The Bad Man Tipster – How He Profits When You Lose

The bad man tipster – how he profits when you lose

I met up with an old friend recently who shares a an interest in sports betting much like me. He started to tell me how he was following a tipsters that turns £25 into a £1000.

“What’s his name,” I asked.

“The bad man tipster.” He replied.

So it peaked my interest and I thought I would do a little research.

The Bad Man Tipster – Scam Or Legit?

Now if read my blog you might have seen why social media tipsters want you to lose.

You probably already know what I am going to write. These tipsters basically work for bookmakers in essence and want to you to lose.

The Badman Tipster makes money when you lose. If you actually make money then he doesn’t make a penny. 

He works as an affiliate for bookmakers and makes a commission on the losses of every punter he sends. If he only sends winning punters then he doesn’t make any money at all.

The Casual Gambler reports that he lost 57, £25-£1000 challenges in a row. This would have lost £1425 for anyone following his selections. In honesty though the losses since his inception will in my opinion likely be far more. Tipsters that run this sort of business model will never track their record publicly or proof it anywhere.


Because its in their best interest not to. They don’t want to document how much money people are losing following their bets. 

The Bad Man Tipster Odds

Another shady aspect of this tipster is that they don’t even post the odds they bet at.

Badman Tipster

“I recommend placing the bet between odds of 1.25 (1/4) and 1.50 (1/2).”  (The Bad Man Tipster)

Obviously there is a huge difference between winning a bet at 1.25 or 1.5. Especially when you are rolling over your bankroll for the next bet. Putting such a wide margin of odds on their selections means they can easily manipulate a challenge.

If the goal comes late they can claim they got on at 1.5, if a goal is scored instantly they took it at 1.25.

There is just no transparency and its obviously easy for them claim what they want.

You will also see that he only states Bet365 as an option for the bet.

If you are serious about turning a profit from your betting you need to find the best odds for every bet. Often you will find that Bet365 don’t have the best in-play odds and you would have been better off betting at a betting exchange like Betfair.

But as Bet365 are the best bookmaker for tipsters that make money as affiliates. You won’t see them touting the best odds for each selection.

Again when they get paid for your losses why would they want show you how to give yourself the best chance of being profitable.

Affiliate Tipsters

There are thousands of these tipsters around. All pushing affiliate links and doing silly challenges.

My advice is don’t follow any of them.

Unless you are fine with giving money to a guy that provides losing betting tips.

For me personally its like paying someone £20 to come and kick me in the balls. Hoping there’s a tiny chance that they slip knock themselves unconscious and £1000 falls out of their pocket in the process.

Its just a bit silly.

The Bad Man Tipster
A lot of affiliate tipsters are not interested in providing profitable tips. They are driven by greed.

The truth about successful sports betting is that is a long grind. Its about finding value bets and gradually increasing your bankroll over time.

You can’t turn £25 into £1000 with ease. Rolling over your stake after each bet is never a good idea.

What these tipster affiliates do is play on human nature.

People want to win big and they want it quickly. So whilst dangling the carrot of “12 bets and you will win £1000” seems appealing. Over the long term your going to lose a lot of money chasing that £1000.

Sure you might get lucky but the odds are against you.

Some of these tipsters have massive followings.

For example The Badman Tipster has 55k followers on twitter and 336k followers on Facebook. So you can imagine how much money these guys make from giving losing tips.

Stack The Odds In Your Favour

If you really want to make money from sports betting.

Then you should look at matched betting.

This is a legitimate low risk way of consistently making profits from the sports betting markets. Thousands of pounds in profit are actually out there if you are prepared to spend a little time on it.

It is as close to risk free betting as you can get.

I can promise you that it is a much more effective way of money betting rather then following these tipsters.

Here is an article explaining exactly how matched betting works.

In the meantime please share this article with anyone that follows these clown tipsters.

It would be cool if what these people do could become common knowledge.

People would lose a lot less money following these individuals and in turn these tipsters would make much much less from their shady affiliate deals.

Looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

Check out these simple methods that have allowed me to make over £100,000 profit from the sports betting markets in my life time.





Banker Bets Value Picks – New Review

John Baker the behind the successful football tipping service Banker Bets. Is bringing out an additional football betting service called Banker Bets Value Picks.

