50k Betting And Trading Challenge – Weeks 5 And 6

After a solid first month. Lets take a look at how the first two weeks of May have gone.

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

50k Betting And Trading Challenge Weeks 5 And 6

May got off to a really good start. I hit my biggest win taking £850 from a sign up bonus on the 3rd of May. Its always nice to get a big win early on as I knew then for the rest of the month I would most likely be reusing profits. Overall I have completed 28 casino offers so far this month. For a total profit of £1058.

My plan was to really increase my volume of casino offers. However I am pretty much on track to match last months volume. I think that big win at the beginning of the month probably slowed me down a little. Its tempting to be content after a big win but there is no real reason for me to not push a bit more going forward.

50k Betting And Trading Challenge Weeks 5 And 6

On a side note. I have been talking to someone that wants to get into these offers but in the past lost money on slot machines. They are worried that they might get into that habit again.

If you understand that playing casino games without a bonus is a long term losing proposition. Then really there should never be any reason to play them. I understand that the sounds, visuals and presentation of these slots may attract some people.

My advice is to make them as boring as possible. Turn off the sound, Use an auto clicker or autoplay, if there is a mini game where you have to get involved manually, follow the same pattern every time. Just keep in mind that these slots are designed to take money off people and without an edge there is no reason to touch them.

Matched Betting – Sports Offers

50k Betting And Trading Challenge Weeks 5 And 6

Wasn’t really hitting many offers early on in the month. But a steady stream of winners in the horse racing added some profit. 

In total I took part in 69 offers. A total profit of £326 has been made so far this month. Not much to be said here. Most of the money came from the horses and with football coming to an end soon. I expect the next few months will rely heavily on horse racing offers to make a decent profit.

Accumulator Offers – No lays

Barely did any accumulator offers this month. At this stage of the season a lot of sides have nothing to play for. So i did cherry pick a few accumulators at the beginning of the month. But will leave them till the start of next season now.

3 accumulator bets were made. A total profit of £15.40 was made.

Trading Results

50k Betting And Trading Challenge Weeks 5 And 6

So far I have made 21 pre event trades this month. The majority of these trades were on the football markets. However the biggest profit was actually made on a boxing match. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez took on Chavez Jr in a huge fight between two big names in Mexican boxing.

I had some profit going in to the day of the fight from trading but there was also a huge arbitrage opportunity on fight night. A lot of money came in on Chavez Jr a few hours before and most European bookmakers didn’t change the odds. It meant that there were 5 or 6 bookmakers offering between 6.0-6.5 whilst a lay was available at Matchbook for 5.2.

Although not strictly pure exchange trading I have added this to the graph.

A total profit of £256 was made.

Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service

50k Betting And Trading Challenge Weeks 5 And 6


Quentin Franks got off to a really good start with 4 winners in a row to start the month. Unfortunately though over the next two weeks that profit has been given back to the bookmakers. 

There have been 44 selections from Quentin Franks this month. A total loss of -£12.2 was made.

Sports Betting – Value Bets and Personal Bets

50k Betting And Trading Challenge Weeks 5 And 6

At the end of April I was sitting on a profit of £119 and two weeks later overall profit is at £133.5.

A huge £14.50 in profit has been made from 9 bets in May. There were 5 bets on mixed martial arts and four bets on football.

I have been reading a lot about sports betting this month. I went back and read a lot of posts from the Daily25 blog (Where an Aussie attempts to make $250 a day on average from sports betting.)

Also Rowan Day from the secret betting club published his annual profits from his bet diary. He made a 58% return on his capital. Now a 58% return is great but obviously in monetary terms for me personally it wouldn’t be huge (10k starting bankroll). However with say a 100k bankroll that return looks a lot more impressive.

One thing these blogs really show is that you need a long term mindset when approaching sports betting.

When I think of long term I think maybe 3 or 4 months but unless you are hammering a huge volume it really need to be longer.

For example Steve from Daily25 has made a total of  $284,890.00 from his betting. But in 2016 he had a losing year. A whole year where no profit was made. That really does seem like a long time.

I don’t think matched betting and advantage play opportunities will last forever. But for as long they are around they will be my main focus. My plan is to build up a large enough bankroll to the point where I can take a much longer term approach with sports betting as an investment.



Here is a breakdown of the first two weeks of May.

Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service


Accumulator Offers – No lays


Trading Results


Sports Betting


Total Made 


50k Challenge Remaining Target


Services Used

Oddsmonkey – Matched betting, Value bets, Accumulator offers

Profit Maximiser – Casino offers, Matched betting

Quentin Franks Racing – Horse Racing Tips

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  1. I guess you’re finding these casino offers with OddsMonkey? Do you know if theyre open to international residents, or just to UK/Ireland residents?

    • I find them with Profit Maximiser. I think the majority are for European and UK/Ireland.
      I would imagine there are casino’s that offer similar style bonus to people living in other continents.
      Don’t know of any site that highlights them though.


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