Euro 2016 trading: Russia vs Slovakia

Looking at the odds for this game I don’t have Russia as such big favourites.

Russia were not impressive against England and were very lucky to escape with a point. Slovakia played well in their loss against Wales in a game which was very even and could have gone either way.

When I look at the form of the two teams and the strength of the squads I don’t give Russia much of an advantage here and believe the odds should be much closer.

Slovakia's star man Hamsik should cause the Russians some problems.
Slovakia’s star man Hamsik should cause the Russians some problems.

My strategy for this game will be to lay Russia at 2.44 for a maximum liability of 5% of my bankroll. I will then adjust my position in play depending on the flow of the game.

Lets look at some of the scenarios:

  • If Russia play better then I expect and dominate possession I will exit the trade and take a loss inside the first 20 mins.

  • If Russia score the first goal I will exit my position ¬†for a loss of around 2-2.5%.

  • If Slovakia score first I will look to scale out my liability as Russia’s odds rise leaving a maximum liability of 2% until the end of the game.

  • If no goals at half time I will lower my total liability on Russia to 2% and leave it as a value bet for the second half.

My total liability for the start of the trade is to risk 5% of my bank to win 3.5%. My total losses for this game should not exceed 2.5%.

This is my general trading plan for the Russia vs Slovakia game.




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