Caan Berry Video Pack Review – Profit From Horse Racing

Last year I reviewed Caan Berry’s trading guide. I gave it a five star rating as it really helped me understand how the horse racing markets function.

Caan released a follow up to the trading guide. This was in the form of an advanced video pack aimed at people that were already trading the horse racing markets.

Caan Berry Video Pack Review

Caan Berry Video Pack Review

What do you get in the Caan Berry Advanced Video Pack?

The advanced video pack is presented as a online course. It starts off with a general overview of how to set up your trading environment and the general psychology behind being a good sports trader.


Caan Berry Advanced Video Pack Review
The course contains 22 modules.

The video pack contains 22 modules to work through.

Inside each module there are a number of videos breaking down the subject of each module. Just as an example if you were to look at the scalping modules. There are seven individual videos that break down different scenarios and examples of scalping.

Content List

The advanced video pack is very thorough and covers several subjects including

  • scalping
  • swing trading
  • low liquidity events
  • high liquidity events
  •  external factors that effect prices
  •  how to manage risk effectively
  •  early morning trading
  •  drifting prices
  •  market manipulation 

A very positive factor to add is that the video pack is constantly being updated and there is new content being continually added. This is all done for no extra cost.

Cann Berry Video Pack Review
An example of what you will see in most of the course videos.

The majority of the videos are of Caan Berry trading the horse racing markets and breaking down his reasoning behind each trade. Caan does a good job of explaining his reasoning and goes into a large amount of detail for each module.

Is Caan Berry Legitimate?

Caan Berry Video Pack Review

With any internet expert or guru you should always be careful. However having been trading myself for a very long time and being active in various forums I can tell you that Caan Berry has an excellent reputation.

Caan was actually used in a few promotional videos when Betfair were promoting their betting exchange. This adds to his credibility as Betfair would not use someone that is not a legitimate trader.

Add to that his large social media following and the amount of valuable information that he has given out for free over the years.

Overall I think that when you put everything together you are getting expert tuition from an actual expert that profits from trading the horse racing markets.

Caan Berry Video Pack Review

Final Verdict

At £167 does the Caan Berry Advanced Video Pack offer any value?

Anyone that is looking to trade the horse racing markets seriously will find that this video pack absolutely offers a lot of value. It is expensive but you are basically paying for expert tuition in trading the horse racing markets.

This is a unique product that offers something that very few people are qualified to offer. If I weigh up the cost of the course in comparison to the time it would take to learn all the information provided. Then I think it is very reasonably priced.

There is information within the video pack that will save you a lot of money in losses over the long term. Also there is information included that will make you money in the long term.

I think Caan has delivered an excellent trading education here on the horse racing markets. If you are struggling to get to grips with horse racing trading or maybe just breaking even then this is the best product I have come across. It gives you everything you need to become a profitable horse racing trader.

Caan Berry’s Advanced Video Pack gets a  4.5  star recommendation from me.

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Caan Berry Video Pack
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Caan Berry Video Guide

Caan Berry Video Guide




    • Well explained clear examples of profitable ways to trade horse racing
    • 22 in depth video modules
    • Expert advice
    • Unique course


    • Quite Expensive

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    1. If you want to learn a real skill of making money, and debugging the punter short term mindset, I can recommend getting a copy of Caan trading manual. Genuine guy who will help you along the way instead of promising you riches, his documents will guide along the trading process from beginner level to intermediate. Caan isnt another Twitter Stooge who just posts images of betfair green book winning trades that are useless to everyone. Checkout his Youtube video to get a flavour of types of decent advice on offer. Trading isnt a walk in the park, but Caan will help you get the foundations right which is critical!

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