Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage – Make Thousands From Arbitrage Betting

The Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

Is sports arbitrage betting the easiest way to make money from sports betting?

In terms of making extremely low risk and consistent profits sports arbitrage is a great way to make money.

Over my lifetime I have made thousands of pounds in profit from sports arbitrage and still use this strategy effectively to this day.

In this article I will detail my methods for staying under the bookmakers radar for as long as possible.

Also I will explain and show examples of how to secure huge profits winning both sides of a bet with minimal risk.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

What are the key questions that surround sports betting arbitrage?

How do you make money from sports betting arbitrage?

Can you make a living from from sports betting arbitrage?

How can I stop getting limited from bookmakers when arbing? 

What is the best sports betting arbitrage software to use?


Lets answer these questions and take a deeper look at the world of sports betting arbitrage.

Sports Betting Arbitrage?

So first off what is sports betting arbitrage?

An arbitrage bet happens when we can back all of the selections in a sporting event and guarantee that we will make a profit no matter the outcome.

Sometimes this will happen with two bookmakers or sometimes with a bookmaker and a betting exchange.

Lets take a look at this with a simple example using the bookmaker Bet365 and the betting exchange Smarkets.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

Bet365 are currently offering Dover at a price of 3.00

Whilst on the betting exchange Smarkets they are available to lay 2.96 

( A lay bet is the opposite of a back bet, it means if we wanted to win £100 we would risk £196)

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

In the above example you can see that should Lincoln win a profit of £200 pounds would be made on Bet365.

Should Lincoln win on Smarkets you can see a potential loss of £196 would be made.

In this example a Lincoln win would net us a profit of £4 whilst any other outcome would lead to £0 being won or lost.

Lets break down the outcomes.

Lincoln win –

  • £100 on Lincoln at 3.0 wins £200 on Bet365
  • £100 lay bet on Smarkets loses £196 

Lincoln lose –

  • £100 on Lincoln at Bet365 is lost
  • £100 lay bet on Smarkets is won

Profit On All Outcomes

One of the great things about sports betting arbitrage is that you can hedge your profit across all betting outcomes if you wish to.

Sometimes you may wish to win more on one outcome and put yourself in a no lose situation on the others.

It is really a matter of preference.

Lets take a look at if you wanted to hedge your profit across all outcomes on the arbitrage example given above.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

In the above picture you can see that you could guarantee yourself a profit of £1.35 across all outcomes for a £100 stake.

This may not seem like a huge amount of money but a 1.35% return over the course of a day is pretty amazing.

Not only that but this is only 1 arbitrage bet it is possible to make thousands of arbitrage bets also at higher stakes. Also you can regular arbitrage bets of 5% or more which quickly adds up.

Ultimate Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage

Arbing With Two Bookmakers

In the first example the sports arbitrage bet was made between a bookmaker and a betting exchange. 

You will often find arbitrage bets between two bookmakers and on rare occassions even arbitrage bets comparing two betting exchanges.

The process will remain exactly the same when betting with bookmakers.

Lets take a look at a few arbitrage bets when comparing odds between two bookmakers.

Free Arbitrage Software

So using Betburger’s free arbitrage finder that flags up arbitrage bets up to 1% you can see 4 arbitrage bets on football matches.

The Spain vs Malta arbitrage offers extra value being a middle bet however that is something I will discuss later.

This leads us on nicely to the next topic where to get started with sports betting arbitrage.

Getting Started With Sports Arbitrage Betting – Free Sports Betting Arbitrage Software

If your new to sports betting arbitrage you are probably going to want to test things first.

Make sure that you aren’t making any mistakes and get a feel for arbitrage.

Free sports betting arbitrage software does exist on the internet as shown above.

It normally however comes with limitations such as a cap of the arbitrage percentage (no more then 1%).

Usually there will also be a time delay on the bets shown. Which means that these bets may no longer exist as the odds have changed.

Rebelbetting and Betburger both offer great free arbitrage software which as explained has its limitation but is great for newcomers.


If you are quite new to sports betting then I would first suggest building up your bankroll through matched betting.

(My recommendation for matched betting is Oddsmonkey where you make good money exploiting bonus offers. Oddsmonkey also has a great oddsmatcher that is great for sports arbitrage bettors that are just starting their journey.)

Can Bookmakers Ban You From Doing Sports Arbitrage?

Unfortunately bookmakers can and will ban anybody that they don’t expect to make money from long term. 

The only exception to this are some of the Asian bookmakers that model their business on turnover rather then making money from recreational bettors.

However we will focus on betting with European bookmkers at the moment as no Asian bookmaker is able to offer their services to UK customers at the moment.

Limited Bookmkaer Accounts

So yeah it might seem a little unfair but bookmakers can limit your account or ban you entirely if they wish to do so.

However this should not put you off sports arbitrage as unless you are willing to lose money over the long run. It is inevitable that this will happen at some point.

Ok so can I disguise my arbitrage betting?

From my experience yes you can disguise your arbitrage betting for a period of time, lets take a look.

How To Stop Bookmakers Limiting My Betting Accounts 

In this section I will detail some of the strategies that I have used to keep my bookmaker accounts open for as long as possible.

New Accounts –

When you open a new account it is looked at closely by traders to determine whether it is recreational or not.

If you start arbitrage betting straight away on a new account it is not likely to last long. It is a good strategy to act like a recreational punter when opening a new account for at least a month. 

Make a few accumulator bets or bet on secondary markets like the first goalscorer or correct score market. Often this will allow you a greater lifespan on your account for arbitrage betting in the future.

Avoid Obscure Leagues –

If you start betting arbitrage bets on Moldovan second division football or women’s rugby. It is very likely that you will find yourself getting limited.

Sticking to the big football leagues, major boxing matches and big American sports is normally much better for your accounts life span.

Arbing Obscure Markets

Mix up your markets –

Bookmakers employ traders to look for accounts that will make money. 

When a trader see’s an account that for example is constantly betting on horse arbitrage bets they will likely limit that account.

I try not to make it easy for trader’s and leave an obvious pattern of arbitrage bets.

One bet may be on rugby, another on boxing. I will throw an arbitrage bet into an accumulator with selections that are 0% or slightly negative to try and disguise it.

The next bet I might make could be an arbitrage bet as low as 0.2% on secondary market that is unlikely to stand out as straight arbitrage bet.

Can I Lose Money From Sports Arbitrage Betting?

There are a few ways in which you might lose money when sports arbitrage betting.

Mistakes –

We are all human and we all make mistakes. You may see an arbitrage bet and take the wrong side or even bet on a different event by accident.

Sometimes teams play multiple matches in a week so this could happen. You may accidently stake the incorrect amount on a selection.

Palpable Errors –

Palpable errors are a get of jail card for bookmakers. It means if they make a big mistake and for example offer odds of 5.0 for a selection that is around 3.0 everywhere else.

They can claim it was an error and void a bet.

This means that you should always be very wary if you see for example an arbitrage bet of 10% or more as this could be a palpable error. Which in turn could lead you lose money if the bet was voided.

Lets move on to talking about middle bets which are pretty awesome.

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets 

So what is a middle bet?

A middle bet is when a two bookmakers or betting exchanges (any combination) offer a opportunity where both bets could win should a certain scenario occur.

On other occassions a middle bet will allow us to get money back on one bet and profit on the other.

What do I mean by this?

The majority of bookmakers and exchanges offer handicap bets on a number of sports.

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets

For example here we can see that Bet365 offer odds of 1.95 on France -4 goals.

Lets break down how a handicap bet such as this works.

France win by more then 4 goals – bet is won

France win by 4 goals exactly – bet is void

France win by less the 3 goals – bet is lost

Now lets say for example that we could back Moldova +5 goals on the William Hill at 2.06.

We stake £100 on France at 1.95 on Bet655, along with a £95 bet on Moldova +5 goals at William Hill.

