

This book tackles the psychology behind good and bad trading. It is often regarded as the bible when it comes to books on trading psychology.

Trading In The Zone’s main message is to not bring our emotions into trading (betting) as this has no effect on the market itself. The market doesn’t care if you have just had an blazing argument with your wife and it won’t give you back 50% of your bankroll if you decide to take out your frustrations this way.

Douglas teaches that discipline and controlling the variables that you are able to. Are the key factors in what makes a profitable trader (sports bettor).

If you are looking for a book that can you help you understand the psychological traits behind being a successful sports bettor then Trading In The Zone is a good choice.

Buy It Now

Fixed Odds Sports Betting 

best sports betting books

For book number five we return to author Joseph Buchdahl. Fixed Odds Sports Betting was written in 2003 but still holds up as one of the best sports betting books around.

Buchdahl was a former bet runner for the previously mentioned Patrick Veitch and in looking to emulate him has spent a huge amount time collecting sports betting data. Looking for ways in which to profit from the sports betting markets.

Fixed Odds Sports Betting aims to teach its readers the fundamentals of bookmaking. It takes a thorough mathematical look at sports betting with an in depth look at various staking plans.

This book is an excellent introduction to sports betting for novice bettors. Whilst also appealing to experienced bettors looking to get a better grasp on some of the key fundamentals behind investing in sports betting.

Buy It Now

Looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

Check out our recommendations below.


Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – March Results

March 2020 what a month.

At the beginning of this month things were pretty normal. There was a bit of a worry about this virus in China but there has been rumblings of this type of pandemic before. 

And it never happened.

However by the end of March it all became pretty real. 

My own approach has been to try and carry on as normal as possible. 

Which means the monthly update is due, Lets take a look at March’s results.

In the making a million from sports betting and trading challenge.


Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Arbitrage, Value Betting

Its pretty crazy to think that Cheltenham happened at the beginning of this month.

Feels like a long time ago now.

Although Irish racing did carry on for a little while there wasn’t much to bet on by the end of the month.

So despite Cheltenham it wasn’t a huge month for me although results were still pretty solid.

In March there were 351 matched betting offers and value bets.

A total profit of £700 was made.

Services Used

Oddsmonkey (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Bookie Bashing

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

Next up is casino offers.

Which is probably going to be my only focus until we get some news on sport returning.

I did think with pretty much all sports being cancelled we might see an influx of decent casino offer. If I am honest though I haven’t seen a huge difference. There does seem to be a few more lower value offers coming up though.

In March I did 200 offers.

A total profit of £1378 was made.

If your interested in profiting from casino offers I put up two new pieces of content this month.

Article – Make Money From Casino Bonuses

Video – How I Profit From Casino Offers


Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report


Sports Betting Results

There has been a pretty clear pattern emerging with my sports betting results.

That pattern is that I am losing pretty consistently.

I don’t bet a lot of volume and it could just be that I am running bad (which is what I want to think.)

Or could be that I am losing my edge on the markets that I was beating pretty consistently in previous years.

This month I made 10 bets.

A loss of -£730 was made.

Trade On Sports

Short month for the Trade On Sports service.

Currently my subscription to this service is on hold until football and tennis resume.

Lets take a look at the results from the 2 systems that I currently follow.

Staking £50 per selection.

Tennis Results – 4 selections in January, a profit of £223 was made.

Staking £102 per selection.

Inplay Football Results – 4 selections a profit of £88 was made.

Total – £311

Service Used

FTS Racing

After a really poor February I was hopeful that FTS Racing might find some form in March.

Unfortunately it was another bad month for FTS racing which got cut short due the cancellation of racing.

After losing £885 last month this was a bit of a kick in the balls.

But I know that these draw downs can happen in betting although I can recognise it can happen it still stings a little.

FTS Racing Results – -£584

Service Used





Traded very little this month with football being abruptly stopped.

Managed to get a few trades on at Cheltenham when I thought there were a few obvious opportunities where the risk vs reward ratio was very good.

A profit of £163 was made from my own trading.

Whilst things were quiet this month I got a chance to read the new cricket trading guide released by Caan Berry.

If your interested in cricket trading you can read my thoughts here.


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trade On Sports




Trading Results


Sports Betting


Total Made In March


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Thoughts Going Forward

For a while now I have been thinking about trying to automate more of my betting.

In my 20’s I was fine which grinding out day after in front of the computer. Now though in my 30’s and with a young family I feel like to want invest less time in front of the computer.

So when sport does return that is going to be a focus of mine.

The current lock down has given me a lot of time with my kids and I do realize that whilst they are young and enjoy spending time with me. I really should make the most of that.

Because I know that if future years that’s probably not going to be the case.

How did your betting/trading go in March and how do you plan on going forward when this is all done with?

Let me know in the comments?