50K Betting And Trading Challenge May Results

The second month of the 50k challenge has been and gone. Is 50k profit in a year starting to look realistic?

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

50k Betting And Trading Challenge May

A £850 win right at the beginning of the month gave me a really good start. After that things were pretty steady with runs of small losses propped up by the odd win. In total I completed 61 casino offers. A profit of £1628 was made.

Enjoying these casino offers. As I can set them up and leave them running whilst I do other things that I enjoy. I used to be a quite a big computer game player when I was younger.

Got a good routine at the moment where I put the kids to bed around 19.00. Set up a casino offer and play the likes of Diablo 3, Bioshock Infinite and a few other old games I never got round to playing. An added advantage is the wife can’t moan that I wasting time playing computer games because I am essentially still working at the same time.

Matched Betting – Sports Offers

50k Betting And Trading Challenge May

So the first thing you will probably notice is a large drop in profits right at the end of the month. You might be wondering what happened?

 I fucked up

For some reason I didn’t back the horse First Sitting. This horse went on to win at odds of 19.00 and cost me the majority of my profits on what was already a pretty poor month for matched betting. Not sure why I didn’t back the horse. My best guess is that I got interrupted, thought I had placed my back bet and went on to place my lay bet without double checking.

Got to say this did tilt me pretty badly. I can take losses in sports betting pretty well or cut losing trades when I need to. But such a punishing loss for such a silly mistake super annoyed me. I actually bet £200 on Chelsea to win the FA cup shortly after this mistake. Luckily I stepped away from the computer, took a few breaths. Realised I was acting stupid and traded out of the position.

At the end of the day these losses will happen sometimes. A bookie or casino might go bust holding on to your funds. An exchange might having some unexpected downtime when you have a position open. Or you might just make a mistake which costs you. The one thing that I will do in the future though is double check my back and lay bets especially at the higher liabilities.

At the end of the month I was showing a profit of £91 after 127 offers.

Trading Results

50k Betting And Trading Challenge May

A pretty smooth month with every trade being pre event. The majority of the trades were pre match trades on football. £80 was the biggest total made on one trade in the Arsenal vs Man Utd match with the biggest loss being £30 on Chelsea vs Middlesbrough. 

In total a profit of £426 was made from 28 trades.

With all the main leagues finishing I will not be making much money from the football markets. My plan is to trade the horse racing markets more. My approach is to swing trade and look for the obvious which requires lots of patience. I don’t really scalp the horses at all. I find it super frustrating and prefer to have a longer term view trading the horses.

There is also the Ward vs Kovalev boxing fight coming up and plenty of UFC events. These are normally markets that I do well from so hopefully there will be opportunities to profit.

Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service

50k Betting And Trading Challenge May

Quentin Franks managed to grind out a small profit this month. Things were looking good early on in the month with 4 winning trades on the bounce. Then came the losses and they just seemed to continue for the rest of the month with the odd winning bet. Before a recovery was made in the last few weeks.

There were a total of 92 bets this month from Quentin Franks and a small profit of £52 was made.

Sports Betting – Value Bets and Personal Bets50k Betting And Trading Challenge May

A pretty low volume month for my own sports betting. It was a mix of my own mixed martial arts bets and a few from free tipsters that I liked. There were 17 bets and a profit of £48 was made. Tiny sample size so not really much to say.

I have been thinking about betting more aggressively on MMA as a do have a pretty decent sample size of bets over the last few years. Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that I really enjoy betting on. Because the UFC is entertainment as much as it is a sport the way they hype certain fighters inflates their odds and creates really good betting opportunities. Pretty annoyed that the Bisping vs GSP fight has been cancelled as Bisping as an underdog in my opinion was a case of the above.

50k Betting And Trading Challenge May

Thoughts Going Forward

It has been an ok month but one of the reasons I started this challenge was to give myself an incentive to push on profit wise. The last two months have been pretty similar in term of profit to what I was making prior to the challenge.

Now I haven’t really made any radical changes to my portfolio. Other then increasing the number of casino offers that I took part in. However I am in the process of scaling things up with the matched betting and casino offers.

In my interview with a professional sports bettor one piece of advice really stood out.

“make the most of the best opportunities before the betting landscape changes.”

It makes a lot of sense. I don’t know how many times I have heard/read the following “Poker/trading/arbitrage/sports betting is dead, it was way more profitable back in 2008/9/10.”

In the future I imagine people will be saying the same thing about matched betting and exploiting casino offers. So I am going to be increasing my volume in these areas whilst continuing to bet and trade in the same way.


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Trading Results


Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service


Sports Betting


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50k Challenge Remaining Target


Services Used

Oddsmonkey – Matched betting, Value bets, Accumulator offers

Profit Maximiser – Casino offers, Matched betting

Quentin Franks Racing – Horse racing tips

8 thoughts on “50K Betting And Trading Challenge May Results”

  1. Hi man, really good read , stay strong and diciplin, i am planning to do the same “challenge” as you did here, i am from Germany so things are a bit different for me, but first i have the question, how can i set up a blog similar to yours, do you have any sites for me ?

    Kind regards

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I am using wordpress for this site. Don’t really remember the sites I used to learn how to put it all together.
      If you just google how to set up a blog there is lots of information out there.

      • Same here, June has been really great, thanks to MMA and soccer (football). I’m going to try the Profit Maximizer casino offers in July. I live in Costa Rica, and I checked out several online casinos that offered bonuses, and none of the bonus offers were restricted to my location, so I think I’m going to be able to do this.

        • Good stuff, This month has been kind to me from a betting perspective also. Although I don’t expect to run at 20% roi for too long so will enjoy it while it lasts.
          Yeah if I was in your situation I would trial it and see the amount of offers you can do.
          If there isn’t enough value to be had then you can just cancel it and you’ve lost nothing.

    • Probably for some but you would have to look into it. Different casino’s have different policies and accept different payment methods.


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