The game plays out and France win by 5 goals.

£100 at odds of 1.95 on France -4 pays out at £95 profit

£95 at odds of 2.06 on Moldova +5 is returned

A total profit of £95 is made from zero percent risk.

In a sport such as basketball or rugby you can often find middle bets seperated by several points.

For example you may have one side at -15 and the other side at +18 which allows for both bets to win.

Middle bets are an extremely powerful sports betting strategy that allow you the chance for large profits with minimal risk.

Middle Bet Live Example

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets

At Leovegas I could back Lyon in the regular time market. (Note this market says it will pay out at half the odds in the case of a draw.

Sports Arbitrage Middle Bets

At Betfair I was able to lay Lyon (back that they do not win) at lower then 3.15.

This gave me a normal arbitrage bet but also gave me a bet that would win on both Leovegas and Betfair should the match finish as a draw.

Live Sports Arbitrage Betting

Middle bets are pretty cool right?

Lets look at another advanced strategy to make money from the world of sports betting arbitrage.

Live sports arbitrage betting.

So the concept is exactly the same as pre-match arbitrage.

We are looking for markets where we can cover every outcome of an event and guarantee ourselves a nice profit in the the process.

However there are pros and cons of live arbitrage betting that I will go through.

Pros And Cons Of Live Arbitrage

The Cons Of Live Sports Betting Arbitrage

Odds move quickly in live betting and that is the biggest factor you need to be aware of with live betting.

If you are not careful you could find yourself in situation where you could lose money if don’t react quickly enough.

Be aware of goals, points being scored , there are situations that can cause a large change in the odds which could have a negative effect on your bet. (It should be noted that sometimes these factors will also have a positive outcome.)

There are delays in accepting live bets with the majority of bookmakers and exchanges.

Again delays mean that odds can change before a bet is accepted and put you in a negative situation rather then a positive.

The Pros Of Live Sports Betting Arbitrage

Live arbitrage is not easy!

Why is this a positive?

Most people aren’t doing it and you can fly under the radar of a bookmaker a lot longer then if you were pre-match arbing.

There is more opportunity in live arbing when compared to pre-match arbing.

In-play betting markets are dynamic and constantly changing, minute by minute the odds have to adjust.

In order for there to be no opportunity, the betting markets all across the world would have to be perfectly synchronized.

Which they aren’t.

This offers so much opportunity for live arbitrage betting. 

So with live arbing there is more opportunity and you will often find that on average you can get on bigger arbitrage bets which makes the added risks worthwhile.

Tips For Live Sports Betting Arbitrage

5 Tips For Live Sports Betting Arbitrage

  • Start Small – Given the added risks of live sports arbitrage you should bet a smaller amount of your bankroll in case something goes against you. For example you might only want to bet 5% of your bankroll whilst in pre match arbitrage you can better higher.
  • Learn The Markets – See how long in-play betting delays are with each bookmaker, which bookmakers are offering the most opportunity. Which sports flag up the most arbitrage bets?
  • Focus On Break Periods- If you want to limit the risks associated with live arbitrage betting. Focus on betting at half time, the end of a set in tennis, in between rounds in boxing.
  • Manage The Risk – Accept that sometimes things will go against you but also know that sometimes you will benefit form events. If taking an arbitrage bet on the over/under 2.5 goals market in football. A good idea is to take the over bet first. As if a goal is scored when you are entering your bet on the under position your are going to be in a profitable position.
  • Put In Volume – For live arbitrage you will need software such as betburger. Live arbitrage software is not cheap so you need to offset this by putting in a decent amount of volume. As stated there is a tonne of arbitrage opportunities especially at weekends. Putting in the time and volume will allow you make a decent profit and cover your subscription.

Can I Make A Living From Sports Arbitrage

Is it possible to make a living from sports arbitrage?

Yes it is certainly possible.

From spending years on sports arbitrage forums I know some individuals that have made huge sums from sports arbitrage. 

There would be two ways that you could achieve this.

Do you have access to almost an unlimited number of betting accounts?

Can you make arbitrage bets in a way that the bookmaker cannot detect?

If the answer to either of these question is yes, then you can probably make a great living from sports betting arbitrage.

Make A Living From Sports Arbitrage

Shop arbitrage (sharbing) is also something that you could consider if you live in a country with betting shops. 

I have heard stories of people making a living entirely from sharbing in the past.

From my experience I have been able to make a full time income from the sports betting markets.

You can read about the strategies I use here.

However I do not rely solely on arbitrage betting.

So there a few roadblocks in the way of making a living from arbitrage betting. This however should not stop you from making a large amount of money from sports betting arbitrage should you wish.

The Best Sports Arbitrage Software

In order to really make the most of the opportunities that sports arbitrage betting produces you will need some software.

There are a few key factors that you need to consider when looking at sports arbitrage software.

  1. Bookmakers – First of all you need to make sure that the software you choose to use supports the bookmkers you have available to you.
  2. Speed – Arbitrage bets appear and disappear due the changing odds across bookmakers and betting exchanges. The best sports arbitrage software will notify you of these changes as quickly as possible alerting you to a possible arbitrage situation.
  3. Markets – There are hundreds of different betting markets. The best sports arbitrage software is able to find cross market arbs across different bookmakers.
  4. Cost – When considering which sports arbitrage software you want to use. You need to consider how much money you have yourself to invest. How much time you are going to have for arbitrage and how much can you expect to make per month after the subscription cost is included?

I have tested the majority of the available sports betting arbitrage software.

For me there are a few that stand out among the rest.

For The Beginner

Sports Arbitrage Beginner
At £18 a month or £150 for the year Oddsmonkey is great value for anyone that is just getting started with arbitrage betting. Alongside its tools for exploiting matched betting opportunities it is the ideal service for someone looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

For an detailed review of the Oddsmonkey software click here.

For The Serious Arbitrage Bettor

Serious Sports Arbitrage

Rebelbetting are an established name in the arbitrage community.

Offering odds coverage for around 90 bookmakers Rebelbetting offers a lot of arbitrage betting opportunities.

The software itself is fast and efficient, you can a click a link that takes you directly to the market where the opportunity exists.

Rebelbetting has several payment options.

39 Euros a week

129 Euros a month

97 Euros a month (6 month subscription)

For the serious sports arbitrage bettor Rebel betting is an excellent option.

If you want a more detailed look at Rebelbetting you can read the review here.

For The Professional Arbitrage Bettor

Betburger Arbitrage

Ok so you understand arbitrage betting pretty well.

You see the potential in sports arbitrage in live betting markets and understand middle bets.

Your looking at taking your arbitrage bettin to the next level!

Betburger is the stand out sports betting arbitrage software for you.

Featuring pre match and live arbitrage betting opportunies.

Betburger is fast, efficient and extremely easy to use supporting  80 different bookmakers.

There are multiple subscription options for Betburger.

One of the really cool features of Betburger is you can take up daily subscriptions, meaning even if you only wanted to arb at weekends you could.

Here are the subscription offers for both live and pre match arbitrage betting.

(Betburger also offer options for only live bets or only prematch arbitrage bets.)

14.24 Euros a daylive and pre match arbitrage bets

240 Euros a monthlive and pre match arbitrage bets

2020 Euros a year live and pre match arbitrage bets

You can visit Betburger here

Sports Betting Arbitrage Conclusion

Alright so we have gone through quite a lot here.

If you have managed to get through this article you should be pretty familiar with the opportunity that sports betting arbitrage offers.

Sports betting arbitrage is an excellent investment for the return you can get on your time and money.

If you are interested in making a really good income from the sports betting markets then it is something you should really look to explore.


Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – April Results

So the lock down continues, with very little sport going on.

There is still football in Belarus and Nicaragua, horse racing from Australia and America.

However opportunities have been few and far between this month with casino offers being really the only way to make some profit this.

Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

May does look like it might improve on a sporting front. 

The UFC are running 3 events this month, Bundesliga could return. Looks like the Korean football league will be going ahead.

So there should be some more opportunities for matched bettors, sports traders and value bettors.

Hopefully things will return to some sort of normality in the near future.

Speaking of normality on to the monthly results.

(If you prefer video, I did an update this month on Youtube)

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

In April I did 213 offers.

A total profit of £1022 was made.

Not a lot to comment on really.

Did quite a few reload offers and 10-20% cashback offers. Unibet and Betvictor have been pretty generous this month with low risk/low value offers.

Happy with the results and the volume.

April Casino bonus results

If you are still not taking advantage of casino offers and interested in leaning I have linked a video and article below which should be helpful.

Article – Make Money From Casino Bonuses

Video – How I Profit From Casino Offers

Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Total Made In April


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Thoughts Going Forward

Like I wrote earlier it does look like May will improve on a sporting front.

Not thought really too much about my own trading and betting.

Opportunities still might be quite limited in the near future however at the end of the day this challenge of mine is pretty irrelevant with everything going on right now.

There are and will be a lot of people struggling with a variety of issues going forward. 

So on that note keep safe and thanks for reading.


Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – March Results

March 2020 what a month.

At the beginning of this month things were pretty normal. There was a bit of a worry about this virus in China but there has been rumblings of this type of pandemic before. 

And it never happened.

However by the end of March it all became pretty real. 

My own approach has been to try and carry on as normal as possible. 

Which means the monthly update is due, Lets take a look at March’s results.

In the making a million from sports betting and trading challenge.


Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Arbitrage, Value Betting

Its pretty crazy to think that Cheltenham happened at the beginning of this month.

Feels like a long time ago now.

Although Irish racing did carry on for a little while there wasn’t much to bet on by the end of the month.

So despite Cheltenham it wasn’t a huge month for me although results were still pretty solid.

In March there were 351 matched betting offers and value bets.

A total profit of £700 was made.

Services Used

Oddsmonkey (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Bookie Bashing

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

Next up is casino offers.

Which is probably going to be my only focus until we get some news on sport returning.

I did think with pretty much all sports being cancelled we might see an influx of decent casino offer. If I am honest though I haven’t seen a huge difference. There does seem to be a few more lower value offers coming up though.

In March I did 200 offers.

A total profit of £1378 was made.

If your interested in profiting from casino offers I put up two new pieces of content this month.

Article – Make Money From Casino Bonuses

Video – How I Profit From Casino Offers


Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report


Sports Betting Results

There has been a pretty clear pattern emerging with my sports betting results.

That pattern is that I am losing pretty consistently.

I don’t bet a lot of volume and it could just be that I am running bad (which is what I want to think.)

Or could be that I am losing my edge on the markets that I was beating pretty consistently in previous years.

This month I made 10 bets.

A loss of -£730 was made.

Trade On Sports

Short month for the Trade On Sports service.

Currently my subscription to this service is on hold until football and tennis resume.

Lets take a look at the results from the 2 systems that I currently follow.

Staking £50 per selection.

Tennis Results – 4 selections in January, a profit of £223 was made.

Staking £102 per selection.

Inplay Football Results – 4 selections a profit of £88 was made.

Total – £311

Service Used

FTS Racing

After a really poor February I was hopeful that FTS Racing might find some form in March.

Unfortunately it was another bad month for FTS racing which got cut short due the cancellation of racing.

After losing £885 last month this was a bit of a kick in the balls.

But I know that these draw downs can happen in betting although I can recognise it can happen it still stings a little.

FTS Racing Results – -£584

Service Used





Traded very little this month with football being abruptly stopped.

Managed to get a few trades on at Cheltenham when I thought there were a few obvious opportunities where the risk vs reward ratio was very good.

A profit of £163 was made from my own trading.

Whilst things were quiet this month I got a chance to read the new cricket trading guide released by Caan Berry.

If your interested in cricket trading you can read my thoughts here.


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trade On Sports




Trading Results


Sports Betting


Total Made In March


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Thoughts Going Forward

For a while now I have been thinking about trying to automate more of my betting.

In my 20’s I was fine which grinding out day after in front of the computer. Now though in my 30’s and with a young family I feel like to want invest less time in front of the computer.

So when sport does return that is going to be a focus of mine.

The current lock down has given me a lot of time with my kids and I do realize that whilst they are young and enjoy spending time with me. I really should make the most of that.

Because I know that if future years that’s probably not going to be the case.

How did your betting/trading go in March and how do you plan on going forward when this is all done with?

Let me know in the comments?


Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review – Worth The Money?

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review – Worth The Money?

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will probably be familiar with Caan Berry.

Previously I have reviewed his horse racing trading education products and he also featured in the article 5 betfair trading strategies from 5 successful Betfair traders.

For those new to the blog, Caan Berry is a well known Betfair Trader with a good reputation throughout the industry.

In this review we will be taking a look at the newly published cricket trading guide.

Being a complete beginner to cricket trading I also asked a friend of mine (Luke) who regularly trades cricket for his input.

Throughout this review I will include Luke’s thoughts about various aspects of the guide.

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review

First off lets take a look at the contents of the cricket trading guide alongside the additional extras.

  • 10 Crucial factors
  • Rules that impact betting
  • Your cricket trading set up
  • Social Media edges
  • How cricket changed in 2008
  • How much liquidity is coming
  • Whats an event worth? Entry points?
  • What is par?
  • Run line shortcut vs match odds market
  • Staking your cricket trades
  • The mental side of cricket trading
  • High pressure points for players
  • Compression points in the market
  • Trading test cricket
  • Weather in test cricket
  • One day cricket trading
  • Key one day cricket strategies
  • Risk management
  • Market manipulation and fixing
  • White label exchanges and liquidity
  • Guide to reading cricket stats

As you can see its quite an extensive cricket trading guide which covers a wide array of areas.

Who Wrote The Cricket Trading Guide?

This trading guide is not written by Caan Berry himself, it is written by a professional cricket trader that has known Caan for a number of years.

Throughout the guide he is referred to as Mr X.

The writer of the guide states that he wanted to keep his personal details secret as at times he still takes advantage of live time delays. Which is similar to the advantage live “courtsiders” have in tennis.

He would still like to maintain this edge in the market and believed that giving out his details could harm this.

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Results
Some results shared by Mr X

Luke’s Thoughts

I was kindly asked by Ryan, to read and review the cricket guide by Mr X. After agreeing I looked forward to it as cricket guides in the trading world are a premium.

Being a bit of a skeptic I thought surely there wouldn’t be too much given away.

After reading the guide I was pleasantly surprised.

I am a cricket trader and have been for over 8 years now, it isn’t my sole sport but one I have a natural interest in.

Is The Cricket Trading Guide Suitable For Beginners?

Being a complete beginner of trading cricket on Betfair I read through the guide without knowing a whole lot prior.

The guide is well written and easy to follow.

The guide starts with “10 Crucial Factors” you need to assess when your planning to trade a cricket game. This was a great introduction to cricket trading and really hammered in some of the fundamental factors that you need to consider before trading a game.

After that the guide goes on to more specific strategies.

One surprising element to me was how much information the author of this guide gave away about his own strategy.

Cricket Pitch

For example stating the apps he uses to check weather conditions.

He also reveals throughout the book his strategies on  how to exploit mug punter money, in the case of cricket this money comes mostly from India.

Another factor that really impressed me was the amount of data that the author gave away throughout this guide.

This really helps to hammer home why certain strategies would work.

Luke’s Thoughts

Mr X actually states that to use this guide to it’s fullest potential. You do need to understand the game of cricket.

That means knowing the rules within the game.

Is it an easy thing to do for someone with no knowledge of cricket?

No, it does take time and you will have to watch several matches in order to develop your understanding.