Banker Bets Value Picks – New Review

Value Picks will focus on the football betting markets. However the selections will not be capped at a lower odds range. The service only started this month and Value Picks will be offering a 3 month trial to anyone that wants to test the service.

Here is an example of the type bets this service will be producing.

DateCompetitionMatchBetStake OddsResultWin/LossProfit/LossBank
Jul. 12Champions LeagueDundalk v Rosenborgover 2.5 goals£25.001.851-1Loss-£25.00£975.00
Jul. 12Brazil Serie APalmeiras v CorithiansCorinthians double chance£25.001.780-2Win£19.50£994.50
Jul. 13Europa LeagueZeljeznicar v AIKBoth to score: No£25.001.720-0Win£18.00£1,012.50
Jul. 16Brazil, Serie AGremio v Ponte PretaGremion -1 AH£25.001.983-1Win£24.50£1,037.00
Jul. 16Norway, EliteserienOdd v VikingOdd to win£25.001.70-2Loss-£25.00£1,012.00
Jul. 18Champions LeagueVardar v MalmoMalmo to win£25.001.891-3Loss-£25.00£987.00
Jul. 18Brazil, Serie BABC v America MNAmerica MN draw no bet£25.001.670-1Win£16.75£1,003.75
Jul. 19Brazil Serie AVitoria v GremioGremio to win£25.002.171-3Win£29.25£1,033.00
Jul. 20Europa League HJK v Shkendijaover 2.5 goals£25.001.691-1Loss-£25.00£1,008.00
Jul. 20Europa League ODD BK v VaduzODD BK win£25.001.71-0Win£17.50£1,025.50
Jul. 21Brazil, Serie BAmerica MG v FigeuirenseAmerica MG to win£25.001.614-2Win£15.25£1,040.75
Jul. 23Sweden SuperettanFrej Tabby v DalkurdDalkurd to win£25.001.750-3Win£18.75£1,059.50
Jul. 23Sweden, AllsvenkanDjurgaarden v Ostersundsover 2.5 goals£25.001.873-0Win£21.75£1,081.25
Jul. 23Brazil, Serie AFluminense v CorinthiansDraw£12.503.10-1Loss-£12.50£1,068.75
Jul. 24Sweden, AllsvenskanHammarby v Elfsborgover 2.5 goals£25.001.562-1Win£14.00£1,082.75
Jul. 25Champions LeagueQarabag v Sheriff TiraspolQarabag to win£25.001.530-0Loss-£25.00£1,057.75
Jul. 25Champions LeagueSteaua Bucharest v PlzenSteaua Bucharest draw no bet£25.001.612-2Void£0.00£1,057.75
Jul. 26Champions LeagueHapoel v Ludogoretsover 2.5 goals£25.002.192-0Loss-£25.00£1,032.75
Jul. 26Champions LeagueClub Brugge v BasaksehirBoth to score: Yes£25.001.863-3Win£21.50£1,054.25
Jul. 27Europa LeagueSturm Graz v FenerbahceFenerbahce to win£25.002.181-2Win£29.50£1,083.75
Jul. 27Europa LeagueCraiova v AC MilanAC Milan -1.5 AH£25.001.880-1Loss-£25.00£1,058.75
Jul. 27Europa LeagueBordeaux v Videotonover 2.5 goals£25.001.82-1Win£20.00£1,078.75


I am a big fan of the original banker bets service. So it will be interesting to see if John Baker can produce another service that able to make long term profits from football betting. This will be a service that I will definitely be keeping an eye on.

Banker Bets Value Picks

You access 3 months of selections for free here.

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The World – 3 Men That Risk Millions Betting On Sport

Recently I was speaking to a friend about sports betting. He asked me who is the “Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo” of the sports betting world. It was an interesting question as who are the biggest sports bettors in the world?

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The World

Successful sports bettors don’t tend to glamour for the limelight. They have their edges in the sports betting markets and make money from it. If they were to reveal their methods and how they make money from sports betting, the markets would react and they would no longer be profitable.

So there is “no world series of sports betting” or “sports betting champions league.” There are however a few high profile sports bettors that are known among the media.

