Can You Make Money From Betting Tipsters

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Can following betting tipsters offer a decent return on your investment?

Can you make money from betting tipsters?

This was a question that I asked myself at the beginning of this year. I have always liked the idea of making a nice second income from following betting tipsters. It sounds quite easy right?

You pay someone a set fee and they deliver you betting tips that are profitable over the long term. This year I really wanted to take a much more thorough look into making money from tipsters.

Make money from betting tipsters
Can following betting tipsters offer a decent return on your investment?

Can You Make Money From Betting Tipsters

There are thousands of betting tipsters online and 99% will lose you money in the long run. There is a lot of false advertisement from tipsters, made up results and lots that are borderline scams.

There are however a few good services that I have come across and also some good resources to help you navigate the potential minefield of following a betting tipster.

Here are some of the most important factors if you are looking to follow a sports tipster.

  • Long Term Results – Profitable betting and trading is all about the long term. If you are looking to follow a betting tipster you want more then a few months of profitable results. Really you would like to see a good sample size of bets of at least 500+ as a long term indicator of their profitability.
  • Independent proofing – If a service is willing to proof themselves then that is a good sign as it is much less likely that they will fake/alter their recorded results.
  • Achievable Odds – If a service sends out a bet at odds of 10.00 but this is only available at Stan James. And lasts a total of 3 minutes then it is unlikely you will be able to get on that bet. Services that record results to much more realistic prices are much easier to follow and make profits close to advertised.
  • Reliability – You want a service that sends out regular emails whether there are bets for that day or not. You don’t want to pay for a service that only emails you twice a week and gives you no prior warning when bets will be sent.
  • Profitable  – Obviously you want to make money when following a tipster service. You need to factor in the historical results, subscription fees, time bets are sent. Look at your bankroll size and calculate whether the service is likely to make you money in the long run.

You don’t need to do all this yourself as there a some good resources out there.

Where Can I Find Profitable Betting Tipsters?

The secret betting club is probably the best service for all of the above being very thorough in their analysis of tipsters. Pyckio is a very good tipster platform that records odds using Pinnacle and on this site I aim to review any promising services that match all of the above.

It is possible to make money following betting tipsters however you need to take it seriously, look at it as long term investment and do diligent research on any sports tipster you decide to follow.



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