The author states that this isn’t like horse racing. It is a more complex market to understand however there is great opportunity within the cricket markets.

Cricket Trading Guide Tips

If you don’t have much experience with the sport of cricket it doesn’t make the guide completely pointless, in fact it does the opposite. When you begin to understand the game, this guide gives you some routes to really focus on.

Cricket is here to stay, the money is growing and edges are changing.

This guide is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to trade the cricket markets.

Any negatives to report?

Honestly this guide is extremely thorough. I felt that it covered every aspect of cricket trading that I could imagine and more.

The only real negative that I have is that it is electronic and you can’t print it out.

I understand that this is done to protect the product and the information contained within it.

However some people may prefer the option of printing it out so that they can read it away from a computer or phone screen.

Luke’s Thoughts

Are there aspects that don’t appeal?

Similar to you I think maybe the concept of it being electronic.

If you are wanting to implement this very useful tool then it’s most likely you want to run through segments whilst in the market.

This is where hard copy options really are a worth that little bit more. Being able to annotate if you are like me, or just reading through can be an advantage, but I am splitting hairs.

Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Review – Positives

The guide consists of 79 pages.

I stated earlier that it is well written and from the perspective of a cricket trading beginner it was jam packed with value. 

There were clear strategies outlined in the guide. Perhaps more importantly there is also a lot of data shared within the guide to back the strategies up.

When you purchase the guide you don’t just get access to a trading manual but also you get the same data the author of this guide has used to successfully make thousands from the cricket markets.

You get Indian Premier League Data which is categorised into:

  • Ground Statistical Data
  • IPL 2017 ,2018, 2019 Data
  • Overall Analysis
Ireland Profits
Make informed trading decisions with good data.

Along with Big Bash League Data which is categorised into:

  • Ground Statistical Data
  • BBL 2017, 2018, 2019 Data
  • Overall Analysis

The guide explains how to use this data effectively to make profitable cricket trades.

Luke’s Thoughts

What’s impressive about it?

I think first, he provides data sheets for previous tournaments namely IPL and BBL.

These are very liquid competitions that will hold relevance going forward. Secondly if you are a novice, you really do want to follow his advice on money management, and psychology. Perhaps the biggest thing to take note of was his professionalism.

This is what really sets the profitable from the unprofitable. The amount of work he does up front through using social media, to highlighting key players and devising plans.

If you are looking to be a profitable cricket trader then imitation of Mr X would be a pretty solid start.

Betfair Cricket Trading Graphs

Perhaps you are an experienced trader with a particular niche strategy?

Mr X might give you some ideas on how to scale what you are doing or open your eyes to a new strategy.

If you have no idea where to start. Mr X shows you some quick ways to get to work, giving you enough scope to develop your own set of skills.

Overall it was encouraging to see Mr X write with such openness about the edges within cricket.

I believe when a trader or novice trader buys a guide, they want to be enlightened. To expect at the very least a few new aspects to take away with them. I really believe that this cricket guide delivers over and beyond what most will expect.


After reading the guide I was very impressed with the overall depth of and quality which is provided throughout. The added confirmation of this guides quality from an experienced cricket trader (Luke) gives me no hesitation in giving the cricket trading guide a recommendation.Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide Price

The guide is very affordable at a price of £45.

There is additional support after purchasing the guide along with access to a community of like minded traders.

All in all Mr X (whoever that is) has produced an excellent trading education product which is in line with the other excellent products Caan Berry has produced.

The Cricket Trading Guide gets top marks from me.

Click Here For More Information About The Caan Berry Cricket Trading Guide

Make Money From Casino Bonuses – Strategy That Made Me £20,478

Make money from casino bonuses – the strategy that made me £20,887

First of all you need to understand that casino games are there to make the house money.

Plain and simple.

The only way to make money from a casino game is to find an edge and exploit that edge for as much money as possible before it disappears.

In this article I am going to explain the edge that I use to consistently make money from casino offers.

How To Make Money From Casino Bonuses

First off lets just quickly go over how casinos make money.

Make Money From Casino Bonuses – The Houses Edge

As stated earlier the majority of casino games are unbeatable.

Casino games have been developed solely to make the casino money.

In the short term you might get lucky however over the long run the casino is going to make a guaranteed profit.

The exception to this rule would be poker where the casino takes a percentage of the winners pot. In poker, casino customers play against each other and professional poker has been a profession for a very long time.

Notable poker names such as Daniel Cates, Phil Ivey, Doug Polk and many more have proven that there is a lot of money to be made in the world of poker.

The other notable exception is blackjack.

Edward Thorp

Card Counting

Edward Thorp an American mathematics professor pioneered the technique of card counting which is still used today in certain casinos. 

Thorp’s book “Beat The Dealer -a winning strategy for the game of Twenty One” revolutionised advantage gambling.  The book showed a method which was mathematically proven to flip the edge from house to the player.

In this article we are going to focus on online casinos. The principle is exactly the same however it will involve using a different method to flip the odds in our favour.

Exploiting casino bonus offers along with cashback offers is a very simple and also proven method of making profit from online casinos.

Make Money From Casino Bonuses Online – What is EV?

There is a term in advantage gambling called EV.

This stands for expected value and it is used to calculate the expected profit from performing an action over the long run.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is with a coin flip example.

Coin flip EV

Okay so lets say we have a scenario where you have a friend that believes tails is luckier then heads.

They believe this so strongly that they are willing to pay you £11 every time it lands on heads. Whilst you have to only pay them £10 every time it lands on tails.

This gives you a mathematical advantage and long term this is called plus EV or positive expected value.

Choose Heads and get odds of 2.1  (real probability is 50% so odds should be 2.0)

Choose Tails and get odds of 2.0 (This is the true value of a coin landing on tails.)

If you flipped the coin several hundred times then there would a strong statistical probability that you would win money.

Make Money From Casino Bonuses Online – Flipping The Edge In Your Favour

So now lets take a look at a real example of where we can get value from a casino.

In this example I am going to use a cashback offer. This offer gave me 10% cashback on losses up to £20 on any casino games that I played that day.

This is a really good offer we you can get a good return for your money in very little time.

Make money from casino bonuses


For an offer like this my personal choice is always to play blackjack.

This keeps the variance lower then other methods and playing optimal blackjack strategy means that the house has a very low house edge.

Playing optimal blackjack strategy with this casino gives a return to player of around 99.5%.

This means that for every £100 staked we can expect to lose only 50p per hand in the long run.

Although the distribution of results will be random. Meaning that there could be long winning or losing streaks at times.

In the long run we can expect to make a profit from this offer.

Optimal Blackjack Strategy
Optimal Blackjack Strategy

Exploiting The Offer

So the offer is 20% cashback on losses up to £200.

I play optimal blackjack strategy with the aim of doubling my money or losing it all.

If I win a profit of £200 is made.

If I lose a loss  -£180 is made.

To work out the long term value of this offer we have to deduct the house edge from the amount we stake.

In this case we deduct £1 which is 0.5% of the £200 stake that is used.

Then divide it by 2 as roughly half the time we will win (no cashback) and half the time we will lose (cashback awarded.)

£200 – 1 = £19 divided by 2 = £9.50.

In the long run we can expect to make £9.50 on average from this offer.

This offer will take less then 5 minutes to do, so the return for the time spent is very good.

Staking And Risk Management For Casino Offers

One thing that is really important to remember when exploiting casino bonuses and cashback is that you will have losing runs.

Due to this you need to have a set bankroll and accept that you won’t always win.

There are different staking strategies available such as the Kelly Criterion (which suggests altering your staking depending on the size of your expected value.)

However you might just want to keep things simple and never risk more then 2-3% of your total bankroll on an offer.

This will allow you to endure losing periods.

The importance of volume

Just as an example of why it is important to put a lot of volume into plus EV casino offers and not look at things short term.

Here are my results over the last 4285 offers.

