Cudsworth’s Racing Lays – Month 2 Results

Cudsworth’s racing lays didn’t set set the world on fire with its first month of results.

Could the steady horse laying service add some profits in month 2?

Cudsworth’s Racing Lays – Month 2 Results

Cudsworth's racing lays results
No signs of improvement yet.

Unfortunately not as you can see from the overall profit graph above. After two months of selections Cudsworth’s racing lays is -£228.85 when laying to a set liability of £50.

This month there was also a 5 point win bet selection sent out on Charlie Parcs which won at odds of 2.38. These 5 point win bets are apparently sent out from time to time when the best opportunities are available.

Key stats (Set £50 liability)

Overall results



Total Staked






Cudsworth’s Racing Lays – Month 2 Results

A slight improvement on the overall roi for month 2 as that is up to -5.5% from-8.9% but it was still a negative month. The second month has only lost -£28 but the service is still struggling to gain any momentum as we head into month three.

Starting Bank


Current Bank

£771.15 (-228.85)

You read more on Cudworth’s Racing Lays and view past results at the official site Here

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