Billy Walters

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The World

Billy Walters is a big name in American sports betting. It is estimated that Walters has made tens of millions of dollars perhaps even hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Walters was originally for Kentucky. He moved to Las Vegas in the early 1980’s and formed his own betting syndicate. Walters betting operation was first described in the book “The Smart Money” by Micheal Konik.

Within the book the author goes into detail about Walters (although a pseudonym is used) betting operation. How he used multiple people to get his bets on. Difficulties he faced in getting sports books to accept his bets. Alongside the lengths and planning he had to go through to be so successful.

Although he has been largely secretive about his betting operations. He has been covered on ESPN and had a small television segment made about him.

Billy Walters has long been known as one of the biggest sports bettors in Las Vegas. However has most recently been making headlines after being convicted of insider trading.

Tony Bloom And Starlizard

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The WorldTony Bloom is the owner of UK based betting syndicate “Starlizard.” He is well known name among sharp sports bettors. It is estimated that Starlizard can have as much as £1 million staked on a single outcome of a football match.

Starlizard are known to run their betting operation with same devotion and analytics of a major hedge fund. Officially Stalizard describe itself as a betting consultancy. Which uses complex statistical models to generate football odds that are sharper than those offered by the Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges.

Bloom isn’t just involved with sports betting and has many other business ventures. In 2009 he became the chairman of his hometown club  after purchasing 75% stake in the club. Also investing £93 million into developing a new ground.

According to Business Insider UK the bulk of the money used in Stalizard’s operation comes from Tony Bloom. Described as a maths whiz. He is a veteran gambler and has competed in some of the highest stake poker tournaments around. In the early 2000’s he was estimated to have made millions from setting up online bookmaker and poker websites.

Much like Billy Walters, Tony Bloom is not one for the public limelight. With most articles containing second hand information about his betting activities. Bloom only chooses to talk with the media about his involvement in Bighton And Hove Albion.

Zeljko Ranogajec

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The World

Zeljko Ranogajec is rumoured to be one of the biggest gamblers in the world. It is estimated that his global annual turnover is more then $1 billion. Born in Australia in a family of Croatian immigrants. Zeljko first success in gambling came from the game of blackjack.

Allegedly Zeljko Ranogajec turned a bankroll of a few hundred dollars into millions through advantage playHe has also had notable wins in the game of Keno winning $7.5 million and in 2011 was inducted into the blackjack hall of fame.

When it comes to sports betting Zeljko Ranogajec is rumoured to bet significant amounts of money on horse racing. It is reported that his turnover accounts for nearly a third of the total for Betfair in Australia.

Ranogajec does not give any interviews. A lot of the speculation that surrounds him comes from second hand information. As with most large scale sports bettors there is not much for him to gain from revealing information about his betting activities.

Who Are Biggest Sports Bettors In The World?

The three sports bettors above are thought to turnover hundreds of millions perhaps billions annually. In truth though it is hard to know who the biggest sports bettors in the world are. As if you are profiting from sports betting on such a large scale it is in your interest to keep that knowledge to yourself. 

Some of the biggest sports bettor in the world may also not even be winning ones. I am sure there will a few rich oil merchants or Chinese businessman. Who bet huge amounts of money for thrills without the detailed analysis needed to be successful.

So whist little is known about the biggest sports bettors in the world. There are at least a few individuals that rumoured to be beating the sports betting markets on a massive scale.


Interested in sports betting, matched betting, advantage play or trading?

Read my attempt at making £1,000,000 from sports betting.


Further Reading

How Billy Walters became sports most successful and controversial bettor

Inside Starlizard: The story of Britain’s most successful gambler and the secretive company that helps him win

Zeljko Ranogajec




Matched Betting For A Living – Is It A Realistic Goal

Matched betting for a living probably seems like the ideal job for a lot of people. You get to stay at home and work exclusively from your computer. No boss to worry about, no annoying colleagues that you have to put up with.

If you are not familiar with matched betting please read this article

Matched betting for a living
Could life be so easy as a full time matched bettor?

Sounds good right….. But is matched betting for a living possible?

Matched Betting For A Living

If you are a regular reader of this blog. Then you will know that I am currently undertaking a 50k in a year betting and trading challenge. The largest amount of profit from this challenge comes from matched betting and exploiting casino offers.