Looking at the long term graph you can see that a good profit has been made and the graph curve has generally gone upwards.

However if you look right at the start, you will see that initially I was losing money after the first 70 offers.

There has also been long losing or break even periods at times however in the long run it has been profitable. 

make money from casino bonuses graph

Make Money From Casino Bonuses – Low Risk And Free Spins Offers

Probably the best entry to advantage gambling is with low risk offers and free spins.

Many bookmakers and casinos offer daily free spin offers. These offers generally have a low EV of £0.5-£1 however there are lots of these offers everyday.

It can be a good way of building up your initial bankroll and also gaining faith in the mathematics behind advantage gambling.

Whilst also getting used to the variance of results.

make money from casino bonuses low risk

A good example of a low risk offer would be the one above.

This is from the Virgin Games signup offer.

Stake £10 which you can rollover on blackjack playing optimal strategy.

Get £6 in free spins to use.

The expected value of this offer is just over £5 and would take you no more then 10 minutes.

Make Money From Casino Bonuses Online – High Risk Offers

Moving on to high risk offers.

High risk casino bonus offers are not for the faint of heart and it is not something I would advise people not to jump into straight away.

When doing high risk offers you can have losing runs that will see you down thousands if things go against you.

My own casino results are a mixture of low risk and high risk casino offers.

However I only did high risk casino offers once I had already built up a bankroll doing lower risk offers and also using matched betting.

make money from casino bonuses high risk

Here is an example of a high risk offer.

Deposit £100 get a £100 bonus which must be wagered 40x (£4000) and wagering on blackjack does not count.

Whilst this offer is still plus EV and worth doing in the long run.

It is higher variance as we can’t use blackjack and have to use a high return to player slot.

The long term EV of this offer however is around £25.

Huge Casino Win

Having done thousands of casino offers I have had some big wins but also been through some long losing runs.

In the long run with a disciplined well managed approach there is still good money to be made from high risk casino offers.

Is This Like Matched Betting?

Exploiting casino bonuses is similar to matched betting in that it is betting with a proven mathematical advantage.

However you will not make money on every single offer, in my opinion it is more comparable to value betting.

To succeed in the long term, you need a disciplined approach.

The big advantage this has over matched betting is that the EV is currently a lot higher on average per offer.

Along with the fact that there are not as many people exploiting casino offers due to the variance involved.

Where Can I Find Offers And Learn More?

If you want to find casino bonuses you can use a site such as askgamblers.com.

Read through the terms and conditions of the bonuses to try and find some plus EV opportunities.

I still do this from time to time if a new casino emerges and the services I use don’t cover it.

The other option which is the option I use and is also how I learnt to exploit casino bonuses in the most optimal way possible.

Is to use a service such as Oddsmonkey (suited for low risk casino offers) or if you really want to delve deep into exploiting casino offers Profit Maximiser (Suited for all levels of exploiting casino offers).

Profit Maximiser casino strategy

The picture shows the type of breakdown Profit Maximiser will give you when looking at exploiting bonus offers.

Detailing everything from stake sizing, the optimal slots to use, estimated value of the offer and also the % of you losing your entire stake on that offer.

This service was a game changer for me and allowed me to make over £20,000 in profit from exploiting casino offers.

Make Money From Casino Bonuses – Conclusion

Making money from casino bonuses is still very possible in 2020.

The returns on your money for the time spent doing them can be excellent.

If you have the right mentality and approach then this is still a very valid way of making money online.

Click Here To Trial Profit Maximiser For Only £1


(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – February Results

Last month wasn’t the best start to the year as a very small profit was eeked out by the end of January.

It was nice to start a new month, February was a month where I was determined to make some progress towards the £1,000,000 profit target.

Lets take a look at how things went.

Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Arbitrage, Value Betting

Its been a really good month from a value betting perspective.

Again very little matched betting going apart from the Bet365 inplay offer.

I did ramp up my sports arbitrage betting this month hammering a Mr Green account.

Didn’t land any 2ups with Bet365 which are always a good earner.

In February there were 348 matched betting offers and value bets.

A total profit of £2023 was made.

Value Betting Results

Services Used

Oddsmonkey (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Bookie Bashing

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

On to the casino results.

Got to admit this month I to start to feel quite jaded about grinding out casino offers.

It just becomes pretty mindless and unfulfilling when you do it day after especially when you go through tough periods.

On the flip side though you can still a get a decent hourly return. There are people in this world  doing hard labour for much much less and I am/was probably being a bit of a pussy.

Imagine telling some poor guy working in North Korean labour camp about feeling jaded making £25+ an hour playing casino games. 

That thought quickly puts things in perspective.

In February I did 256 offers.

A total profit of £1192 was made.

Advantage Play Results

Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report


Sports Betting Results

Sports Betting Results

Very low volume of sports bets this month. 

Which was probably a combination of being unwell for a few weeks and the fact that I can’t seem to turn this bad run around at the moment.

Only 11 bets were made in February for a total loss of -£57.


Trade On Sports

Coming up to nearly six months with the Trade On Sports service now.

Its a service that I like but my results haven’t been the greatest lately.

Lets take a look at the results from the 2 systems that I currently follow.

Staking £50 per selection

Tennis Results – 39 selections in January, a loss of -£677 was made.

Staking £102 per selection.

Inplay Football Results – 22 selections a loss of  -£248 was made.

Total – -£925

So overall I am pretty much breakeven with TOS after a really strong NFL season where a profit of £920 was made.

(Trade On Sports official results will be different to mine due to missed bets, different prices taken on tennis.)

Below are the results in graph form since starting to follow the service.


Stick Or Bust?

Despite going through a rough period of results, I still intend to stick with Trade On Sports.

My initial plan was to go with the service for a year and then reasses things.

There is a plan in place that will enable the automation of the strategies that I follow.

Which would be a big plus for me and put aside the issue of missing out on selections due to family commitment etc.

Plus I know from the excellent blog daily25 that in sports betting there will be losing periods.

Even with services that are profitable long term. That’s just the reality of betting and something you have to come to terms with if you want to win long term.

Service Used

FTS Racing

Next up is FTS racing service which provides Betfair SP selections.

I have also included Ian’s horse racing podcast selections in the results.

Not a pretty graph.

Still early days with this service but a bloodbath in February puts the service into a negative overall now.

However again my plan is to stick with it for a full year and see things out before making any changes.

I think a lot of people jump on and off services very quickly. But your never going to time things perfectly and hit the good patches of variance each time.

Just got to ride it out and look at things over the longer term.

FTS Racing Results – -£885

Service Used





My own trading this month was solid if not spectacular.

I mentioned being unwell for a few weeks and from experience have found its best to leave the markets alone if your not feeling very sharp.

A profit of £488 was made from trading.


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trade On Sports




Trading Results


Sports Betting


Total Made In February


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Thoughts Going Forward

It was nice to get a decent winning month in after January.

Hopefully the services that I follow will have stronger months going forward, which could push me through the £100k in total profit mark before the end of the year.

Happy with the amount of volume I put in this month.

Another high point was that I had the opportunity to write an article for Asktraders.com which was really cool.

You can read that article here.

Not much else to add really my betting/trading has become pretty rigid and boring nowadays but thats probably a positive.

Listened to a few interviews with Harry Findlay this month.

Thought it was interesting as he talks a lot about getting a “buzz” from betting still.

I’ll will be honest that something that i don’t get at all anymore.

Compared to when I started and every bet seemed to really matter.

Lets see what March brings, how has your betting been going on in 2020?

Let me know in the comments below!


Sports Betting Scams – 5 Scams You Need To Be Aware Of

Sports betting scams!

Its hard enough to make money from the sports betting markets as it is.

The fact that it is also a market that attracts conmen and scammers is also something that you need to be aware of.

I fell for a scam early in my betting career lets try and make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Lets take take a look at some common sports betting scams that you need to be aware of.

