Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – September 2018 Results

After solid results in August I was hoping I could kick on and deliver another month of decent results in September.

Were the gods of variance kind?

Has the tipster portfolio started to show some profit?

Lets take a look at September’s results.

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Accumulators, Arbitrage, Value Betting

This month I started each way sniping or each way value betting as it is also known. I have started using smaller stakes at £2.50 each way initially. There is a lot of good information already available on this type of strategy. On the Oddsmonkey forum there is a big forum dedicated to each way value betting.

The strategy involves betting horses above odds of 5.00 that appear with a rating above 97% on the Eachway Matcher software.

You can see in the screenshot below that the horse Senior Citizen is rated at 107.91% so this qualifies as a selection.

Here is an example of the tested results for this strategy using £2 per bet.

Taken from the Oddsmonkey forum.

I did think about recording these results separately. However one of my aims for this year is to be more time efficient. So I am just recording my overall daily results from each way value betting and adding them to this section of the portfolio.

Lets take a look at results from September using matched betting, value betting and arbitrage.

It was a below average month in terms of profit for the matched betting part of the portfolio.

Adding each way value betting this month did not seem to make much impact. I am confident however that in the coming months it will make a significant increase in overall profits.

During September I took part in 246 matched betting offers/arbitrage bets/value bets.

A total profit of £721 was made.

Service Used

Oddsmonkey (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

Advantage play results followed a similar pattern to the matched betting results.

They weren’t spectacular but at the end of the month a pretty solid profit had been made.

In September I took part in 218 advantage play offers.

A total profit of £1239 was made.

Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report

Trading Results

Again I have had a month were my sports trading has not been a priority and I have done very little.

In September I traded the William Hill flash boosts when I had the time and got on some of Psychoff’s in-play trades.

Trading has been something that I have done less and less as time goes on. Basically between other parts of the portfolio and family life this is the area of the portfolio which is having to be sacrificed.

As my children get older it is something that I will look at spending more time on.

In September I made a profit of £74 from trading.

Sports Betting Results

August capped off my best month ever for sports betting. 

Did I manage to top this in September?

No I didn’t however I did manage to pull out a decent profit at the end of the month.

A succession of In-play winning bets in football allowed a total profit of £561 to be made.

From a total of 27 bets.

The Football Guru Results

Midway through September it looked like it was going to be a pretty decent month for the Football Guru.

However 30 bets later and all of that profit had been lost.

Having played hundreds of thousands of hands of poker and been through thousands of advantage play offers I am pretty good at handling the swings of variance.

It has just become an exercise of data input for the most part.

Which is either quite depressing or somewhat of an achievement depending on how you look at things.

At the end of the month after 117 selections.

A total profit of £127 was made.

Service Used

The Football Guru (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £20 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Morning Value Lite Results

The Morning Value Lite service has several years of profit behind it.

Which is something I have to keep reminding myself as it has really struggled since I started following selection.

In total there were 51 selections.

A loss of £85 was made.

Service Used

Morning Value Lite


In September I really thought a lot about life balance.

I asked myself the question if I hit my goal of a million in profits what would I change?

The answer was not much.

Spend more time with my children. Put more time into fitness and get back into mixed martial arts training. So after a bit of thinking it seemed that working so hard and spending long hours in front of the computer screen.

In order to achieve a lifestyle that I could already have right now was pretty stupid.

I am still putting a lot of time into my portfolio however I am leaving some value on the table at times to do other things. Goal setting is great but it also important to maintain a healthy balance between other important aspects of everyday life.

September was a good month.

The portfolio results were solid. Being a lot more active has given me a lot more energy overall.

I think that in terms of the overall balance in my life things feel much better.


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trading Results


Sports Betting


The Football Guru


Morning Value Lite


Total Made In September


Overall Profit 


Remaining Target


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