Banker Bets Review 2020 – Do Small Consistent Profits Add Up?

Updated 29/7/2017

Banker Bets Review 2017

I have been following the Banker Bets service since February 2016. In this time there have been 786 bets. A profit of £2197 has been made from stakes of £100.

Banker Bets Review

The service is still as easy to follow as I noted in the original review. It is very low maintenance and easy to get your bets on.

Banker Bets isn’t a service that will make you rich overnight. However if you are happy to invest some money and watch it steadily grow over a couple of years. This a service that you really should consider looking at.

I am still very happy to recommend Banker Bets.

Key stats

Total Staked£78600

Updated 9/1/2017

Banker Bets Review

Recommended Tipster Results 2016 – Banker Bets

Banker Bets Review
Banker Bets Results 2016 to £100 stakes

I completed our original Banker Bets review in May. Lets look at the service for the whole of 2016.

I started following the Banker Bets service on the 17th of February, from this time until the end of the year there were 524 selections.

The service produced a profit of £1789 to £100 stakes with a return on investment of 3.4%.

Key stats

Total Staked£52400

Banker Bets Review

Do you still recommend Banker Bets going into 2017?

If you look at the graph above you can see that it was pretty easy going early on in the year. I reached over £2000 profit in July and then there was a sharp downturn.

In August the draw down reached its lowest point although still showing £897 profit and the service spent the rest of the year slowing rebuilding. This is the nature of betting and like I have written numerous times it is a long term game.

Any major concerns about the service?

Banker bets has made some changes to the service as it now focuses solely on football. In the past the service had also included selections for Basketball, tennis and american football. The change was made as the service provider found that it was football that was carrying the service.

This seems like a good idea as from only betting the football selection my own results showed a profit of £2240 an increase of £451.

The one thing I would note is that the service recommends a 10 point bank (10 x £100 – £1000). Given the that there was a period this year which had a draw down of over £1000 it would be advisable to have a larger starting bank then this.

I have no concerns about this service. The service itself has been running for 3 profitable years.

The man behind it John Baker records his odds at the average available which really lowers his official results from what is achievable by seeking the best odds available.

You don’t really see any other services doing this and in my own exchanges with John have found him to be very transparent and honest.

Banker bets review

I will be using Banker Bets going into 2017 as it is an easy service to follow and most importantly has shown to be a profitable service to follow.

If you think that Banker Bets might be a good addition to your betting portfolio click here.

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Original Review

So after 4 months of testing has Banker Bets lived up to its reputation as a solid tipster service that produces steady profits?

Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets has produced profits month after month. An initial starting bank of £1000 now stands at £3032 showing a profit of £2032 to level stakes of £100.

Over a period of 4 months there were 186 bets, 27 losing bets and 159 winning bets at average odds of 1.29. The total amount bet over this period was £18600 with a profit £2032 which is a 10.9% return on your investment.

Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets Review

The Good

There is a lot to like about a service like Banker Bets.

Emails are sent every morning with the selections and a write up indicating why they are value bets. If there are no bets you will still receive an email to tell you there are no bets for the day.

The service is very profitable and has been profitable for a number of years. During the review I never felt like my bank was in danger. It only briefly dropped into the negative early in the trial for the sum of -£62 before rallying back.

The odds sent out by Banker Bets are easily achievable and the majority of the time you can better them using the betting exchanges.

I loved the consistency of this service from its morning emails to its results its a very easy service to follow and profit from.

The Bad

Its tough for me to find anything bad about this service. The only thing I would say is that you would need a minimum bank of around £500 to overcome the subscription fees and still see a nice profit.

However you should be able to easily build up a bank of £500 or more through matched betting and arbitrage.

I highly recommend Banker Bets and give it a 5 star rating.

It is an easy service to follow you simply place your bets and leave it. The service has shown profits over a three year period. As an investment in sports betting it is one of the very best.

I would recommend if you are serious about making money from sports betting you consider Banker Bets and see if suits your style of of betting.


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