Investing in a Sports Trading Fund Scam

First off I should mention that there are legitimate sports betting and trading funds.

But generally if you get approached by someone on social media looking for investment in a sports trading fund its going to be a scam.

5 Betting Scams


Here is a good example of this type of  sports betting scam.

It is somebody offering “wallet mangement.”

Basically what this scammer suggests is that you send them money or give them access to your betfair accounts and they will trade on your behalf. Giving you a percentage of his winnings for doing so.

Tennis betting Scam

So this is a bad idea for a lot of reasons.

Giving someone else access to your betting accounts or sending them money under the premise of “wallet management.”

Always puts you in a very bad position. They can just easily just keep the money and disappear or if accessing your account lose that money into there own account.

Also it makes zero sense for a profitable sports bettor/trader to take such small investment and payout so much profit. Surely anyone that is making money from sports betting/trading can increase their bankroll from the profits made.

Here is a high profile case similar to this regarding the “Betfair King” scammer.

Betfair King Scam

Investing In a Sports Arbitrage Fund Scam

Next up is a scam that is very similar to the first one however it is under the guise of investing in a sports arbitrage fund.

Sports arbitrage betting is a great way to make money from the sports betting markets and I have written about it in depth here.

However again there is almost no reason at all as to why somebody would require investment for sports arbitrage.

Here is an article regarding the company the “Winning express” which pretended to a sports arbitrage betting fund.

Winning Express Scam

Sports Arbitrage Scam

The company was promoted by ex-Premiership footballers Steve Claridge and David Hirst it offered investors large, risk-free returns.

Investors in The Winning Express were guaranteed a 2% tax-free interest per month. 

The Winning Express was allegedly run by a man named Graham Bradbury. Bradbury had previously been banned from being a company director for running a pyramid scheme.

Winning Express eventually closed in 2016.

This was a sports betting scam that left a lot of its “investors” being owed large sums of money.

Affiliate Tipsters

I have covered affiliate betting tipsters like Badman Betting previously however tipsters such as these are still pretty prevalent in the sports betting industry.

There are tipsters out there that basically work alongside bookmakers.

They do this by sending bookmakers new customers and getting paid a percentage of their losses.

This basically gives them an incentive to provide poor value tips in order for them to get make money.

Often you will see these types of tipsters running silly challenges such turn “£10 into £1000 in 10 days.”

Another favourite is to tip big accumulators which again tend to be very poor value.

Affiliate Betting Scam

Is this an outright sports betting scam?

Maybe, maybe not?

However I don’t think it benefits betting punters and i do think its pretty unethical as I know most people that follow these type of tips aren’t aware that those providing them recieve commission on reffered player losses.

Fake Betting Review Sites Scam

Now this is an interesting one and probably one you might not be aware of.

Its a scam I wasn’t ware of until I got duped by it and then did my homework.

Last time I wrote about these guys they pursued legal action so I can’t name them exactly (don’t want to waste time/money on legal advice.) 

However I can point out red flags to look out for.

Fake Betting Review Scam


I’ll start with how I fell for this scam.

Quite a few years ago I was looking on a betting review site and came across a betting product that I had never seen before. It had rave reviews and the site was also recommending a matched betting product that I was already using.

That gave me some confidence that they were legitimate.

So I bought the product and it was terrible…………………….. really really terrible.

Basically it was the martingale system on sports betting………………… and that was it.

I spent £50 for that.

Immediately I felt incredibly stupid and asked for a refund, which was denied.

Paypal wouldn’t issue a refund as it was a digital product.


After digging a bit deeper I came to realise that the review site was created by the same person that was creating these scam betting products.

I left a few comments on the fake review site to see if they would show up.

They never did.

I also went on a few betting forums and asked if anyone else had been duped by this site.

Quite a few people had exactly the same experience as myself so it became clear what this person was doing.

He was giving his own products favourable reviews on his “review site” and creating fake profiles/comments to give out the impression that they offered value and were profitable.

Then choosing to block any real feedback on the product he had created.

In hindsight I should have questioned why no other review site was recommending it?

If it was really as good as the review site made out then much like matched betting it would have been everywhere.

Sometimes you just have to learn from these things and move on.

So yeah this was quite an elaborate sports betting scam but its one to be aware of.

Buying “Fixed Games Information” Scam

“Hey bro you wanna get some information on a fixed game? £50 and it yours”

“I’m ok bro thanks.”

Fixed game scam

I still get emails/social media messages like these from time to time.

Sometimes its a dude from Africa ,sometimes Asia, sometimes Eastern Europe.

The old paying for information on a fixed game scam.

Now do fixed games in football and other sports exist?

Yes they certainly do but do these criminal syndicates that organise them go around harrassing people on social media or through email looking to sell that information.

Probably not.

Again just using some common sense, if you had information on a fixed game then you could make a tonne of money betting on it.

It would make little sense to go around offering that information and potentially alerting more people to the fact the game is fixed.

Learn Real Methods For Making A Profit From The Sports Betting Markets

There we have it 5 betting scams that you should be aware of.

Although there are a lot of ways to lose money in the sports betting markets it is not impossible to make a decent income with the right strategies.

If you are interested in making a profit from the sports betting markets I have written two guides to help you do so.


Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – January Results

2019 was a really solid year betting wise and I felt that I ran pretty well overall.

The start of 2020 however has given me a stark reminder about the realities of betting, sometimes your going to lose.

Lets take a look at the results for January!

Sports Betting and Trading Challenge

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Arbitrage, Value Betting

It felt like January took a while to get going after Christmas and New Year.

Results were poor for matched betting and value betting. Didn’t get a sniff of a 2up and things just felt pretty flat throughout the whole month.

Despite in the last report writing that I was going to hammer some accounts with arbitrage betting I didn’t do a whole lot of sports arbitrage in Janaury.

Still did some arbitrage on restricted accounts but left money on the table by not taking advantage of newer accounts that are unused.

In January there were 381 matched betting offers and value bets.

A total loss of -£122 was made.

Services Used

Oddsmonkey (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Bookie Bashing

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

On to the casino offers and despite a lot of casinos choosing to leave the UK recently there were a decent amount of offers in January.

In January I did 214 offers.

A total profit of £952 was made.

Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report

Sports Betting Results

My own betting hasen’t been going well for a while as little progress has been made in the last 7 months.

Well January was the worst month I can remeber from a betting perspective.

Pretty much everything lost.

Felt like I had a reverse midas touch where everything just turned to s***.

Man City came back from 0-1 down to go 2-1 up at home to Palace and blew it, Inter were dominating Lecce finally found a goal but then gave one back pretty soon after.

Pretty annoying but it is what it is, you just have to shake your head and move on.

In January I made 20 bets in total.

A total loss of -£852 was made.

My long term betting results still look pretty good (This graph starts from April 2017.)

But I am not going to lie this recent run of results has got me questioning my approach to football betting.

Trade On Sports

Not a great amount of volume for the Trade On Sports selections in January with NFL winding down and football being quieter then normal.

Lets take a look at the results from the 3 systems that I follow.

Staking between £50-£100 per selection

Tennis Results – 16 selections in January, a profit of £40 was made ( I mistakenly bet selections in the majors which is no longer the criteria for tennis bets)

NFL Results – 5 selections a loss of -£192 was made.

Inplay Football Results – 13 selections a profit of  £33 was made.

Total – -£119

Service Used

FTS Racing

Next up is FTS racing whch focuses on betting in the horse racing markets.

I was away early January so I started following selections from the 3rd of January.

Here are the day to day results which also include horse racing selections from the FTS podcast.

FTS Racing Results – £11

Service Used





My trading this month wasn’t great. I started off by making a mistake which cost me £200 as I forgot to close a position on a horse racing selection.

The football markets seem to be a bit more volatile this season, thankfully I have other good pre match traders to talk with and they feel the same. So I know that its not just me trading poorly.

