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About Me

Smart Sports Trader
From fighter to sports trader

Hi that’s me the smart sports trader above.                 I didn’t always want to make money betting and trading on the sports markets.

In fact I wanted to make a living punching, kicking and choking people for a living in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Life changes and that dream of mine didn’t work out. I knew though that I wanted a career that was a bit different and found sports betting and trading.

This ambition grew and my aim was to make money from watching sports and profiting from trading/betting on them. It took a while but I eventually got there.

Its a well known fact that the majority of people are losing sports bettors, some figures say 95% some put it at 99% but it is fact that most people lose money betting.

I was one of those people when I first started betting, I had no idea about concepts such as value betting, bankroll management, arbitrage,odds movement, I didn’t know about betting exchanges or trading.

Sports Arbitrage tips
Don’t throw away your money learn to bet and trade properly

The thing is unless you know somebody who is a professional gambler you won’t learn these things without searching for them.

For me it took years of reading forum posts and books on professional gambling to start putting things together.

Now I’m at the stage where I consistently make money from trading and betting. Combining all of the concepts I have learnt and then tweaking them to my own personal preference.

There have been ups and downs but right now I am profitable every single month there are no wild swings in my bankroll its consistent profits.

Recently I thought to myself how much quicker would I have been able to make decent money from sports betting and trading if there had been someone or somewhere to educate me on all these things.

If I didn’t have to read and read through forum posts trying to cut through the bullshit and find the few gems that were worthwhile how long would it have took me to get to where I am now.

So welcome to the Smart Sports Trader where you will find everything you need to make money from sports betting and sports trading.