Banker Bets Review Introduction

Betting Systems Review: Banker Bets

We have completed our trial of Banker Bets you can read our conclusion here

In a previous article I wrote about finding value in short odds ( You can read this article here) In this article I highlighted a service called Banker Bets that made an impressive 192% bank increase over two years. What is even more impressive is that this calculated to the average odds available meaning had you been able to get better odds (which you should be able to most of the time)  this percentage of profit would be much more.

The service provides odds for Football, Tennis, NFl and NBA. I have decided to run a review of this service after being impressed by its long term results and its transparency. I will provide monthly updates for this service and aim to review it over a 4 month period. In this Banker bets review I will record to average odds and also the best odds that I could achieve at the time of recieving the bet.

Banker bets review

Banker Bets Review (ongoing)

(Banker bets are offering a discount for the first month click here for access)

I will update results on a monthly basis.

Banker Bets Results

Month 1 Results +£432  

Month 2 Results +£661

Month 3 Results +£493