Not sure if its manipulation or a big syndicate prepared to go against the rest of the market.

However there used to be certain scenario’s in football where you could pretty guarantee where the odds were going to move.

One of those scenario’s was when a fringe player who hadn’t played for a team was in the starting line up for the first time.

When Tottenham played Liverpool there was a new name on the Tottenham teamsheet  “Tanganga.”

In previous years you could guarantee that on the back of this news Liverpool would get backed in pretty hard and it would be a pretty easy pre match trade.

This did not happen however Liverpool surprisingly drifted from 1.64 out to 1.7 and then came back in to 1.64 about 40 minutes later.

Really bizarre and there have been a few market moves this year that have left me kind of puzzled. 

At the end of  January I had made a total profit of £330 from trading.


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trade On Sports




Trading Results


Sports Betting


Total Made In January


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Thoughts Going Forward

There is always the urge to change things up when results are poor.

But the truth is I am doing nothing differently to the 12 very profitable months that I just had in 2019.

I have been looking at other services and tipsters but there is still a lot more I could be doing with the FTS and Trade On Sports services.

February has started well and poor results in January have given me the motivation to put in more volume this month.

How has your start to 2020 been?

Decent profits? Struggled to get going?

Let me know in the comments below

The Best Football Betting Tipsters In 2020 – Who Are The Best?

Who are the best football tipsters in 2020?

It’s been a long term dream of mine to make a living from sports betting.

I love sports and particularly football but is it possible to make an income from betting on football?

First off there will be plenty of football tipsters that claim to make money.

There are silly betting challenges that claim they can go from £100 to £100,000 in the space of 3 months.

Affiliate tipsters are really popular. These are tipsters that are basically working alongside bookmakers to send them new customers and take a percentage of their overall losses.

Whenever you see a tipster that follows that model you should be extremely wary.

If you aren’t aware of how affiliate tipsters work, check out this video.

The Best Football Betting Tipsters In 2020

So we have highlighted who are likely to be the worst football betting tipsters to follow but the question remains are there any good football betting tipsters?

In my ongoing attempt to make £1,000,000 in profit from the sports betting markets.

I have trialed and tested hundreds of sports betting tipsters and a large number of football betting tipsters. Spoken to professional sports bettors and tracked results over a number of years.

Who are some of the best football betting tipsters in 2020?

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 1

Motaliz (Pyckio)

First off lets take a look at the football tipster “Motaliz” from the betting tipster platform Pyckio.

Now Pyckio is a interesting platform as it only allows its tipsters to take odds from Pinnacle. This is very positive as the bookmaker Pinnacle does not limit or ban winning punters. Which means that Pyckio tipsters are never exploiting very soft odds at bookmakers that do not tolerate winning punters and will ban you after a week of betting.

Best Football Betting Tipster 2019 Motaliz

Motaliz has made 1800 picks so far, focusing mainly on the Portuguese leagues.

He stakes a flat amount, betting one unit for every pick.

So far he has made a total profit of 151 points.

This means someone betting £100 per bet would be up £15,100

His return on investment is 8.4%

For those with a big bankroll that can afford the tips and stake at least £50 per point or above, Motaliz is an excellent football betting tipster.

You can read more about Motaliz here

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 2

Scottish Football Income Booster

Best Football Betting Tipster 2019 Scottish Football

Scottish Football Income Booster is a service that is provided by the Smart Betting Club.

The service which unsurprisingly focuses on the Scottish football leagues has a great track record going back to 2015.

You can see here from the focus on overall bank growth, that a 100 point betting bank would have increased 171% over a 4 year period.

For example a £10,000 bank would now be £27,100 with a healthy profit of £17,100 being made.

The service costs close to £45 a month.

So again you would need to be betting at stakes £50 upwards to make a good profit after fees are taken into account.

You can read more about Scottish Football Booster here

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 3

Bet360 (Tipstrr)

Lets look at a football tipster with good results that is suited to those betting with a smaller bankroll.

Best Football Betting Tipster 2019 Bet 360

Bet 360 is a football and tennis tipster from the tipping platform Tipstrr.

This tipster has impressive results betting mainly in the Brazillian leagues.

With a overall return of investment of 6.6% and a profit of nearly £3000 (staking £25 a unit) in the last 12 months, this high volume tipster is well suited to sports bettors with a smaller bankroll.

In 2019 you can see that the football tipster Bet360 has performed extremely well.

Small losing months in January and March have been compensated by large profits in Febuary, April and May.

At £29 a month Bet360 is excellent value and well worth a look at if you are interested in profiting from the football betting markets.

You can read more about Bet360 here

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 4

Banker Bets Value Picks

Banker Bets Value Picks is a service run by long running football tipster John Baker.

Best Football Betting Tipster 2019 Banker Bets

In 2019 after 243 bets the service is running at a 3.84% return on investment.

Which may not seem great, however Banker Bets Value Picks records odds very fairly at the average odds available when sent. This means that you almost always be able to beat the odds quoted, for example if you had followed this service from the start of 2019 you would most likely be looking at a return of investment of 5-6%.

Again Value Picks is suitable for those working with a smaller bankroll.

You can get your first month for £6.75 and then further months will cost £27 a month.

This service is easy to follow with bets usually being sent early on in the morning. The odds quoted are easy to achieve and the man behind the service John Baker has a great track record as a profitable football betting tipster.

You can read more about Banker Bets Value Picks here

Best Football Betting Tipsters Number 5

Trade On Football

Trade On Football is a service that doesn’t just offer football betting tips. It is a service that offers a whole host of pre-match and live betting databases to aid your football betting and trading.

However for this article I will highlight the gamestate half time over tips that this service sends out.

These are live football betting tips that are producing a fantastic profit after 231 bets.

Above are the results if betting on the betting tips provided. The first set of results involve dripping in your betting stake over 3 time periods in the second half.

The second strategy which is the one I follow involves backing the selection when odds reach 1.6.

Staking £105 per bet using the second strategy profit after commission would be £3,451.

These are live bets so for those football bettors that are not able to place bets quickly via there phones or laptops this service may not be suitable.

However for those football bettors that are able to place bets quickly this is a fantastic service.

Best Football Betting Tipster 2019 Trade On Football

A subscription to Trade On Football and access to these tips currently costs £40.

You can read more about Trade On Football here

So there are 5 of the best football betting tipsters that are performing well in 2019, if you are looking to made money following football tipsters then these are five that should be considered.





Smart Sports Trading And Betting Service – 2019 Results

Halfway through 2019 I started sending out free betting and trading selections.

Lets take a look at the results.

So you can see from the graph above that over the course of a six month period a very small profit of 0.74 points was made.

There were a total of 106 bets.

Football bets accounted for a loss of -5.51 points.

MMA bets made a profit of 6.25 points.

I am a little disappointed with the results however 106 is not a large amount of bets and I am still confident I have an edge.

Dropping football and concentrating on MMA could be an option but I think that would be rash at this point.

Long term stats are still very positive.

In terms of trading I didn’t sent out much trading advice in 2019.

When trading team news you often need to react quickly, trading these situations whilst also trying to advise others just does not really work. The markets move too quickly for this to be viable.

So going forward I will still be providing betting advice however I won’t be sending out pre match trading advice.

2020 will hopefully be a year where a decent profit is made.

You can view full results below.