Here is a breakdown of profit made from matched betting

  • April Profits – £787
  • May Profits – £91 (made an error which cost me £330)
  • June Profits -£548

Here is a breakdown of profits from casino offers

  • April Profits – £885
  • May Profits – £1628
  • June Profits – £1108
Matched betting for a living
Casino offers will bring in extra profits over the long term. But you have to be able to handle the variance.

So you can see that you can make decent money from matched betting and casino offers. However whether you could make a living from it depends on several factors.

Factors You Need To Consider

The biggest factor is how much do you need to pay the bills?

Some people can get by on a £1000 a month. For others its £5000 a month. Obviously this is the key point to consider if you were looking at matched betting full time.

How many ungubbed accounts do you have left? Do you have the resources to open more?

If you have been matched betting for a while. You will know that bookmakers don’t like it and will remove your ability to take part in promotions. After that you can use these bookies for arbing or value betting. Eventually however the well runs dry and you don’t have any more options. 

Are there friends and family members that you could teach about matched betting? Perhaps take a percentage of their profits?

Job Security

You might find your job mundane and boring as hell. But is also might be very secure with a pension plan and sick pay. Matched betting for a living is quite a uncertain profession.

How long will you be able to make a living from it? Will new rules come into place which make it harder? What if bookmakers stop offering promotions?

Matched betting for a living

If you do leave your job to pursue matched betting full time. Will you be able to return should things not pan out?

On the flip side though could matched betting provide you with an income that will open up opportunities in the future. With enough resources you can compound your profit over and over. This could enable to reinvest your money into pursuing a job you would enjoy.

Matched Betting Bank

Another important question to ask yourself is how much money do you have saved up?

You would need enough to cover the cost of your bills. But also have enough to spread around different bookmakers and exchanges. So that you could make the most of the matched betting offers when they are available.

It is hard for me to make an exact estimate as everyone’s situation is different. But I would say you would want to have at least enough money to pay your bills for 6 months. Then have an extra £5000 bankroll or more just for matched betting.

If you are going to take advantage of higher risk casino offers. Then you would probably want an even larger bankroll on top of money to pay the bills.


In this article I have pointed out some of the negative and positive aspects of matched betting for a living. If it is something you are considering my advice would be don’t rush into it.

Especially if you are quite new to matched betting it may seem like the holy grail. There is no harm in perhaps lowering your hours at work and putting more hours into matched betting. Then reevaluating your things after a few months.

Don’t get me wrong matched betting is awesome but is important to put realistic expectations on pursuing it full time. I personally know some people that do extremely well from matched betting for a living.

Could that person be you in the future? Possibly but it is important to evaluate all the factors involved before you make the jump.

If you want to make the most of your matched betting. This service gets my recommendation as the best matched betting software around.


In-Play Football Betting Strategies – Finding Value In-Play

In-play betting is becoming more and more popular. Often the excitement of watching a game can be enhanced with a bet. Bookmakers know this and they often offer a multitude of markets to bet on in-play.

However the majority of the time if you are betting in-play you will find the best value at the betting exchanges. With betting exchanges you also have the option of trading your positions. If I am betting in-play then it is the exchanges that I will normally look to first.

Lets take a look at some in-play football betting and trading strategies that can be profitable with the right approach.

Inplay Football Betting Strategy – Laying The Draw

In-Play Football Betting Strategies
Laying the draw pre match

Laying the draw is a strategy that is used by most newcomers to football trading and is easy to follow. In the past many people used this strategy pre-match. They would lay the draw before the start of a game, wait for a goal to be scored and then hedge all outcomes hopefully for a profit. However as time has gone on this has become a less profitable and less popular strategy.

In-Play Football Betting Strategies
Laying the draw in-play

However another option with this strategy is to delay your entry into the trade. Look for games that are level in the second half and then look to lay the draw with the game inplay. Using this strategy you would lower the potential risk level as the draw odds are lower and take a higher profit if a goal is scored.

You don’t have to trade out of this position either. Some people are happy to lay the draw in the second half and move on to the next bet. Using this strategy as a straight betting method.

