Premier Betting Investments – Month 1 Results

Premier Football Investments
Premier Football Investments

I started following Premier Betting Investments on the 1st of December. This article will look at its results up until December the 31st.

How then did Premier Betting Investments perform for December?

Premier Betting Investments Results

Not the best start for Premier Betting Investments as the results show above.

The service lost £300.25 over the first month of trialing which is around 6 points as the suggested staking is £50 per bet.

Key stats



Total Staked






Starting Bank

£1000 starting bank

After Month 1 

£699.75 (-300.25)

An unprofitable start for the service buts its not something that can’t be turned around either. 

The service has been consistent with sending out selections and the odds quoted are very easy to obtain and beat for the most part much like Banker Bets.

I will return at the beginning of February with a further update.

  Premier Betting Investments are running a free trial at the moment if you would like to test the service out yourself.


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