Sports Betting As An Investment

An example of the annual expected returns from peer to peer lending site Zopa. Correct as of January 2017

Sports Betting As An investment

Is sports betting a viable way of investing money?

Sports betting can be a great way of investing your money if you treat it seriously, do your research and stick to solid bankroll management.


Sports betting as an investment
Sports Betting as an investment

In all aspects of betting there is the element of luck or variance and this is why the majority of people struggle with sports betting.

Major soft bookmakers also do there best to advertise sports betting as a bit of fun. Something to do at the weekend with your friends celebrating in the pub after your 15 team accumulator comes in after 5 years of betting.

Take a look at this Ladbrokes advert for example.

In my opinion it should be re titled “This is the mug bettors life.”

Sports betting as an investment

It is short term thinking in sports betting that makes the majority of sports bettors long term losers. It is why the mug bettors love large accumulator bets, poor value first goalscorer or correct score bets. They want to win big and they want it instantly.

If you want to make money from sports betting you have to look at it long term. Set aside your sports betting bankroll and see it as an investment for the year or season.

Treat sports betting like you would treat any other serious business. Keep detailed records of your bets for evaluation so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

If you aren’t a proven profitable bettor then you may look at paying a sports tipster or service to provide you with profitable tips.

Initially when I looked at sports betting tipsters I thought they were all a scam/unprofitable and its true that the vast majority are.

After quite a lot of research however I found that is was possible to make money from sports betting if approached correct.

Daily25 is a great blog showing how an Aussie attempts to make $250 a day from sports betting, its a blog with lots of useful information. The Secret Betting Club  was another resource that enabled me to look as sports betting as a serious investment. It is packed full of betting articles and in depth tipster reviews that span years in some cases.

Sports betting as an investment

Sports betting compared to other forms of investment?

Lets take a look sports betting compared to other forms of investment that are available.

I will use the two services I follow as a reference point. Quentin Franks is a horse racing service where an initial £1000 bank was turned into £3465 (after fees) over the period of 4 months. The increase on my original capital was 246%.

Banker Bets another service I follow turned an initial £1000 investment into £2634 (after fees) in 11 months. An increase of 163% was made on my initial investment.

These are not flash in the pan services with both of them proving profitable for a number of years.

Other standard forms of investments such as ISA’s offer between 1-2% increase on your capital over the period of a year. Peer to peer lending offers slightly better returns up to 6.3% with Zopa.

The big advantage that sports betting has is the ability to turnover your money quickly. This enables greater growth on your initial investment capital.


Sports betting as an investment
An example of the annual expected returns from peer to peer lending site Zopa.
Correct as of January 2017

What about the risk?

It is true that sports betting is a higher risk investment then some of the lower yielding standard investments like ISA’s or savings accounts.

This risk can be mitigated by matched betting and arbitrage which enable you build a risk free starting capital. Matched betting and arbitrage profits can become startup capital  and from then on you are only risking profits already made.

My own journey into profitable sports betting was from using this method of building my bankroll through matched betting and arbitrage. I am a very low risk individual but building my bank this way lowered the feeling of risk that I associated with sports betting.

Sports betting has now become an extra source of income that has been slowly growing as time goes on. There are losing periods but over the long term my initial investment is growing at a rate that just isn’t possible with standard methods of savings.

If you approach it correctly sports betting is a very viable way of investing your money.


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