5 Ways To Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your Accounts

Lately I have had a few emails about matched betting and arbitrage. One of the questions that always comes up is “won’t bookmakers limit your account doing this?”

The answer to this is yes the majority will limit your accounts if you are constantly taking value and winning money overall. You can however prolong the life of your accounts and maximise the amount of money you can make from them.

There are matched betting and arbitrage opportunities through bookmaker shops even after you are limited online.
There are matched betting and arbitrage opportunities through bookmaker shops even after you are limited online.

In this article I will make 5 ways to stop bookmakers limiting your accounts initially and help you make the most of your bookmaker accounts.

5 Ways To Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your accounts

Avoid betting on horse racing – One thing that bookmakers seem to hate is when you take value on a horse racing bet. I have had accounts closed in a day when I back a horse at 10.0 and it goes off at 7.0.My advice for new accounts is to avoid betting on horse racing initially as this is when accounts are looked at very closely.

Look like a mug punter – Bookmakers offer these sign up bonuses to entice the mug punters. They want the punter that chucks away £10 every week on a 5 way accumulator and backs poor value first goalscorer bets.

So give them what they want initially sacrifice some of that sign up offer money. Take up some poor value bets and lay them off at Betfair or Smarkets for a few pounds loss. You will keep your account longer and in the long run make more profit.

  •  Avoid betting patterns – For example I use this horse racing arbitrage strategy on my established accounts. I do however alter the bookmakers that I use it on a weekly basis so that my betting patterns don’t look the same week after week. 

    This makes me look like more of a recreational gambler and not one that is using a strategy to exploit the best odds guaranteed promotion.

  • Don’t bet on exotic markets – You might be able to get a 8% arbitrage bet on a Peruvian second division game with Bet365. Betting on these types of markets raises attention very quickly and you will be limited in no time.
  • It is worth playing the long game with these bookmakers that offer a lot of bonus and arbitrage opportunity by taking out smaller amounts of value over a longer period of time.
  • Split your staking – Another way to raise attention to your betting accounts is with large bets. If I tend to find a really good low percentage arbitrage opportunity on a big market I will look to split my stake if it is available on more then one bookmaker.

5 Ways To Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your accounts

Ultimately you will eventually start to run out of bookmaker accounts however you should be able to make some nice profits along the way through matched betting and arbitrage.

In the long term though if you want to continue to profit from the sports betting markets you will need to learn to bet and trade profitably.

For a good starting point you can read my guide to sports trading for a living and the various betting and trading articles on the site available here.



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