50K Betting And Trading Challenge – October Results

October was a month where I really went back to keeping things very simple. Using mostly matched betting and arbitrage to bring in the profits. Did this approach lead to increased profits?

Matched Betting – Sports Offers, Accumulators, Arbitrage

50k betting challenge OctoberOctober was a month of good volume. As I increased my focus on arbitrage betting. Whilst continuing to get on as many matched betting offers as possible. In total there were 272 bets made in relation to arbitrage, matched betting and plus ev accumulators.

A total profit of £1139 was made. 

My tactic for arbitrage betting was to use Oddsmonkey’s oddsmatcher software on week days. Then take up daily subscriptions of more advanced arbitrage software on Saturdays when there is the most opportunity. 

Service Used

Oddsmonkey (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £12.50 a month (Annual Subscription)


Advantage Play – Casino Offers

50k betting challenge OctoberThe betting gods treated me a lot better in October after a slow month in September. In total I took part in 118 advantage play offers.

A total profit of £827 was made.

I have noticed a drop in the amount of good reload offers I am getting from casinos. It does seem like casino’s are tightening their belts a little with these. But there have still been a decent amount of offers overall. I have found myself taking advantage of a lot of Play Ojo’s free spin offers. Which are pretty consistent and usually offer good value.

Service Used

Profit Maximiser (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £9.60 a month  (Annual Subscription)

Trading Results

50k betting challenge October

Another low month of trades. Where I have basically only traded on Saturdays using a few tricks on the Smarkets exchange. I don’t want to give away what I do on Smarkets completely. As this creates competition for the liquidity I use.

What I will say though is that the money flow is different in Smarkets. In comparison to other betting exchanges like Betfair. It is an exchange that generally follows Betfair but is used mostly by matched bettors. This creates some good low risk trading opportunities if you have some patience.

In total there were 7 trades made in October. A profit of £71 was made.

Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service

50k betting challenge October

I bet on 47 selections from Quentin Franks in October.

A profit of £71 was made.

Last month I wrote that I was considering removing Quentin Franks from my portfolio. There were a few comments that also backed up these feelings. Again results have not been great and since the challenge started Quentin Franks is still in the red. 

However given the long term nature of betting. I have decided to give it until the end of the year before making a decision. It is possible that the service could have a great November and December which could turn the year around.

Service Used

Quentin Franks Racing (Read The Review)

Subscription Cost – £50 a month  (Quarterly Subscription)


October was a solid month in terms of results. I seem to have gone full circle in my betting career as I initially built my bankroll with matched and arbitrage. Then moved on to focusing more on sports betting and trading.

Now I have  once again returned to really focusing on using the original two methods ahead of trading and betting. In order to try and push my monthly profits to greater heights.

Scaling up my profits has been something I have really struggled to do in this 50k betting challenge. At the beginning of April when I started the challenge I made £2014. Here we are in October with a similar monthly profit of £2037.

Football trading is something that I also want to spend more time on. The last few months I have really slacked off and not been looking at the markets as much. But really with a bigger bankroll this is an area where I could scale up my profits. There are still lots of opportunities in these markets it’s just about spending time looking for them.

Here are the overall results for the month.

Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trading Results


Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service


Total Made 


50k Challenge Remaining Target


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