Successful Sports Betting

We have looked at trading and how to use matched betting combined with arbitrage to build up a bankroll.

Now lets take a look at sports betting. Most people getting into betting through sports betting. I have a lot of friends that throw on 10 team accumulators every week or back horses for fun at the weekend.

The bookmakers love this and it is culture that is very prominent in the UK. There is however money to be made from sports betting however you have to treat like you would any other serious investment.

Successfull Sports Betting
Sports betting can profitable when done right

Why would you bet on a sport rather then trade it?

Not every sport game has enough liquidity to trade but there might still be value in betting on an outcome. An example of this is the sport of mma (mixed martial arts) there is a event nearly every week but you can only really trade the biggest fights of the year.

A friend of mine does extremely well betting on niche football markets like the Serbian first division and women’s french football. He makes six figures a year betting on the Asian markets but there is no ability to trade these markets.

Not everyone has the time to trade. If you are working full time and have a family you might be unable to spend several hours a day trading. Sports betting can be a nice second income for people that are short on time.

If you are serious about sports betting you should be recording all of your bets. I recommend a free service called which does this for you.

Using Betting Tipsters

Following proven profitable tipsters is another route that you may wish to take with your trading portfolio. This a less involved approach that doesn’t take as much time.

At the beginning of 2016 I really started looking at betting tipsters and so far have found two profitable tipsters that have a good reputation and several years of profitability behind them.

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Successful Sports Betting

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