Full Results

Date Sport Selection Stake Odds Result Overall P/L
23/06/19 Football Morocco IP 2 1.63 1.26 1.26
25/06/19 Football Ghana 2 1.73 -2 -0.74
30/06/19 Football Shanghai SIPG IP 1 2.12 1.12 0.38
05/07/19 Football Guangzhou Evergrande IP 1 2.08 1.08 1.46
08/07/19 Football Djurgarden IP 1 1.9 -1 0.46
10/07/19 Football Senegal IP 2 1.73 1.46 1.92
10/07/19 Football Slovan Bratislava IP 1 1.9 -1 0.92
12/07/19 Football Lay Henan Jianaye IP 0.23 1.23 -0.23 0.69
20/07/19 Football C Osaka IP 1 1.89 -1 -0.31
27/07/19 Football Viktoria Plzen IP 1 1.65 0.65 0.34
27/07/19 Football Palmeiras IP 1 1.88 -1 -0.66
28/07/19 Football Shanghai SIPG IP 1 2.36 -1 -1.66
02/08/19 Football Beijing Guoan IP 1 1.9 0.9 -0.76
03/08/19 Football Shanghai SIPG IP 2 1.62 -2 -2.76
10/08/19 Football Bournemouth game over 1.5 goals 1 1.81 0.81 -1.95
01/09/19 Football Atletico Madrid 1 2.1 1.1 -0.85
14/09/19 Football Juventus 1 1.87 -1 -1.85
14/09/19 Football PSG IP 2 1.55 1.1 -0.75
14/09/19 Football Lay Augsburg 0.12 1.12 -0.12 -0.87
16/09/19 Football Lay Lecce IP 1 2.74 -1 -1.87
21/09/19 Football Everton IP 1 1.87 -1 -2.87
21/09/19 Football Juventus IP 2 1.8 1.6 -1.27
24/09/19 Football Juventus IP 1 2.3 1.3 0.03
25/09/19 Football Atletico Madrid IP 1.5 1.7 1.05 1.08
25/09/19 Football Napoli IP 2 1.65 -2 -0.92
27/09/19 Football Fulham IP 1 1.74 0.74 -0.18
02/10/19 Football Valencia DNB 1 2.02 -1 -1.18
06/10/19 Football Roma IP 1 1.9 -1 -2.18
12/10/19 Football Romania IP 1.5 1.7 1.05 -1.13
13/10/19 Football Croatia DNB 1 1.73 0 -1.13
18/10/19 Football Frankfurt Lay IP 0.2 1.2 -0.2 -1.33
19/10/19 Football Leicester IP 1.5 1.84 1.68 0.35
19/10/19 Football Lyon IP 1 1.97 -1 -0.65
20/10/19 Football AC Milan IP 2 1.42 -2 -2.65
22/10/19 Football Juventus IP 1 2.22 1.22 -1.43
26/10/19 Football Schalke vs Dortmund Over 2.5 1 2.02 -1 -2.43
31/10/19 Football AC Milan IP 1 2 1 -1.43
01/11/19 Football Galatasary 2 1.58 1.16 -0.27
01/11/19 Football Dijon Lay 2 3 -2 -2.27
02/11/19 Football Bayern Munich Lay 1.2 2.2 1 -1.27
02/11/19 Football Man City IP 2 1.57 1.14 -0.13
05/11/19 Football Laying Inter Milan 0.26 1.26 0.73 0.6
09/11/19 Football Lay Union Berlin 0.2 1.2 -0.2 0.4
09/11/19 Football Tottenham IP 1.5 1.77 -1.5 -1.1
14/11/19 Football France BTTS No 2 1.23 -2 -3.1
22/11/19 Football Dortmund IP 2 1.57 -2 -5.1
23/11/19 Football Barcelona IP 2 1.64 1.28 -3.82
23/11/19 Football Everton IP 2 1.82 -2 -5.82
23/11/19 Football Wolfsburg lay 0.16 1.16 -0.16 -5.98
26/11/19 Football Lokomotiv Moscow 0.5 4.4 -0.5 -6.48
01/12/19 Football Sevilla IP 1.5 1.82 1.23 -5.25
01/12/19 Football Juventus IP 1 2.3 -1 -6.25
04/12/19 Football Leicester IP 1.5 1.73 1.09 -5.16
15/12/19 Football Besiktas 1.5 1.7 -1.5 -6.66
21/12/19 Football RB Leipzig 1.5 1.77 1.15 -5.51
22/06/19 MMA Rafael Lovato JR 0.5 5 2 2
29/06/19 MMA Demain Maia 2 1.62 1.24 3.24
29/06/19 MMA Vinc Pichel 1 3.4 2.4 5.64
06/07/19 MMA Jack Marshman 0.5 5 -0.5 5.14
06/07/19 MMA Gilbert Melandez 0.5 4 -0.5 4.64
06/07/19 MMA Jorge Masvidal 1 3 2 6.64
13/07/19 MMA Brianna Van Buren 1 2 1 7.64
21/07/19 MMA Raquel Pennington 1 2.37 1.37 9.01
21/07/19 MMA James Vick 1 2.37 -1 8.01
28/07/19 MMA Erik Koch 1 2.1 1.1 9.11
28/07/19 MMA Jotko 2 1.61 1.22 10.33
28/07/19 MMA Edgar By Decision 0.5 7.5 -0.5 9.83
02/08/19 MMA Robbie Lawler 1 3 -1 8.83
02/08/19 MMA A.Shevchenko 1 1.77 0.77 9.6
11/08/19 MMA Humberto Bandenay 1 2.1 -1 8.6
17/08/19 MMA Gabriel Benitez 0.5 3.75 -0.5 8.1
17/08/19 MMA Anthony Pettis 1 1.91 -1 7.1
17/08/19 MMA Raphael Assuncao 0.5 2.9 -0.5 6.6
17/08/19 MMA Stipe Miocic 2 2.25 2.5 9.1
23/08/19 MMA Matt Mitrione 1 0.91 -1 8.1
30/08/19 MMA Jessica Andrade 2 1.65 -2 6.1
08/09/19 MMA Teemu Packalen 0.5 2.9 -0.5 5.6
08/09/19 MMA Lerone Murphy 0.5 5 0 5.6
15/09/19 MMA Misha Cirkunov 1 2.1 1.1 6.7
15/09/19 MMA Donald Cerrone 1 2.7 -1 5.7
21/09/19 MMA Angela Hill 1 1.73 0.73 6.43
21/09/19 MMA Jeremy Stephens 1 1.91 0 6.43
28/09/19 MMA Marc Diakiese 1 1.7 0.7 7.13
28/09/19 MMA Khalil Rountree 1 1.9 -1 6.13
28/09/19 MMA Jared Cannonier 1 3.1 2.1 8.23
06/10/19 MMA Dan Hooker 1 1.73 0.73 8.96
12/10/19 MMA Cub Swanson 1 2.55 1.55 10.51
12/10/19 MMA Mackenzie Dern 1.5 1.73 -1.5 9.01
19/10/19 MMA Deronn Winn 1 1.91 -1 8.01
19/10/19 MMA Jeremy Stephens 1 2.02 -1 7.01
19/10/19 MMA Maycee Barber 1 1.8 0.8 7.81
27/10/19 MMA Frank Camacho 1 2.38 -1 6.81
02/11/19 MMA Stephen Thompson 2 1.8 1.6 8.41
02/11/19 MMA Blagoy Ivanov 1 2 -1 7.41
09/11/19 MMA Davey Grant 1 2.75 1.75 9.16
17/11/19 MMA Antonio Arroyo 1 2.14 -1 8.16
17/11/19 MMA Barao via submission 0.3 13 -0.3 7.86
07/12/19 MMA Rothwell 1.5 1.71 1.06 8.92
07/12/19 MMA Ladd 3 1.66 1.98 10.9
14/12/19 MMA Overeem 1 1.92 -1 9.9
14/12/19 MMA Jose Aldo 1 2.75 -1 8.9
14/12/19 MMA Ian Heinisch 2 1.73 -2 6.9
14/12/19 MMA Yan Decision 1 2.87 -1 5.9
14/12/19 MMA Neal Decision 0.5 3.25 -0.5 5.4
19/12/19 MMA Mike Rodriguez 1.5 1.88 -1.5 3.9
07/12/19 Boxing Joshua Decision 0.5 5.7 2.35 6.25