Laying The Draw In-Play – Optimal Conditions

  • Favourite needs to win – I want the favourite to be really pushing for a goal. Perhaps they are second place in the league and a win would put them top. Or maybe its a cup game and they really don’t want to go to a replay.
  • The underdog should show they can counter – If the underdog is just sitting back and soaking up the pressure without countering. Then we may as well just back the favourite if they are the only team that look like scoring.

Laying The Correct Score Strategy

Another strategy that can used exclusively with the betting exchanges is laying the correct score.

With this strategy we are looking to bet that there will be at least one more goal in the game. Now if you were to use this strategy pre match you would be laying at pretty high odds. In-play however you can often find good opportunities at much lower odds.

In-Play Football Betting Strategies

In the example above the score was 0-0 after around 60 minutes. Liverpool were the favourites playing at home. They found themselves trailing 0-1 on aggregate in a cup semi final. This meant that Liverpool needed a goal to have any hope of qualification. Liverpool pushed hard for the goal however it was Southampton who scored an injury time winner on the counter attack.

What type of conditions are ideal for these types of strategies?

Laying The Correct Score In-play – Optimal Conditions

  • Home team favourites are trailing by a goal – When a home team favourite is trailing and time is ticking down you will often see a great sense of urgency. Also the home crowd will often add extra pressure for them to push forward. 
  • There is only a one goal difference – When there is only a one goal difference it can make a big psychological difference to a players mentality. One goal seems within achievable even if there is only a few minutes remaining in the game.
  • Game tempo is also a key factor – Is the referee letting the game flow or continually stopping it? Are the leading team looking to counter or happy to sit back? Are tactical changes being made and substitutions?

Other In-Play Betting Strategies

There are a lot approaches you can take when looking to find value in the in-play betting markets. Niche markets can provide great value as they are often overlooked. The corner markets are a favourite for quite a few profitable tipsters that I have seen.

Then there are the over/under goals markets, the first half goal markets, total goals, next goal, Asian handicap markets. With so many markets and options available there are countless in-play betting strategies that you can try.

In-Play Football Betting Strategies
You might want to focus on the first half markets?

With in-play betting and trading the odds in these markets have to consistently change with the dynamics of the game. This often means there are is a lot of potential value bets to be found with the right research.

Where Can I Find Stats For In-Play Betting?

If you planning to bet in-play you might want to look at the statistics of previous games.There are a number of really good sites for football statistics. Here some recommendations which are all free to use.

  1. Soccerstats
  2. Whoscored
  3. Soccerway

In-Play Football Betting Strategies

My personal favourite is soccerstats. It has a great layout, is easy to use and gives you really great statistical breakdowns. Which you can see from the above screenshot.

Where can I get stats for games that have already started?

Most bookmakers will provide you a statistical breakdown of a game that they are offering in-play. What you should be aware of is that they might not always be 100% accurate.

I would always prefer to have live video for a game that I was intending to bet or trade. As not all shots on target are of the same relevance and possession stats don’t always indicate a teams dominance.

In-Play Football Betting Strategies

However if you can’t get live video. Here are some of my recommendations free sites that give live data on ongoing football matches.

  1. Total Corner
  2. Bet365 (Need funded account but free to view live stats)
  3. Flashscore (Have statistics for most major games)

In-Play Football Betting Strategies – General Advice

When you are looking to bet in-play you might sometimes be in a rush to place your bet. However if you really want to make money from any avenue of betting its important to get the best odds possible. On most occasions you will find this with a betting exchange such as Betfair. But sometimes you may find it with a bookmaker you have access too. Oddsportal have a live feed for in-play odds which you can use for a quick comparison when betting in-play.

Don’t force a bet or trade just because your watching a game. Often you will see bookmakers advertising “Milner to score the next goal at 9.0” during half time. These are exactly the types of bets you don’t want to make. There is a reason a bookmaker is promoting this bet because its terrible value.

If you want to find good value in the in-play markets then you will need to do your research. Wait like a sniper and then when everything aligns perfectly enter the market.

50k Betting And Trading Challenge – June Results

Sometimes in betting and trading everything goes wrong at once and it feels like your just giving money away. Then there are times when everything goes well and you feel like your printing money. Well June was the latter and a month to enjoy.

Matched Betting – Sports Offers

Matched Betting Results June

With the major football leagues all being finished I thought sports offers would probably dry up a little. Fortunately this hasn’t been the case with some decent offers on the Confederations Cup and the US open. Most of my profit however came from Royal Ascot with there being a large number of decent offers available.

