Trademate Core Results – Month 2

Overall profit and loss

The first month of using the Trademate Core product showed steady profits so has month 2 continued a similar pattern?

If you missed the article regarding month 1 results you can find it below.

Trademate Core Results – Month 1

Trademate Core Results – Month 2

Trademate Core Results Month 2
Stats for two months of betting with Trademate Core

The second month has followed a similar pattern to the first with a slight increase in profit and roi.

The value selections thrown up by the Trademate Core software have added £110 from 287 trades and in turn the roi increased to 4.2% overall.

Trademate Core results
Overall results using Trademate Core

Results as you can see from the above graph are very close to the expected ev (indicated by the black line on the graph)

My time using the Trademate software has been very easy there is the occasional error which may show edges that don’t exist or have expired. The team behind Trademate Sports are on hand pretty much 24/7 so this is usually rectified very quickly.

Trademate Core Results

From the above image you can see that the majority of my bets have come from Bet365 and Betfair Sportsbook. I haven’t been limited from any accounts yet but my bet sizing is very small using the low kelly staking approach so I wouldn’t expect the limits to come too soon.

There is not a whole lot to add heading into the third month with Trademate Core as a 4.2% return on investment is very good. It is just a case of continuing to put the volume in.

I do feel that a slightly bigger bank then the minimum recommended bank of £1000 is necessary if you intend to bet mostly on recommended leagues and use the low kelly staking when taking into account the £100 a month subscription cost.

This is something that I will look into more next month when I will return with another update of the Trademate Core software.

In the meantime you can read more about Trademate on their official site below.




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