For the month of June I took part in 191 offers. My total profit for the month was £548.

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

Advantage Play Results June

There is a recurring theme in the profit and loss for casino offers. At the start of the month I seem to hit a really nice string of profits. This has happened in the two previous months also. No real reason for this its just a pattern that has occurred through randomness. But one that I am enjoying none the less.Rhino Win

This month I have done 65 casino offers. A total profit of £1108 was made. I feel like I am running really well with these casino offers. I haven’t really hit any long losing periods and the profits have been pretty consistent. However I know that that as the sign up offers start to slow down I will be left with the higher variance/high risk offers. Where things might not go as smoothly.

Trading Results

So I have barely traded at all this month with football being pretty quiet. However when I have traded things have gone well and I jumped on the best opportunities when I saw them.

Rangers Trade

The biggest single profit came from the Rangers vs Progres game. The half time odds for this market were really generous a few days before the game. I didn’t really have to do much research to see it was a good trading position and ended up with a nice profit as the market corrected itself before the game.

In May a mistake on my part lost me over £300. Last month I make another mistake but this one went the other way. I was trading the Vitor Belfort vs Nate Marquadt UFC fight. I had taken Belfort early at odds of 1.9 and put in lay bet at 1.75. However I didn’t lay the full amount and ended up with a losing position should Belfort not win.

Fortunately Belfort did win a decision in his home country with some suspect judging. I picked up £44 for that mistake.

Trading Results June

Overall I made 6 trades in June. A total profit of £302 was made.

Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service

Quentin Franks Results June

Quentin Franks pulled out some nice profits this month after struggling a little in the previous two. This month also marked the limitation of my Bet365 account. This was an account that I had for about 5 years and I was beginning to think that somehow I was slipping by Bet365 traders.

The straw that broke the camels back seemed to be backing a horse called Eternal Dream at odds of 33.00 and went off at odds of around 10.00. I was gubbed immediately after this bet.

This is the issue with a lot of profitable horse racing tipsters. Your soft bookmaker accounts won’t last forever but you can make a pretty high return on your investment whilst you do have them available.

Overall there were 111 selections for Quentin Franks. A total profit of £503 was made.

Sports Betting – June Results

50k Betting And Trading Challenge June Results

The betting gods were pretty kind to me this month. Everything was just super smooth with a consistent stream of winning bets. Now I am not naive enough to think this will happen every month and my number of bets was still pretty low. In total I made 36 bets in June and a total of £833 was made.

June Betting Results

My bets consisted of my own personal bets on mixed martial arts. Some of my own bets using the Banker Bets methodology of finding value in shorter odds and also selections from the Banker Bets service itself.

I know a lot of people are turned off by betting at low odds. Thinking there is no value at all in them. But value doesn’t just hide itself at specific odds ranges it can be found at odds of 100.00 or odds of 1.01.

Also looking at Banker Bets long term results he has a 2.6% roi from 1236 bets. It is important to note this recorded at average odds.

Given that I have consistently been able to better these odds by 0.02 decimal places on average. The roi rises to 5% which shows statistically significant edge if you run the numbers through a p-value test. So I am pretty confident that this style of betting can profitable long term.

Thoughts Going Forward

June was a really good month and hopefully I can continue to increase my monthly totals. Still feel like I am slacking off a bit in some areas. But there has to be a balance between work and family life. Given that my children are still small and interested in spending lots of time with their dad. I am going to make the most of it and not worry about the ev that I might be leaving on the table.

Sports betting is the part of my portfolio that I would like explore more. Because the majority of my profit comes from exploiting soft bookmakers it has a shelf life. My plan is to continue to develop betting/trading strategies and find services that are making money solely from Asian bookmakers and the exchanges.

Overall I am happy with things and will just keep doing what I’m doing. Hopefully variance won’t be too cruel and the profits will continue to flow in the coming months.


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trading Results


Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service


Sports Betting


Total Made 


50k Challenge Remaining Target


Services Used

Oddsmonkey – Matched betting, Value bets, Accumulator offers

Profit Maximiser – Casino offers, Matched betting

Quentin Franks Racing – Horse racing tips